Enabling the Expansive Effort of Islam

Enabling the Expansive Effort of Islam

Islamic conquests may never end. The Quran is their military manual, defines their religious requirements (the 5 Pillars from Hadiths), it identifies their targets, and promotes jihadism. Hatred is to be endemic in all Muslims towards non-believers, infidels and heretics. As long as punishment, to include death, for Apostates of Islam remains a fundamental practice in Islam, this obstacle to independent thinking and choice will continue to constrain moderate Muslims from leaving Islam.  No Apostasy Law and Islam may well fade from existence.



With liberals wanting to never appear to discriminate, except as to conservatives, a large body politic will be massaged, manipulated, exploited and financially aided to believe and join the chorus of lying Islamists proclaiming Islam is not aggressive and a religion of peace. In fact, the truth is, Islam is aggressive and there is no peace in Islam!  Liberals need a lesson in understanding Islam. Read more articles on this website. 

Understand Islam.

Grace and Peace

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