Having Doubts – Christian and Muslim

UI – Part 380 – Having Doubts – Christian and Muslim


Doubts are common.  We often question that which seems odd, trying to find what is truth.  A path of pursuit can be researched to determine the best one to follow.  It only makes sense to review all possible information before taking next steps, or even accepting third parties.  Get past introductions and first impressions and know your friend or opponent.  Same applies to ideas, concepts or suggested ways you are to live your lives.  Common sense, common law are essential, but then your mind, your ability to learn and discern, become your personal avenue to knowing the world around you. 


When it comes to your faith or lack thereof, doubts are often the cause.  Exploring doubts can help to erase them and provide clarity.  Just have faith is a call of most religions.  But many want more than just making a commitment; facts are helpful.  Christians encourage exploration of history, the Bible, the persons of the Bible, to include Jesus.  Visit architectural sites, and walk the ground covered by Christ and his accusers, also his disciples.  See where David lived and the temple areas.  Investigate statements made and find confirmation or support.  In a review of the Bible finding where God lies or deceives is worth the effort, as the result is it never happened.  Explore the Quran where there is a reference to Allah as the Best of Deceivers and ask, why would god deceive. Truth is not something that can vary. 

If you explore your doubts you may discover a heart more for the God of the Bible than the Allah of the Quran.  I have personally researched both Scriptures, in depth, and have found it much easier to erase any doubts as to the facts of the Bible.  There are historical, architectural, exhaustive tests of the text and the facts, and supporting evidence found in treasures uncovered in the domain of Christ and his ancestors.  History as put forward in the Bible is compelling, made real in architectural evidence.  I stood in the area of the house of Ciaphas where Jesus was imprisoned, awaiting judgment.  I walked the path and steps Christ took to the cross at Golgotha where he was executed.  I was in the land of the forefathers of those who follow the man-God Jesus who died for the sins of all mankind.  Who can follow the footsteps of Muhammad?  Who is the better example of living a perfect life; in fact the only example?

The Bible welcomes challenges, whereas the Quran does not. 


Why would Muhammad insist there be no doubt as to the truth of the Quran?  It is as if a ‘STOP’ sign is posted as you enter the books, or Suras, of the Quran, saying,  “Go no further than what is written herein. No questions can be asked. Accept what is written. Or there will be consequences.”  Independent thought and exploration is not allowed. “Severe chastisement” is repeated for Muslims who disobey the orders of their Quran and ulema, as if they were prison guards over their minds. 

The obvious concern is that freedom of though might lead Muslim followers to become apostates and Christian or Jew, even pagan.

As a Muslim to doubt is to be an infidel and as in Sura 10.15 subject to chastisement of a grievous way.  Sura 11.17 and 11.109, says to Muslims ‘have no doubt in the Quran’,  22.55, ‘to doubt is to disbelieve’, and 32.2, ‘there is NO doubt’, with emphasis on the ‘revelation of the Book.  Raising doubt as to Islam, Muhammad and the Quran may be viewed as subjecting their followers to ‘persecution,’ making it taboo for a Muslim to think about his faith, or even possibly question it.  

The penalty will be most painful also for those who hinder Muslims in their path.  Proselytization is considered today, as Islamophobia, as statements of hatred, the voices of others expressing their beliefs not to be within earshot of a Muslim.  This restricts freedom of speech.


Fear not that you have doubts, Muslim, Christian, atheists or otherwise.


Independent thought, the gift of intellect, the ability to discern, is God’s greatest gift to humans.  Explore your doubts, do not ignore them.  Seek answers.  Awake to your surroundings.  Be aware.  Know God. To not use you intellectual gift is such a waste.

Grace and Peace

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