Similarities between Islam and Liberalism

UI – Part 515 – Similarities between Islam and Liberalism


Let’s start this discussion with the term ‘tolerance.’ Since the Trump Victory the liberal left has been full speed ahead resisting anything Trump or from the GOP. They seek safe spaces from conservatives. They close their minds and ears to anything critical or questioning their practices. So too Islam. They resist concerns about Islam, anything even at the lowest rung of the ladder of criticism, as persecution. Their hatred towards infidels, any person who is non-Muslim (or true to Islam) is apparent.

Liberals refuse to understand the opposition, even when valid points may present themselves. When you consider the full impact of ObamaCare or the benefits from the tax overhaul plan it is unfathomable that not one liberal would agree with proposals to improve health care or to benefit Americans. Not one. They are silenced by their authoritarian senior members on the political left. If they were to speak out they would be vilified by their Party and denied positions on committees in Congress where their ideas might matter. Similarly Islam does not want residents in the majority Muslim countries to know other religions. Copies of the Bible are forbidden, confiscated or for those caught with one, punishment is meted. To understand the opposition, another viewpoint, is to open minds to a larger world and the possibility of objectivity taking hold and altering the course of the constrained.

In both cases it is a winner-take-all mentality.

The Media

“The media gurus of deceit,” as Michael Savage refers to the MSM in his book God, Faith, and Reason, supports the left and protects the Muslim. The left’s posture towards issues has created a significant credibility problem. As an example, Nancy Pelosi, representing the Democrats at the time (2009) informed the public and the GOP that the importance of passing ObamaCare exceeded the need to read the couple thousand pages of the legislation. While at the same time, as recently as December 2017, the Democratic leadership was complaining about too little time to read tax-reform legislation, much shorter than the health care debacle, and available.

The obduracy of the Democratic Party has held tight to a further drift to the liberal left, along with an intransigence towards anything proposed by the conservative, logical, beneficial, practical, or otherwise. They say ‘no’ to anything not theirs. It is the only habit they have that is consistent. Said by Savage the liberals, progressives, socialists, the collective under the banner of a Donkey, the Democrats, is guided by a “philosophy that crushes anyone that disagrees with them.” The similarity with the ideology referred to as Islam is ironic.

A huge problem for Americans is they are not getting all the news. The Main Stream Media is so focused on the minutia of petty party politics and the Left’s obsession with their election loss, that loss felt too by the biased media, they ignore what is happening positively and negatively throughout the world. Much of the history of events in the Middle East, especially since the end of WWII, has been ignored or missed by the MSM completely. Important elements that have led to the strength of Iran, the terrorist incursions, the migration of Islamists into the free world, and the rise of a militant ideology, Islam, have been but a blip on the screens of the progressive leftist journalists. So in love with Obama and Hillary they dismiss any flagrant destructive actions on their part. As Social Justice Warriors the media, as the progressive Democrats, places illegals above citizens, treats Muslim activists as protesters with an agenda, never considering their All for Allah objective and death to non-believers mantra. Killing non-Muslims, at least eliminating or marginalizing them, is their agenda.

One more example, moving the US Embassy to the capital of Israel, Jerusalem. Many Presidents, Democrats included, campaigned for office pledging a move of the Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. It makes sense for many reasons, including proximity to the heart of Israel and the mitigation of constant travel from one city to another, the city where most meetings occur. After Trump actually followed through on his campaign promise the cry’s from the Donkey-set were active and loud. How they doth complain, just to be heard. And the media spoke for them too.

One Way Street

The Democrats see the highway as theirs. They claim to be accepting of others, seek inclusion and diversity, yet find objectionable Christians, Christ followers, prayers in the Public square, Ten Commandments on courthouse steps, any comments from the Bible that object to same-sex marriage, homosexuality and other sinful activities. They are secularists, while supporting the supernatural worshipped by Muslims. Allah, even the laws of Islam, Sharia, and the overt action of Islamists, their hatred, towards gays, drinkers, gamblers, tattoos, infidelity, children that dis-honor their parents (as defined by Islam), Muslim women who associate with non-Muslims, and criminal actions as rape, as acceptable to the liberal left, while Christians are not. They fear God, but not Allah. Where are their brains?

Christian orthodoxy has a historical significance to America. But today the heretics, that have been there always, are becoming the critics of Christians, to include the ethical and moral foundations the founding fathers, not all Christians, laid in the base of the Constitution making America the greatest place in the world for anyone to live.

The Office of the President

The Progressives were in power too long. They took advantage of the offices the people elected them too. Trump won in spite of their conspiracies against him. The corruption of the left would never be in view if crooked Hillary was President. But with Trump the dross is flowing to the surface and becoming obvious. Entrenched in offices as long-term government employees, in the IRS and the FBI most notably, Americans are beginning to see and realize the extent to which the Democrats operate illegally, using government staff and funds to undermine their opposition. Citizens are secondary to the Democratic Left, except as a spine to develop a base of support.  Lies and fake news are in constant use to achieve the offices of power and the largesse the Democrats can obtain as representatives of the people. But as we are learning they, the citizens, are only ‘people’ if they support the policies and positions of the progressive, socialistic, tax-oriented, big government, nanny State, Federalist, Democratic anti-conservative and anti-Republican platforms. As self-proclaimed representatives of the people, Democrats, as history has proven, often fail to deliver on their promises.

Note that Muhammad was a self-proclaimed prophet of God, redefined as Allah and sold to the citizens of his hometowns as having the power to save.

Similarities Exist – Liberal Left Democrats and Islamists


Controlling the people for the benefit of the autocrats, the mullahs, those enjoying the tower of power, is the program of the Islamists. The liberal Democrats and the Islamists appear to use the same playbook.

Fortunately for Americans we have an election process that makes an autocracy or theocracy, a totalitarian government, impossible, unless, We the People, elect the Democrats over and over again. If you work and pay taxes, are a ‘deplorable,’ you will support the more conservative, small government, less regulation, pro-business, low tax nature of the Republican conservatives. But if you do not pay taxes, enjoy the entitlements of the government, welfare benefits without having to work, or an illegal that has found how to vote, then the Democratic liberal left is your Party.

Grace and Peace.

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