Crossroad’s Men’s Bible Study

Each Wednesday early (6:45 am) men gather in Aspen at the Crossroads Church to discuss the Bible, pray and share.  This process has been ongoing for over 20 years.  I have been there for two summers.  In that short period I am ever so thankful to the leadership and the fellowship that is present.  There is a mix of humility, substantial knowledge of the Bible and its contents, and care for those in attendance.  Today I was asked to share how I came to write my Book (Wake Up! Wake Up! The Testimony of a Layman) and what it is about. 

I am thankful to these men for letting me share.  Also for what I learn each week and gain in helping to fill potholes that exist along the journey, the path, that I am on.  What I now know is everyone has a path to follow; some never take the first step, many do, we all stumble, some are diverted and never return, others diverted return, and those that stay the course find the journey most rewarding and are stimulated to continue.  The Bible is the GPS; it reveals God, and as one’s relationship with God develops walking with Him becomes a greater comfort to our everyday existence. 

My testimony relates more to what I have learned and continue to learn from the Bible.  I share some personal experiences, but they represent stages of revelation.  It was when I began to truly listen to the Spirit inside speaking to me; that voice was made clearer as the Bible became a daily resource for my needs.

Thanks be to God for his wonderful gift.  If only read for the moral and ethical significance and guidance it provides, it can stand alone in helping to mitigate the chaos caused by the daily temptations of life.  The temptation is not the problem; it is man’s ability to deal with the temptations, the extent to which they are allowed to control our lives.  Listen to your conscious and hear the call to resist, to be guided by your heart and the truth that is embodied there. 

Thanks to those that purchased copies of my book this day.  My prayer is the contents contain something helpful to you. 

From Crossroad’s website:  A Simply Christian Church – We are a non-denominational Christian Church that believes God invites each one of us to experience a personal, loving and fulfilling relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

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