The Islamist Mafia (2 of 2)


UI – Part 550 – The Islamist Mafia (2 of 2)

Continued… from two days ago.  Simply goto website and search title.


Be sure to read the previous blog, part 1 of the 2, on this topic.  The ‘guiding principles’ of the organizations mentioned are discussed.

shutterstock_1263962053The ‘Islamic Mafia’ is comprised of many organizations.  The term came from a group of Islamic Reformers who see this Mafia as power hungry fundamentalists who want to control the lives of Muslims. They ignore freedom and subscribe to the oppressive tactics experienced by millions and millions of Muslims in Muslim dominated countries.  The All for Allah objective is but a ruse for seeking world dominance under the black banner of Islam. They resist modernity for any Muslim, in their homelands or in foreign lands. They want what Islamaland, the 53 Muslim-majorities, has, in form and substance, to arise from the foundations of freedom that exist.  They are termites gnawing away at the framework of freedom which their ideology finds anathema. They hate anything that is not defined by their ‘true Islam,’ more jihadist than cultural.

The Islamic Mafia

This list is not complete –

  • The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)
  • Muslim American Society
  • The Muslim Brotherhood
  • The Muslim Student Association
  • C.A.I.R. (Council of American-Islamic Relations)
  • North American Islamic Trust
  • Islamic Society of North America
  • Islamic Supreme Council of America
  • Muslims of America (MOA)
  • United Muslim Christian Forum

In foreign free nations there are the same or similar organizations with a focus on that country area.

Many mosques and madrassas, also Muslim Cultural Centers, are centers where the fundamentals of Islam, to include Sharia Law, are promoted and individuals can be radicalized. Radicals are developed to continue to implement a plan to change host countries to become more Sharia compliant. Radicals are cultivated to become Jihadists.

At the website you can obtain a list of Extremist Organizations by State (goto site)

Even the UAE has declared C.A.I.R. and the Muslim Brotherhood as terrorist groups.

At the website, they commented on Trump’s commitment to fight Islamic extremism, including the Muslim Brotherhood, and noted in an article, “Jihadist Groups in the US: What Next?” (read here), “Should the Trump administration challenge the Muslim Brotherhood, it is reasonable to think it may threaten its offshoots, one of which is the very Islamic organization, C.A.I.R., that the Obama organization specifically sought to protect.”

Major Concern

Expressed in the aforementioned blog on the OIC, applying to all where the Islamic Mafia is present, as The Major Concern,Host Countries beware.  You are losing your nationalism.  The history, foundations, good and bad, of your Country will be lost if you do not take a different tact regarding immigration.  With lower indigenous rates of population growth, rates insufficient to maintain economies, immigration is necessary.  Either that or more babies. European Countries, Canada, America and other Nations that embrace freedom and are not theocracies, are attractive to those who live in poverty or oppression.  Moving and living there is exciting and an opportunity.  That being so then the Countries must ensure their new inhabitants become indoctrinated into the ways of their historical past, not some new blended culture.  Say no to multiculturalism, no to globalization and yes to Britain, France, America, Sweden, Germany, etc.  Leaders must be less welcoming to teach cultures from afar, but to insist homeland history, laws, values, and national pride become the mantra.  Make the immigrant a citizen of your Country, not a citizen of a religious cult or ideology protected by your laws and now living large among you.

Western values, the western way of life, living in the modern world is under direct attack by Islam and the (Islamic Mafia) is the collective that is attempting to ensure Islam’s progress. Let not the Islam way of life, an ideology that focuses on every action a human takes, without freedom or liberty, become or present itself in a free nation. When allowed, as is the case, it should be a concern to all citizens, politicians and leaders.

Be aware of those who seek to alter your way of life, by imposing their way of life, and control people using inhumane methods of punishment. Subversive organizations seeking changes to a Constitution for free people are to be constrained. Unless you want Islam to spread as a political tool of mosque and State, then resist. Allow followers to worship, but as a private practice, as is the case with other religions.

In Freedom Islam Must Reform or Be Extirpated

In my view, where there is freedom a complete reform of Islam is mandatory – no apostasy laws, freedom of all religions, a pluralistic environment, love of neighbor, enabling independent lives, and the ability without constraints to choose your own path.  In addition the Islamic Mafia and any member or affiliate must be denied a license to operate, even banned as a ‘terrorist’ organization.  Certainly they should never receive a tax-free status for fund-raising.  We want any who come to free host countries, preferably legally, to assimilate, get to know the current culture, the language, the history and the laws of the land. They did not arrive in the land of freedom to change their constitutions; yet that is what the organizations referenced want.  Organizations whose design and intent is to insure those of their ideology (or religion) work together to change the laws of their host country, to incorporate religious laws (in the case of Islam, shariah, laws), is working against their host.  They are invaders that want to take over.

After centuries of resistance towards Islam invading Europe, as well as America, it is happening.  Persia was not Muslim. Turkey was not Muslim.  The Eastern Byzantine and Sassanid Empires were eroded by Islam creep (really by invasion and rapid destruction of property and non-converts), while others (Europe) fought to keep this global effort of All-for-Allah at bay.  Where free nations borne of Judeo-Christian values welcome choice, as freedom of religion, they did not expect Islam to resist such policies.  It may be necessary that some constitutions need to change that clause (freedom of religion) as opposed to adopt Islamic Laws.  An alternative would be defining ‘religion’ to exclude hate filled and hate fueled ideologies blaspheming God.  Islam would then be declassified as a ‘religion.’

So beware.  Understand Islam.  Islam in its political form, political Islamism, caters to a mafia-like structure with all the attendant violence and elimination of dissenters, bully tactics, to garner footholds and total control when possible, wherever they can.  They see monetary gains in their future as they ply their trade of aggression under the black banner of Islam and an almighty image carrying the flag.

 Grace and Peace


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