Christian Nations – America as One (‘a’)

UI – Part 493a – Christian Nations – America as One.

Christian Nation

Taking a leap, several issues ago I wrote in this blog a case for declaring, constitutionally, America as a Christian Nation.  (You can read that article here.)  It all starts with God.  One might argue we must first declare America a Nation under God, before we refer to it as a Christian Nation.  I can accept that.  God, as so named, is that something or someone that was the ‘cause’ of all that surrounds and astounds humanity.   If we apply a human consideration to God, then God would exist as a ‘being.’ A ‘being’ is what we can embrace as material, or etherial, but comprehensible.  Yet logic would have it that God is not material, possibly etherial, but even then, outside the realm of our understanding.  Given the concept of the First Cause, God is not a ‘being,’ but as Tim Keller notes, from the pages of the Bible, God is rather, “Being itself, the ground and condition for all other things to exist….Without God nothing would exist at all” (Keller, 217).  Material objects cannot just be, or exist on their own.  They needed a ‘cause.’

The Bible explains as it begins, “In the beginning…” so full consideration is given to a ‘cause.’ Why, because, it just makes sense.   Atheists, non-believers, have a hard time accepting this, but rather it is less acceptance and more ‘denial.’ God interferes with the life an atheist or non-believer might prefer, or think they prefer.  One emotion all humans seek, and I sincerely believe I am right in saying this, is ‘joy.’ There cannot be ‘joy’ for anyone without God.  Why?  Well the answer has to do with truth, knowing the truth as to what is right and wrong, what is humane, what makes us free and what is the source for ‘joy’ absent other dependencies, such as other gods, false gods, from opiates, to material items, like wealth, or personal pleasures, like sex, which lead in every case to an emptiness, a bitterness and distrust for what society, man, makes available.  That which man makes for others to enjoy is not the answer.   When we, as persons, feel empty or deprived, we seek solutions, escapes from the reality of the material world, that being the world we think we know.  But the material world may provide for our existence, but it does not provide for our ‘joy.’ That is made possible by the first cause too.

Humans, those that turn to God, will be comforted.

“For many, the astonishing universe is evidence pointing beyond itself to Something.  Many people also find this cosmic wonder to be a compelling sign of God’s reality” (Keller, 219).  Continuing with the Bible’s opening line, it reads, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1).

The Bible Story

The Christians accept the Bible, its contents, its story and its Truth.  As the Being, that is God, made the universe and man possible, he gave us, too, a Savior.  Why did we need a Savior?  Well, as the story reads as humans we are rebels.  We have freedom, thank God, and God’s competitor, Satan, can toy with us and alter our obedience. From the Father of Lies we are filled with words calling for our ‘self’ to satisfy ‘itself’ and disregard that which God commands.   Our purpose, according to Satan, is self directed and what we achieve we do so on our own.  With God, our purpose, is God’s, according to him, as we obey and serve God, thankful for what he has provided and promised.  We are sinners, every one of us. It is impossible to say no to every candy the devil offers. We rebel, disobey God and fall short of his glory.  But God made possible a life eternal, a new beginning.

The Bible story enables humans to understand their roots, their nature and experience God, as Jesus (God incarnate), dying and rising, and the reasons why!

God had a choice.  He could have killed all humans.  Rid his creation of those made in his image.  He chose not to.  What he did was as incomprehensible as creation itself, he, as only he could, came to earth in human form, lived with us so man could know God.  Then he died for us. Instead of eradicating the world of all the sinners, God chose to die instead. In so doing he, for those who believe in god-incarnate (Jesus or the Son of God), took the punishment we deserve for our disobedience, forgave us all, and made us right with God. He saved us.  Now it takes courage to be a survivor of God’s Grace.  That is the Christian.

The Christian lives among all peoples, loving God and loving neighbor.  The atheist and non-believer live next door, as do the Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, communist or others.  The Christian seeks freedom for everyone, embraces the sanctity of life, the protection of every individual, man or woman, and escape from the oppression of others.  The Christian wants humans to enjoy the intellect God provided, a gift making humans unique among animals, and capable of discernment and reason. Suppression of the ability to explore one’s thoughts, to learn or study, is against God’s will; and those who so oppress God’s people are doing the bidding of Satan.

The Christian may desire a world that is totally Christian, but knows that is not possible. That is not realistic. The Christian knows too that they will always live in a world prone to sin.    It is up to the individual, using their intellect, their logic, and wanting a productive life, that can find hope and joy in this life, living for God, aware of what the future has in store. Christians are called upon to share what they believe.  They are called upon to make disciples of others.  Christians welcome home those who leave their faith.  They have no apostasy laws requiring death to those who deny God or seek another path.  They remain willing to accept any who return.

Part ‘b’ of this two part article in a couple days.  In that article we contrast an Islamic Nation, Quran based, with one predicated on the moral, ethical and humanitarian principles of the Christian, Bible based.

Grace and Peace

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