Iran – Obama – America’s Impotency – Trump (2 of 2)

UI – Part 600 – Iran – Obama – America’s Impotency – Trump (2 of 2)

In the winter of 2011 Arab Spring sprung.  Much has been written about the Arab Spring. It began in Tunisia, Idealists wanting democracy, rebelled, protested, but were ill-equipped, disorganized and unprepared – which meant governing for the people, maintaining drinking water, electricity, trash pickup, security, et al. They were not prepared culturally either for a democracy in a civil society. Violence was all too common. But Egypt, where Mubarak maintained order, although at times unjust and lacking responsiveness to the people, did not find a friend in Obama. Obama was ignorant of history and the limited potential for success by the idealists. But with no Mubarak the gates were opened to the Muslim Brotherhood.  Was BHO that blind? Anti-Christian decrees were announced. Marriage for children okayed. Sharia law was coming. The street demonstrations became ever greater. Over 20 million persons took to the streets. But thanks to Egypt’s military the Muslim Brotherhood was removed from power. The Muslim Brotherhood’s human rights practices were more restrictive than Mubarak’s.  A military general, Al-Sissi took the helm and remains in power today.

Some background on the Muslim Brotherhood –

In 2012 there was the Syrian Civil War. Libya was in chaos. September 11, 2012, the Benghazi disaster occurred. Hillary was aware of deceptive arms deals with Libyan rebels and persons involved were left to die by lack of judgment or leadership or to avoid exposure of our government, to include Obama.

In October 2012 Iran was stopped from committing an ”act of war” (pg. 230) when a bomb plot against the ambassador from Saudi Arabia at a restaurant (Cafe Milano) in Washington DC was prevented.  Hundreds of Americans and foreigners would have died. Iran’s Qod’s Force were responsible.  General Jim Mattis from his current book, Call Sign CHAOS, opined (pg.230), “only Iran’s impression of America’s impotence could have led them to risk such an act within a couple of miles of the White House.” Obama’s response was less than harsh and publicity was kept to a minimum.

Iran continues to poke the bear.

In December 2011 Iran shot down a US drone over Kashmar. Obama wanted it back. No way.

Obama was secretly negotiating a nuclear deal while at the same time his “… Administration was lecturing our Arab friends that they had to accommodate Iran as if it were a moderate neighbor in the region and not an enemy committed to their destruction” (pg. 233).

Obama’s decision making offered “no leadership or direction” (pg. 233) for steps we were to take in the Middle East. “We must mean what we say” (pg. 234) was not a practice of BHO.

Etched in my brain is the picture of the pallet of $400 million of untraceable cash, in the form of euros, Swiss francs and other foreign currency, delivered Jan. 17, 2016, the same day Tehran agreed to release four American prisoners, both on the tarmac in Tehran at the same time. Obama did not expect his ransom payment would ever appear on TV or be known. Oops! The cash was used as leverage, so said, until the Americans were allowed to leave Iran. An embarrassing and disappointing coincidence for Obama. Later $1.3 billion more was released (September 2016), claimed to be some years-long arbitration settlement. This was tax-payor money.  All this to a State sponsor of terrorism, and Obama knew it, approved it, and without Senate confirmation.   

Iran’s Provocation

Now ask, why does Iran continue to grow forces surrounding Israel and Saudi Arabia, threaten ships in the Gulf, arm the Houthis in Yemen, and send drones to spy and now to bomb oil facilities.

Saudi Oil Fields Attack By Iran’s Drones

Aramco Oil Refinery, Saudi Arabia

Many questions. Is America awake? Will Trump have greater resolve than Obama ever had? What was Obama’s actual agenda? Was or is he an Islamist sympathizer? Did he feel his legacy would be enhanced by any kind of nuclear weapons delay regardless of the cost to America’s stature in the world? Was he catering to Valerie Jarrett, his advisor, an Iranian, having concerns over Iran? Was his Presidency burdened with a personal desire for celebrity? Was the money to be derived by fund raising, and trips to do so, Obama’s greatest priority? Was his focus more political everyday than as a leader of all America?  His selection of Joe Biden as his Vice President raises issues as well. Did he chose a popular individual that would not threaten his authority or intelligence? Certainly Biden would never question Obama’s actions. Mattis wrote of Joe Biden in Iraq who seemed in a trance, unable to grasp or consider facts impacting our military, going through the motions as a VIP, but never equipped or prepared to address critical issues.     

Obama had social programs implemented later in his tenure that created division and confusion in our society and military. Our military, being a volunteer organization, should be able to hire those wanting to fight for our nation, able to fight for our nation, ready to love and help their fellow warrior, sacrifice, bound by a common desire to bring everyone home from any theater of engagement. Obama attempted to impose new standards that for many made service to our nation less attractive. We are not strong as a Nation without the most capable military possible, from machines to men.

What Next? 

Trump recognized when he came into office (2017) America was viewed as weak. Obama was not well respected by foreign powers, except in his own mind. The feckless, indecisive and our non-responsive nature despite promises made, had to change. That was part of his making America great again. He has been faced with threats to our ships in the Persian Gulf, taking of navy personnel, growing Hezbollah forces and centers in Lebanon, Hamas militants in Palestine, illegal shipments of arms and oil to Syria, continued rhetoric by the Ayatollah expressing hatred for America and Israel, increased activity to have nuclear weapons, missile launches to expand the range of attack weapons, and now, on his watch, drones dropping bombs on Sunni Saudi’s oil fields directly impacting the world economy. Iran continues to have a disposition for war. They declared war on USA in 1893.  Is that declaration still in effect?

Democrats – Dem and Dumb

With a focus on decisions by Carter and Obama, America’s influence and relationship with Middle East Countries has darkened. Islamists have been aided in committing crimes against infidels and increasing their power in the region, as well as expanding and making threats in other parts of the world, to include the free world. Change is needed.

Middle East

The Sunni-Shiite wars, a tug-of-war between religious factions of Islam, continues.  Iran and Saudi Arabia are in a face off over the hegemony of the area.  Iran is being pro-active positioning itself to box-in Saudi Arabia.  Even though the majority of Islam is Sunni, although not concentrated in the Middle East.  With Mecca and Medina on the map of Saudi Arabia, Muslims look to Arabia as the heart of the founding of Islam and the homes of its prophet, Messenger, Muhammad.  The division over the years has been reflected in the Persian and Arabian Gulf, the same water, different religious factions claiming it as a reflection of the leading state of Islam.  A war may be at hand.

It is not America’s War!

Saudi Arabia needs to come to its own defense against Iran.

Let America not do their job. We can sell them weapons. But, have the Sunni nation fight the Shiite nation, allowing their religious differences to continue to boil and their hatred aimed at killing each other. We do not need their oil.  America became independent of ME oil without Obama. We can watch the action and focus on a final outcome that changes how each nation may be governed.

What might evolve are countries with expanded human rights, greater freedoms for its citizens, and emerging modernizing nations that realize their religious zeal serves no purpose other than hatred. It never leads to peace. It should only exist as a private practice, not as a state religion or a theocracy.

The world could end up also with restricted lands decimated by the release of nuclear weapons, Allah sending forth his wrath, to determine whether a Sunni or Shiite Cleric survives.  However, after the fact, if apostasy remains in Islam, the ulema defining ‘true Islam’ will continue to fight, hate, cause terror upon other Muslims that see ‘true Islam’ differently, as well as Jews, Christians, and infidels, generally, as enemies.

Islam needs enemies, infidels and heretics, to feed its hate fueled ideology.  There can never be peace in Islam, as it does not serve their Scripture.  There will always be sinners as Christians are aware, and there will always be Muslims that do to truly believe or doubt. There will always be independent minded people and those seeking their own or alternative paths.  Thus there will never be peace in Islam, and Islam is not a religion of peace.  It cannot be.

Doing Nothing

How did Obama feed this?  By doing nothing.  By seeking to appease, by being soft and by not taking action as promised.  Muslims are like Tigers, ready to pounce.  They sense weakness and take advantage. What surprises me is as a Muslim, Obama, did not realize the nature of those in the Middle East he was dealing with.  They do not play with others like Americans. They lie if it is to their advantage; it is what Allah permits. Maybe Obama does the same. They (AQ, ISIS, Iran, other terrorists, Islamic Mafia organizations) were/are better at using false propaganda than we were/are, and Obama was unable to discern truth from fiction.  His mind was like political jello, bobbing about, but as for leadership, he was a puppet, ineffective, confused, feckless, easily influenced and deceptive.  More interested in his next vacation or fund raising dinner than meeting with world leaders or dealing with world problems, even when directly impacting our citizens.   He preferred making excuses for America than defending our greatness.  The politics of his Party were primary, the Clinton machine providing a treadmill on which he could run.  He hired administrative staff willing and able to spy on his political adversaries, from the DOJ, IRS, and clearly the FBI, Obama watched America’s political map more than events having a worldwide impact, or calls from our friends for aide in maintaining a peaceful and stable nation or world. Islamist leaders did not ignore Obama’s lack of courage and resolve.

Obama was more attuned to LGBTQ, and making nice with Identity Groups, than our military strength or successes or activities on foreign soil.  He allowed Islam creep and the turmoil in the Middle East.  We now must deal with his inadequacies and restore our Nation to world greatness.  The restoration work needs to take place off-shore as well as on-shore.  Obama has unleashed the dependent nature of weak people to seek socialism in a nation built by capitalistic ideals and practices which resulted in the most prosperous nation for our people, the residents and citizens as well.


Trump is trying.  The Obama clones, the Clinton clones, and those mentally deranged by Trump’s victory (a non-politician as well as a Republican), the socialist Democrat cabal, the ANTIFA fascists, the liberal college and university professors and administrators, and the Democratic House members that cannot accept reality, continue to make attempts to curb or slow Trump’s success.  He is doing what they have never or could never do.  That is frustrating.  Maybe for them.  But not for Americans as a whole.  America is in a better place with this imperfect, ego-centric, accomplished businessman as our President. In contrast to persons like Carter and Obama, Trump is a man of action.  He loves America as a whole, even more than any Political Party. He is in truth, America’s man of the Century.

Now let’s see how he handles Iran, hopefully watching more than acting.  He can provide support.  We prefer to be their advocate and not Russia or China. But if you think about, Russia and China may be more opposed to Muslims, Islamists, than we are.  Maybe we should change, as Islam is not oriented towards peace or love of neighbor.  

Trump’s focus must be on any impact the Middle East conflicts have on America, including a disturbing increase in Muslims coming to America, hating America and wanting to change America and not assimilate.  Trump must preserve our Constitution, our language, our culture, and our ideals.  There is no doubt he will be more aware, and more pro-active towards a potential for a free Middle East, free of the oppressive and restrictive nature of Islam, and more democratic, kinder and friendlier towards its people, to include its women.  No more slaves.  More welcoming of a modernizing culture and nation(s).

Grace and Peace.

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