Living in Friendship and Peace (A Happiness We Can All Enjoy) (5 of 5)

UI – Part 545 – Living in Friendship and Peace (5 of 5)

In the previous four parts to this topic we have discussed world leaders, the Middle East, the capacity of the world, the animal kingdom, humans, history and laws in seeking to understand friendships and peace among mankind.  What is involved?

Goes to Emotions

Avarice and greed are the emotions that evoke fights, from tussles to wars, for control of resources, more land, increased treasury, power and domination.  The goal, to get and do what the victor desires. Self-worth places ahead of others grandiose schemes to sit upon a pedestal of oversight peering down on those considered the ‘lesser,’ or the ‘loser.’  Someone must win, when there is any form of contest.  Not everyone can receive 1st place, nor should they.  But those most successful can be thankful for their achievements, their success, and be willing (if that is possible) to share.  Sharing does not mean a ‘naming’ opportunity to provide an eternal marker, an object of reflection of a grander life (material things), a political post, accolades recorded in the Federal Register, even giving the totality of their reward to others (redistribution), or a biographical account in a book or other timeless hereafters.  It is simply helping others, providing guidance and advice from what was learned on the path to higher levels of achievement, even shaking the hand, placing your arm on the shoulder of the final finisher, thanking the superintendent, or teacher, janitor, truck driver, programmer, or banker. The term most applicable may be ‘humility,’ showing and being humble in the light of one’s own success.  Certainly if in a position to aide others, financially as well as physically, because you can, it is worthy.  But it is not to be legislated; it is to be a matter of the heart.


To function properly, to operate, governments need funding.  The revenue source available to them comes from the people.   Just how governments go about assessing their citizens is debatable and results in laws.  What is fair will always be a subject for discussion.  Transferring wealth for the sake of doing so engenders many complications.  Incentivizing individuals to succeed, to provide for themselves and their families, should be an objective.  Progress in achieving the goals of our Constitution is to be ongoing.  Slavery ended during the Administration of Abraham Lincoln.  The class or race of persons as indentured servants was made free.  For years statistics proved, despite those who continued to resist this change, that this freedom enabled opportunity, family values, and personal achievement, independence, to make lives better.  Success begat further success and ongoing progress.  It is odd that after the Johnson Administration (LBJ, #36, 1963-1969) when welfare laws were written much of the increased progress of those families slowed.  Statistics at the time of the legislation and now, 60 years later, are about the same.  Measured from the time of Lincoln to Johnson the statistics showed great strides made in gains in society, progress towards equality, were underway.  This is a case study in the impact laws to transfer wealth from the successful to the poor can have regressive outcomes. How do you reverse legislation that does not do what was expected?

Knowledge and Awareness

Knowing what you know cannot prove you know what needs to be known.  Consider eternity.  Believers and non-believers can reflect on the forever of the past and the forever of the future.  History can be erased.  Great people are forgotten.  Memories are fleeting.  But eternity lies ahead and remains an unknown with unexpected outcomes, never erased, forgotten or fleeting.  Eternity is what follows.  The Christian, the atheist, the liberal, the conservative, the Buddhist, the Hindu, The Muslim, the Jew and others can argue what life holds and how one should live.  They can deny how another chooses to live.  But they must all agree that there is an eternity.  Is it life after death, a life with the Lord, a resurrection as an animal of some sort, or a soulless emptiness, a return to the void before the beginning of time and space.  It is a wonder, but it is.

Cannot we all simply agree that in our short time in this life, this brief existence, we hold hands, agreeing or disagreeing, tolerant and wise, that opposing views can and do exist, and that it is better to get along than to go away, to be objective in our learning and understanding, to get by rather than to dismiss others, to see the beauty of the whole and not the detritus that exists.

Find joy and hope in being a part of this world.  Why destroy what has been created for whatever reason?  Self-interest? Greed? Power?  In the end, what will it get you?  Eternity still awaits regardless of what you envision is on the other side.  Is a life eternal of any meaning or importance to you? Is peace important to you?

A Meaningless Life

Without the slightest chance the world can be friends and enjoy peace as a whole, is life meaningless?  Read the book of Bible titled Ecclesiastes (goto the full text), written by the wisest man, Solomon, and learn for yourself.   There is a conclusion.  But it requires for many a leap.  Think about our creator.  Yes, God!  There is meaning in all things when God is feared and life’s purpose is for God.  Taking your eye off God, disobeying God, what your heart and mind knows, denying God, can and will make life meaningless, with no opportunity for friendship or peace.  One will always be looking over their shoulders, ready to take a defensive posture, and never sure of why they exist.  As Ecclesiastes ends, “Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil” (Ecc 12:13,14).  Whether you believe this or not, know that it is true, there is a supernatural being, an incomprehensible essence, that controls the key to our eternal life.

Even the human that first discovered fire, or experienced a lightning strike or an earthquake, even an eclipse, a wonder that was little understood or anticipated, knew a power of far greater merit that that of man was present in our universe.

For all that goes into victory, success, achievement, triumph, being a winner, a favorable result, milk and honey, becoming a dignitary, a box-office hit, a star, a celeb, bigwig, kahuna, just having arrived, is what remains.  It is a playing field lighted by friendship and peace that the ‘lessers’ and ‘losers’ can also enjoy and find happiness; joy and hope?  May the dawn that greets you in eternity provide the day and days forward you can only imagine.

We all have a role to play to achieve peace, a happiness we can all enjoy. It is never easy and it takes courage, acceptance, forgiveness, understanding and most of all, love.

No longer a slave of fear when living as a child of God, saved by his Grace.

Grace and Peace.

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