Palestine and Biden – 2021

UI – Part 679 – Palestine and Biden – 2021

Has Biden lost his mind?  Has he no awareness of facts?  The answer to both these questions when you review his decisions regarding Palestine is obvious. Yes, to both.  He has lost his mind, or has no mind of his own.   As to facts, it is easy to question the basis for his decision, as the facts suggest he is not helping the situation in the Middle East.

Trump, love him or hate him, got America out of the wars in the middle east and accomplished more than any could have imagine with respect to Arab and Israeli relations.  Agreements were reached with the Saudi’s, the UAE and others, bring greater stability to the Middle East.  As to Palestine he proposed a viable two state solution, while at the same time curbing support for the terrorist nature of Palestine.  Hamas, Abbas, are hateful towards Israel.  There has been no attempt to find a resolution for differences.  Historical ‘pay to slay’ benefits were a reflection of this hatred and demonic nature of jihadistic actions by Islamists to never engage with the Jews. 

Trump closed the PLO office in DC.  Biden promised to open it. Trump ended direct aide to Palestine. Biden paid anew, $15 million, and then another $80 million. The Taylor Force Act has been ignored by Biden (facts matter), and the aide he has provided has the ‘Pay-to-Slay’ back in business. Under the guise of ‘humanitarian’ Biden has actually enabled the Palestinians to free up other sums for terrorist weapons.  Biden wants to ‘earn the trust’ of the Palestinians.  For what reason?  Can they be trusted? No. What value has Palestine?  The Palestinians are using Biden.  How dumb can we be.  Is the Biden/Harris Administration, the Democratic House and Senate that gullible? Palestine says, ‘yes!’  The Democrats say, ‘duh!’ 

But Abbas, his Iranian supporters, and the Fatah and not all happy.  From within the ranks there appears to be some opposition.  Will there be free and fair elections?  Will they be allowed given rising opposition to Abbas who is currently elected for life (16 years so far).  Fatah and the Palestinian Authority (PA) may be a one man show, and there are those that do to like it.  Biden remains clueless. The Abbas list of candidates, loyalists, can only perpetuate the largess that Abbas has created for himself and his other hate-fueled Islamists.  Will it even end.  

In the fashion of politics in Palestine, guns may be more a factor than votes.  There are rebels against Abbas and his Fatah clones. 

And Biden has provided the money to aide in stirring the pot, the competition, for control and oversight of the Palestinian money supply going from the new Administration in the USA.  It is competition over who gets the funds to pay the terrorists to continue to hate Israel.

And lest we not forget Iran.  Iran is the terrorist cesspool of the Middle East and Biden wants to make nice with them now too.  

Grace and Peace

By Thomas W. Balderston

author:  The Damascus Quran, a novel.  Available at Amazon. 

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