White Supremacy (1 of 4)

UI – Part 535 – White Supremacy (1 of 4)

The Labeling Machine

The reaction of today’s media, the political left, most educators on college campuses (predominantly liberal), and certainly those of the more militant minority (victim) groups, has a tendency to label anything of privilege, anything caucasian or more white than other, and in general conservatives, as a “White Supremest” or under the general category of ‘White Supremacy.”  Add conservative minorities to the mix, people of color, and others, that side with the objective of conservatives, i.e. smaller government, fewer entitlements (those especially that act as disincentives), capitalism, at least an industrious working population incentivized to be productive, and a patriotic, loving, caring, tolerant, and objective population. I find the application of the term white supremacy, even ‘racist,’ as lazy rhetoric.  Consider the knee jerk reaction to call out, demean, anyone who orally objects or is critical of others as using “hate speech.” 

The worst depiction of White Supremacy is simply hatred of anything not white.  Such as this photo.  The hand gesture is usually included.  Not all white people feel as these young boys are demonstrating.  And there are other ethnic and groups of color than have similar depictions.


Here is a non-white militant faction. Are they supremists?  Black supremacy.  Black-female supremacy?


The media is at fault as they are as gasoline fueling a fire of discontent.  They are the ones that, having studied journalism, having learned the english language, having matriculated in university, taking many literature and grammar courses, and having attained a mastery in the use of words, coupled with a knowledge of history, let alone responsibly and properly vetting someone or researching a topic, should know what to say and how to report information without bias.  Reporting without lying would be a great start.  But that said, I guess, if I really believed that was true today, you could call me naive.  The MSM is biased.

As Defined


White Folks

There was a time that the caucasian race, or the elitists in most societies (not just white folk), made the claim on their own that they were superior.  They were raised privileged. There was a time also that in many parts of the world slavery was permitted.  That remans the case for slavery in many Muslim dominant areas. But over the last century, for the past 100 to 150 years, much has changed (from the late 1800’s to the current).  From the civil war through the First World War and the Second World War ideas and attitudes have progressed and become more tolerant.  There were significant religious differences at a time between Catholic and Protestant, with much discord and animosity between entities.  Even within the Protestant array of religions, the Baptist, the Methodist, the Presbyterian, the Episcopalian and so on, there were barriers to comfortable relationships.  Then there was segregation, from blacks to the back of the bus, separate water fountains for whites and blacks, and other walls, as it were, between hispanics, negroes, caucasians, even orientals and semites.   It was the caucasian as the superior, the better, the smarter, the more able, and the more successful.  Consider the structure of peoples in India where there is a caste system, Hindus and Buddhists verses Muslims and others.  There are the laborers and the aristocrats.  Among people of the same race there were strata of acceptance as well.  For instance there are negro Haitians that find African blacks, even ghetto blacks, as not worthy of their company.  One group views the other as lazy as a class, to be avoided. 

Inherent in the differences noted is an element of ‘superiority’, even ‘racism’, but recognize these terms apply to everyone. Everyone is a racist, no exception, except possibly for the most humble. Christ may be the only example.

Targets of Hatred

The Jews were targets of much hatred (anti-semitism), with evidence of such disdain demonstrated by Hitler, even Stalin, and the Islamists. Attempts to eradicate all of Judaism was the goal. Hitler, via his detention facilities, gas chambers and death camps, tried hard at creating a Reich comprised of caucasian, blue-eyed blonds, and no Jews.  He also sought to cleanse society of the handicapped, the weak and the ailing elderly.  But prejudice, anti-semitism, existed in Great Britain and America, and certainly in the world of Islam.  Muslims still openly express their enmity towards the Jew, the Christian as well, and seek not only the destruction of Israel, but all Jews. Christians within the borders of Islamaland are but subjects to be abused whenever a Muslim desires, as the laws do little to protect non-Muslims, or non-believers in Allah and Muhammad as the Messenger.  The creation of Israel in 1948, on land called Palestine, but little inhabited and cared for at the time, became a refuge for Jews from all of Europe, but mostly Germany, Poland and Russia, a land they could call their own.  The idea of a Jewish homeland was a theme of Winston Churchill at the time of The Great War, but did not progress with wide approval until after WWII.   It needs to be noted that Israel today is not a Jewish only country, but open and welcoming to Christians and Muslims.  It  is not a theocracy.     

People are Different

If the aforementioned is distilled into a rationale, it is people are different, and people, all persons, regardless of color, will seek an advantage over others.  The greatest difference may lie between male and female.  From a historical perspective women have forever been regarded as bearers of children, keepers of the house, preparers of food, caretakers and educators for the children and wives, dutiful and obedient to their husbands.  But given that people are different, must there be such a division between races, sects, cultures, sexes, religions, political party affiliations and neighborhoods?  Should it all be the same?  Can it all be the same?  While considering your answer, consider the following.  Can red be blue?  Can yellow be purple?  Can white be black?  Can paper be steel?  Can a sofa be a table?  Can a kitchen be a bedroom? 

Part 2 of 4 to follow. Keep thinking about not white supremacy, but supremacy itself.  What makes one class of people better, or superior, to another?  

Grace and Peace.

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