Living in Friendship and Peace (3 of 5)

UI – Part 543 – Living in Friendship and Peace (3 of 5)

Human nature seems to create chaos, yet we are born, and I believe this, with a sense of right and wrong, good and bad, yet we ignore all to often the consequences of our actions that tend towards the wrong or the bad. We are tempted.  We may be wired to be aware of an unfathomable, supernatural presence,  in our universe, yet unseen, unknown, we do not totally comprehend the wrath of this Being for the errors in our ways.  That is where faith comes in, a choice to embrace the reality of an incomprehensible overseer, or simply to be in denial as to avoid even the thought of punishment from an etherial deity.   That brings to the table humans applying awareness to consequences of actions wrong or bad in legislating our actions and habits.

The Animal Kingdom

Are animals peaceful?  Well, their instinct for killing relates mostly to a need for food, not just to eliminate the other species. Animals fight over their mates and have territorial squabbles. Humans seem to be the more active mammals that kill for reasons other than a need for food, or in competition for food or otherwise? But it is the humans that have the gift of intellect, discernment and judgment.  You would think they know better, know pain, physical and emotional, and prefer being pain free.  Yet their decisions when it comes to others is selfish, intolerant and controlling.  Must man be that way?  The nature of the human is a sinful one, stained as it were with the evil Satan enjoys.  Erasing the stain may be impossible.  Eliminating the stain is what is needed to engender peace.  Will there never, then, be peace?  Guilt and shame for reasons related to our sinful nature, mostly due to wrong choices, cause our defenses to build up to protect egos. Forgiveness, meaningful, is not easy to give and seldom received. Apologies are hurdles that can be a struggle to negotiate.  Humans that wear an armor of ‘not me,’ or point the ‘blame’ elsewhere, make others the ‘targets’ of their personal wrath, to protect their honor, even perjuring themselves as needed.  Hillary Clinton is a poster child, the face of blaming anything other than herself for an outcome not as desired or expected.  Lies never proven can be used effectively as shields against the truth.  Even when lies are identified, a new tactic is employed, deflection or changing the topic, and creating a new object upon which to focus.  It can even be a greater prevarication.

Why Man Made Laws

One way to look at the armor used by humans is a study of laws made by man.  There are God’s laws, but the source is debated by humans, those who accept, and those who do not, the reality of God.  The Founders of the United States were God fearing, mostly, not all Christians, but they accepted as fact a super power from above, a heavenly host, our creator.  But to formulate parameters for those who govern and the governed they collectively wrote the Constitution.  The Bible is God speaking to those who believe.  Not written by God, but “inspired” by God.  It reflects upon right and good which would be difficult for anyone to suggest is erroneous.  That which is wrong and bad, or evil, is ‘sin,’ which we all commit. So it was left to humans, man (which encompasses women too), to define the wrong and the bad, as crimes, and devise human punishment accordingly.  Thus we have Laws.

Who is the primary beneficiary?  When properly structured laws should be inclusive, and applicable to the whole, not just a few.  ‘Common Law’ is the proper term.  No religion is favored, or the laws of that religion, and no ethnic limits are imposed.  Common Laws are designed to protect the rights of humans to be equal, male and female, caucasian and negro, hispanic and oriental, conservative and liberal, Republican and Democrat. Colorblind and without sexual bias, laws are to treat you and me the same.  Our privacy is to be maintained.  We are to feel safe in our homes and neighborhoods. Third party invasions are a cause for a proper local and national defense.  Consideration must be given ethical and moral values, especially considering elements of harm, to self and others, that can happen if engaged in practices that can cause damage.  There are the obvious no-nos.  Murder is a crime.  Stealing is a crime. Destruction of another’s property is a crime, at least a wrong if not intentional.  Adultery has moral implications which can lead to other problems, personal problems indeed, but adultery is not necessarily a criminal offense, unless the human legislators decide so. Calling for attacks on those who do not agree, not even making an attempt to debate or discuss issues, can lead to conflict and harm; this can be criminal, as inciting riots. Protecting persons from libel, and fraud should equally apply. Civil laws may be structured as a determinate of outcomes for the parties impacted by extreme differences. Not criminal but wrong nevertheless, sufficiently wrong to suggest by a judge or jury financial remuneration for the abused. In all cases what is a Law requires a consensus that can in itself raise concerns and create obstacles, including differences of opinion and attitude.  A peaceful settlement, agreement, is a worthy objective. However just look to Washington DC, Congressmen and Senators, and see how peaceful they are in coming to accord on legislative matters, even after the fact.

The Constitution of the United States

The purpose of the Constitution was to make America more perfect (“to form a more perfect Union”) than other areas, at least at the time.  The authors wanted to be fair (“establish Justice”) and have peace (“domestic Tranquility”). As a collective body there were boundaries to be protected, and defended (“provide for a common defense”) as well as people’s homes and property. Freedom of thought, independence, was considered (“Blessings of Liberty”) then and going forward (“our Posterity”).  Consideration was given to laws promulgated in other countries, my guess the United Kingdom primarily, to improve upon and make more equitable for everyone.  Freedom was foremost in their minds, as well as equality and human rights.  But from the onset there were troubles that overtime, due to the inherent nature of man (the good and the bad), were corrected and adjudicated at the Supreme level (the Supreme Court that is). Yet it was the document itself, with future amendments, that have made America better and better for everyone living within its borders.

When We Agree

Agreement does not mean both sides are in total accord.  Opinions can differ.  The aisles have two sides, and both may well have ‘good’ intentions.  Resolution is shaped by concessions. Some may pour water from the mouth of the pitcher and others from the sides.  Each fills the glass.  Who has been right and who has been wrong?  In anticipation of war there are those who want no part of it, the pacifists, and those who insist that preparation, armament versus disarmament, is what is correct.  There are those who seek to appease the enemy and others who simply prepare to fight what they believe is an inevitable consequence. Would a nation rather have “a weakling waving a frail umbrella while cowering before a fearsome dictator” (pg. 76) as once described Neville Chamberlain (from William Manchester’s The Last Lion (part 2), or “a leader possessing vision and intellect, but also a capacity for brutality, faith in the superiority of (his nation), and a positive relish at the prospects of grappling with a nation (or nations) or warriors led by demagogues who represent everything (free people) loathe” (pg. 28), describing Winston Churchill.

…to be continued.  Humans will continue to occupy this earth, propagating more humans as well.  The animal kingdom exits, we are a part of it as well as in control of it, as we are the only animal with the ability to make choices, decisions, discern inputs and outcomes.  There is much the same in our DNA until it comes to that brain power piece. To enable co-existence in a peaceful manner there are laws.  Obviously laws are not the perfect answer and it is clear chaos continues as the score of the symphony of our lives is still not harmonious.  The kaleidoscope of the human race has not achieved utopia. More on unity of purpose and laws in the next blog.

Grace and Peace



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