Growing Religion by Murder – Islam

UI – Part 519 – Growing Religion by Murder – Islam

Recently in Kabal, Afghanistan (January 2018), Taliban entered an upscale hotel to kill all non-Muslims, foreigners. These people were in Afghanistan only to help the people there. Over 17 died. If a Muslim they were spared from the carnage.

This was followed by an attack on a British sponsored charity for children, in Afghanistan, by ISIS terrorists, so they claimed. There were deaths, but fortunately no children. This charity has been in Afghanistan helping children for many, many years. This attack was at the heart of loving parents and those in a Nation seeking peace and freedom.

Truck bombing in Germany. In December 2016 there was an attack wherein a driver steered a speeding tractor-trailer through crowds of shoppers at a popular Christmas market in central Berlin. The driver was Muslim intent on killing unbelievers.

From The Guardian in December 2016, “The Berlin killings appear to have been modelled on the Bastille Day truck attack in Nice, a tactic that has become a focus of propaganda by (the) Islamic State over the past month.” These acts are aimed strictly at murdering innocents without regard for the composition of the crowd, but the Islamist hopeful wants more non-believers.

Truck bombings started in Lebanon in 1983 when a Shia militant group, in the formative stages of Hezbollah, detonated, using suicide drivers, trucks laden with large quantities of explosives, ramming protective barriers, into a US Marine multistory barracks, killing 254, and a French soldiers barracks, killing over 50, on the same day.

Turkey mosques, 90,000, recently (January 2018) called for Muslims to commit jihad (murder) upon all unbelievers. The focus was primarily at Kurds, imploring the soldiers to achieve ‘conquest’ over those they hate. The verses proclaimed were recently noted by Robert Spencer. He wrote, “Surah al-Fath is the 48th chapter of the Qur’an. It promises Muslims who wage jihad much material reward: ‘Allah has promised you much booty that you will take and has hastened for you this and withheld the hands of people from you – that it may be a sign for the believers and He may guide you to a straight path’ (48:20). It also contains this command: ‘Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah; and those with him are ruthless against the unbelievers, merciful among themselves’ (48:29).”

This directive is being used as a reminder to Turkish Muslims against Kurds, calling for their death as unbelievers, not believing as preferred by the Turkish Mullahs. Muhammad is the example to be followed, a ruthless, militant, misogynistic ideolog of his own ideology.

In the UK, using the name, ‘Captain the illiterate‘, Mohammed Kamal Hussain, 28, told one female : ‘I‘m a simple man…I hate the smart people. Inshallah, I will be smart after I go to Paradise…before I die, wanna punish some kuffar.‘. In Britain Muslims are proclaiming if we cannot leave the UK to help Islamist forces, then commit Jihad at home.

Muslims forecast, a popular interpretation, end times to occur between Muslims and Romans somewhere in Syria. Is this to be Armageddon (known as Yawm al-Qiyāmah) for Muslims, for Islam? From Wikipedia it is noted that in end times, “fitna ,” “The righteous are rewarded with the pleasures of Jannah (Paradise), while the unrighteous are punished in Janannam (Hell).

But who knows Hell just might be a continuation of life on earth, a universe filled with humans marked with the stain of a sinful nature. While Paradise will be the locale of the Islamic fundamentalists, as they desire. They will receive what they seek. Then the Biblical God will remain loving and leaving the door open to sinners, for those with objective hearts, to accept Christ’s sacrifice, taking the punishment we deserve for our nature, making those who believe in Christ right anew and assured of salvation.

Hatred towards anything non-Muslim, or in opposition to the Islamists in power at the moment, that is dissidents, are to be killed, murdered. That is jihad, the call from Sura 9, Muhammad’s Quran chapter. All Muslims are called upon to commit jihad. Such killings serve more than one purpose. It eliminates opposition towards the zealots that want to maintain their towers of power, as is the case in Iran with the Ayatollah. And for any Muslim, more the militant bitter Islamist variety, eliminating anyone that either questions or doubts the tenets of Islam as God inspired, or define “true Islam” in a fashion at odds from the one with the largest sword or more powerful weapon or army of rabid Islamist dogs, is justified. The end result in either case would be fewer unbelievers, to include hypocrites, and more fundamental Islamists.

There is a constant doomsday scenario before every Muslim. If as a Muslim you do not accept this logic, then know you are not a Muslim. Consider what you believe, and if All for Allah regardless of how achieved, then you pass, but if you have an inkling of tolerance and seek a life of joy and hope, then the war torn dusty path that began in the desert of Yatrib is not the one for you. Find another. You are as much a kuffar as me.

Between Sunni, all varieties, and Shiite Muslims, the battle will rage, the tennis match using balls of fire and fury, until there is no net and the court is but one sided. Who will the victors fight then? Given the nature of the informed, educated, Mullah, the leaders, those guided by the ulema, the scripture and acceptable associated texts of Islam, they will then find among the remainder a target of hatred. Hatred seems to be an inherent, inherited, and necessary trait of the Muslim, whether they know it or not. Where is the love? There is none. There must be an outlet for the enemity they bears as noted in Sura 60.4, and that is forever!


Just search the web for truck killings of bystanders; “Allahu Akbar” shouters with automatic weapons firing indiscriminately into crowds of music lovers or churches; Muslims wielding knives to kill students or local residents sharing the street they are on, Muslims strapping IED’s on their body prepared to commit suicide while taking the lives of as many others as possible; Muslims, in the free world whose host countries allow them in, welcoming them in many cases, and providing opportunity and welfare, raping, criticizing, bombing and criticizing any who question what they consider a right to be there by the Will of Allah. Cultural differences create a clash of what seems to be the barbaric, uneducated, inhumane, and backward, with the tolerant, literate, equality oriented, broad minded, educated, humane, and progressive. The politicians in free-world host countries seem ignorant of the facts, the reality and the history. The authorities, the leadership, as Robert Spencer suggests of the British, “should ponder the implications of this, but of course, they will not do so.”

Understand Islam and the world can be saved. It is worth saving. It is worth preserving and continuing to progress. Progress, as well as Freedom, is anathema to Muslims, their scholars and authorities. Is this what you want, without objection, in your back yard? The Islamists prefer a tribal, waring, 7th century, Bedouin culture, yet enjoy modernity while contributing nothing to it. What they enjoy, however, will not continue as the Mullahs take charge and with no appetite for education, only Allah, return any semblance of a modern world into a trash heap.

Beware those that murder as a substitute for proselytization. Who might that be? If you have no idea by now, then you too need an education in the ways of Islam.

If as a moderate you find offense in being addressed as a Muslim intent on killing non-Muslims, I ask for your forgiveness, but mostly question your ideology. Is it Islam? If one reads the Quran, cries for hatred and eliminating opposition to Islam and extirpating non-Muslims to include those considered heretics is throughout. If this is not as you believe, then one can only ask, are you Islamic or a Muslim? Do you accept the killing fields before Islamists that seek those not in accord with “true Islam” as humans subject to the wrath of any Islamist, death by not accepting Allah and his Messenger. You may be culturally inhibited or ignorant, sorry to suggest, but must consider yourself what you are, what path you are on.

Grace and Peace.

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  1. Yep. Isalm is a religion of hate propagated by people who have not had the gumption to actually research it. They are being led by the nose.


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