The World and Your Place In It  (1 of 2 parts)

UI – Part 532 – The World and Your Place In It  (1 of 2 parts)

A Diverse World

The world is a big place with much diversity.  Is it too big for some and too small for others?  Are the resources to provide for humans limited?  Can the world sustain a growing population?  Is there a limit, a maximum capacity, for this planet we live on? Is there enough water?  As humans occupy more land will there be sufficient acreage to grow the necessary crops to feed everyone?  What about you?  How much space do you occupy?  Are you compatible with your neighbor, your community, your state and your nation?  If not, does that matter?  Are you a contributor to society or a user.  Are you independent or dependent?  Do you prefer peace or discord?  With every answer you may first consider, ask the add-on, ‘why?’    Am I part of the whole or a hole in the fabric?  How readily can the piece of the puzzle of the universe that I am, my place in the completed layout on the table, be located and correctly fit where it belongs?


There are so many questions we all have about this life and the next.  Important for many today is this life.  For others it is the next life.  For some it is the life past, the memories and the successes.  We can live in the light of our heritage, but does that serve the whole, or just the piece we represent?  Does it make our lives matter?  It may provide a level of self-importance, not our own necessarily, but enough upon which to get by and garner respect.  But is that respect for yourself or someone in your lineage that you are using?   How are we to best live today?  What is our role, out contributing factor, our asset, and our legacy?  Do we need a legacy?  What does a legacy offer?  What are we living for?  Why do we exist?  Are you are a provider or a user?  Is your job one of your own choosing, or chosen for you, a family convenience or a family business in need of your talents? 

Education is critical.  Bless the teachers and the students who strive to learn, especially history and sociology, where the past and living among others is important.  Taking sides in a polemic, as an apologetic or as a listener, offering a fuller picture from which an independent discerning mind can objectively perceive proper conclusions.  Can that provide for peaceful outcomes, settlements that enable boats to float upon waters calmed with hopeful expectations able to reach many shores where greeters welcome those who seek friendship and a united society?

Point of Contention

I disagree with both liberals and conservatives, tories and labor parties, republicans and democrats, Christians and Muslims, and other opposition groups that cannot think beyond their own sect and consider the whole of society, the elite and the commoner, and how their actions, their bias, can harm so many to achieve so little.

The President of the United States, elected by the people according to rules laid out in the Constitution is elected to become the champion for all the people.  But when political sides use the legal system to attack and condemn, at great cost, they are interfering with what can be accomplished when great minds and good hearts work cooperatively.  Affiliations that cater to small numbers, possibly hundreds or even a few thousand, become a barrier to a united achievement that should cater to millions.  The millions want what is best for everyone, to include them, after all they did vote knowing the majority decide, even when based upon an Electoral College. The brilliance of America’s founders to call for an Electoral College to decide national Presidential elections was genius.  Unfortunately political affiliations want what is best for their Party (not necessarily their Country).  That is a Party of blind persons, blind to the facts, self-absorbed, and not representative of those who elected them, ignorant and caring little for the voters, except as to the vote itself.  They would prefer an autocratic system, but happen to live where a democratic voting system is in place.  They would eliminate those that disagree rather than listen.  The highway they prefer is paved with their intensions, not those of the whole.  This is not new.


Oh how I enjoy history.  And Oh how disappointed I am that there is not more history taught, required courses to be taken by every college or university student.  Why, because it is valuable to understand events of the past, great leaders, good and evil leaders, their impact and their legacy, the common elements to previous and current situations, the cause of wars, the mistakes made, how innocent people suffered at the hands of dictatorial leaders as well as elected officials, major decisions effecting millions by so few, and often so ill equipped to proceed intelligently.  Too often history repeats itself, those in the present unaware of what they could have done differently to avoid similar pitfalls faced in prior periods. Knowing history helps us understand our place in it.  A lack of understanding history provides no clue. 

Be Aware

To know your place is not easy.  Not everyone is destined to greatness, but then what is greatness?  Not everyone is designed to be President, even a class leader.  There are followers too, a needed component of all societies.  Every Nation, every State, every local government, every school, every business, every organization, every family needs structure, a head, and a cast of characters to make them function properly. And clearly the need is much more significant for followers, actors in the play, than directors.  The characters can be cooperative or disruptive.  When disruptive the outcomes of the team are generally poor, unless the leaders or the companion players recognize the impediment the disruptive character represents to the success of the whole and culls them from the pack. Good and evil, right and wrong, is inherent in humans.  When applied to their role, their character, ask the question, are they helping society or themselves?  Being competitive can often cause bad intentions to rise to the surface to gain an advantage. History, the needed educational discipline I encourage, has many proofs of just such outcomes.  

Being comfortable with who you are and how you are achieving, your role, takes self-confidence.  I believe also it takes knowing God, Biblical truth, to the extent that our place, our purpose, is as God has determined.  As written, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose” Romans 8:28, NIV84.  We may not think we are doing what God has willed for us, either in a leadership capacity or as a worker, but that is what happens.  Many ask how did Trump become President?  One answer; it was predestined.  God may not have chosen the perfect man, but his choice may be the right choice at the right time for a Nation in need.  Certainly we cannot sit back and live according to que será, será.  Being in the right place at the right time has validity, as does showing up for work on time, even ahead of time, and if your work is done, ask others if you can help them.  Stay later than the boss.  Take advantage of an education, seek knowledge, welcome opportunity, be objective, don’t show your cards too soon, know yourself, and be true to yourself.  Never stop learning, seeking, helping, contributing and giving. Be aware!  You place in society will be welcomed. 

Spiritual Values

Spiritual values are important.  I will let the famous Albert Einstein explain.


To Be Continued…..

Part two of this two part article will be published in two days.  Discussed is where Islam fits in, as well as Our Place in this World. 

Grace and Peace





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