Christian Nations – America as One (‘b’)

UI – Part 493b – Christian Nations – America as One

Part ‘a’ of this two part article appeared a few days ago.

Islamic Cultures/Nations

Muslims are called upon, not by God but by the human element that has structured and perpetuated this ideology, to block out any distortions or alternatives to the programs they have promulgated.  If a Muslim does not block out foreign elements, being as a xenophobe, they risk punishment, severe chastisement, to include death.  So much for freedom and free will, for the Muslim, radical or moderate.  The culture in which they have been bred and raised is constrained and kept away from influences that reveal truth, knowledge and understanding that could lead them on a safer, happier, more joyful walk in this world created for all humanity by God.  The borders of Islamic Nations are as blinders, or black curtains, that limit the ability of residents to see the outside world.  For those that might they are taught since childhood, and reminded daily, that outside their walls there are non-believers, elements towards which hatred and bitterness is to be focused.

The world cannot be purified, as the Islamist might suggest.  The pure among the followers of Islam are to commit jihad for the objective of a world just for Allah. It is so called for in Sura 9. Allah, as interpreted and used by the fundamentalist Islamists, is not God.  A Muslim may sin,  may do wrong, but they are still a child of God worthy of his grace should they so accept the sacrifice (God-incarnate taking the punishment for the sins of mankind).  Allah’s forgiveness, via the ulema as intermediaries, cannot provide the forgiveness that can make a Muslim right with God. God will be the judge of transgressions and his wrath will apply.  For the Muslim the wrath of their Imams, the Mullahs, the Sayyyid’s, the Sheiks and other scholars of Islam (the ulema), as if they are, by their own proclamation, on a level with Allah (their example Muhammad), can provide judgment and have punishment inflicted; hands removed, heads smote, stones thrown, lashes meted, and death imparted.  The Islamist will call for the death of any who once Muslim choose to leave the ideology for a path they consider the truth. They will be invited to return, as a precursor to carrying out this extreme punishment, as an opportunity to prevent their demise.  The Christian way will free them from the shackles of Islam.

If a Muslim’s blinders fall and they see a more attractive, peaceful and pleasant path to salvation, the ulema or his authoritative partner may well brandish a hot iron and blind the apostate.

Constitutionally Christian

Thus calling for America, and other nations, to make the declaration as a Christian Nation, constitutionally, is to have citizens live in freedom, to recognize a First Cause, the Being, God, and live by the humane standards, with love, prevailing as put forth in the historical document, the Bible.  American’s would have their leaders seek for all the joy and hope that God makes possible in the way they govern.  We would be identified as children of God, welcoming, caring for the poor, the oppressed, with justice and liberty for all.  Our borders would be protected, but opened to those who wish to visit and stay, legally, to enjoy the freedoms we offer.  Our way of life would be preserved and those who enter would be asked to accept and participate in the justification they had in the first place for their arrival and desire to stay.

There are billions that would prefer living in the United States.  Unfortunately they cannot all be accommodated. The system and its resources would be overwhelmed if all were permitted.  But the alternative for those wanting what America offers is to bring the Christian values and the founders’s principles to their homelands.  Seek and work towards a government order that provides what they clamor for in America.

Secularists and Adverse Ideologies

Recognition of the Being, not the Yeti or Loch Ness monster, yet unseen, but not unknown or hidden, is reality.  We are surrounded by the presence of God’s creation. There is evidence, recorded history, architectural evidence, eye witness accounts and more, like the birth of every child, that support the Christian claim.  Christ brings those who have died to God back to life, making it possible to be one of those chosen to live a life eternal. There will be a new heaven and a new earth.  In my book, The Wonder of Terra, that new place is called Vale.  This is not the “paradise” that is offered to those who die perpetuating the ideology of Islam, that is but an inducement to kill, to fight for the humans, the men, who seek power and prestige for themselves.  It is a false reward for doing harm to others, committing murder and advancing Islam as way of life.

Examine that way of life of those living in a majority Muslim nation, those areas of the world dominated by Islam.   You will see their life or earth as an oppressive existence, even when they are prevented from seeing it for themselves.  Beware they can, would like to, and will bring this domineering, controlling, ideology to your shores unless you protect and secure your borders and find the right leadership to direct your fellow citizens to embrace the way of the Christian, whether it is your way or not.

Secularists seek a ‘me’ society.  Their ‘right’ is their ‘right,’ their ‘truth’ their ‘truth.’  It does not work that way.  If Hitler’s ‘right’ was his ‘right,’ his ‘truth,’ ‘truth’ then the outcome would not be the rights your would embrace today.  The world would be less free.  We need universal human rights.  They are made clear in the Bible.   They have already been adopted by the UN.  What many scholars of Islam have determined as ‘right’ is that which they decided, starting with Muhammad.  The impact on the over one billion that follow, that appear more than simply restrained within the compounds of Islamic totalitarians, is devastating and inhumane. God can open their eyes.  Miracles are possible.

The UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in Paris in 1948 (General Assembly resolution 217 A), a common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations. It outlines fundamental human rights to be universally protected.  Although translated into hundreds of languages, there are those that give lip service to the concept, but in practice remain oppressive towards women, children, the poor and the less privileged. This is most true in Muslim majority nations who follow the tenets of Islam.

The Bible and God, Christian Nations

Psalm 16:11, “You (God) make known to me the path of life; you (God) will fill me with joy in your presence” (NIV, Holy Bible).  All is revealed in the Word of God, the Bible.  And the Word is God.  Reading the Bible is as having a conversation with the Almighty.

God is perfectly true.  You can bet on that.  And you can turn to him, trust him, rely on him, and find comfort in him.  Only God.   Nations that can openly declare that God is the truth, the light and the way make possible peaceful co-existence.  It is not Allah.  It is the Biblical God, the First Cause.  Enable the joy, the hope, the comfort, the peace and the love for individuals and their nations, as its citizens, with a proclamation, a declaration, that God is the ultimate overseer, and that as a community of people dedicated to the Lord, there will be freedom and peace.  It will not be perfect.  There will be sin and sinners.  Christians will always live among nonbelievers.  Oddly enough so will Muslims, however the Islamists feel they can create societies, using scare tactics, severe punishment and violence, that are to exist without temptations.  They are deluded, while at the same time raising themselves up as if they are Allah, as god the ruler, controller, executioner and all powerful.  That is the devil at work in the minds of the men of Islam.

May all Nations be Christian nations, under God, whose populations can choose to be Christian or not, yet protected and safe.

Thanks Be to God.

Grace and Peace

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