The Base of the Cross

UI – Part 660 – The Base of the Cross

As we approach Christmas we are reminded of the sacrifice made by the Lord for the benefit of mankind, those that believe, justified by their faith and saved.  It is the cross that symbolized this sacrifice.  No sacrifice is without pain.  Certainly Jesus’ death on the cross, the events leading up to his crucifixion, were painful.  

In a recent sermon the base of the cross was described as a zone of safety.  Christians gather in this zone to be protected by the fire, the storms, the chaos, the controversy, and the hatred towards God and Christians that exists throughout the world.  A cone surrounds the arena and provides a defense shield against the material world. It is true that those inside the cone are not without sin.  But what they have is faith, conviction, in the saving Grace of the Lord.

It is the Word, the bible, that is God’s voice speaking to everyone.  In fact the bible describes Jesus as the Word.  What we receive from the Word is guidance, the guidance necessary to find heaven and a life eternal, physically, spiritually and eternally. It is the only map needed to traverse the obstacles laid before us in life.  

All are equal at the base of the cross. 

Grace and Peace.

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