Islam’s Men of Power and Those that Teach

UI – Part 490 – Islam’s Men of Power and Those that Teach

No Freedom

Freedom of thought, freedom of expression, and freedom of ideas has been challenged in the world of Islam.  What has the power of man discovered within the universe of Islamism?  The Imam’s, the scholars have become the teachers, or as C.S. Lewis might refer to them, the “Conditioners” (from The Abolition of Man). What they have accomplished, since the days of the prophet, is the de-humanization of those they teach, they implore, they direct and they condition to be Muslim. The natural instincts of the human has been reduced to total obedience taught soon after birth and into adulthood. The soul of the human is captured as early as possible, conferring the power to the Mullahs, those at the top of the ladder, making slaves and puppets of their minions.

The Outcome of Power

Obtaining power, being among those in charge, does not suggest benevolence. The Sayyid’s, the sheiks, the masters over the masses, those in possession of the billion plus Muslims, do not see them as peers, equals, but as objects to be hated and controlled.  They are to serve the purpose of those with the Power. The motivation of the leaders is their self interests, the influence they have, the ability to cause their constituents to move as directed, like chess or checker pieces, and provide them the necessities, to include some comfort and pleasure.  The Muslim population that is subject to those with power are but artifacts, objects to be used and as prepared by those from whom they were educated and trained. Oddly what is valid for the men of power is not the same for the artifacts they formed.

Who decides what humanity deserves?  What mind is so indifferent to the treatment, the constraints under which they live, that they lack the desire or motivation to progress and strive to discover. What happened?  Provided the basics, food, drink, sexual intercourse, amusement, and an environment to preserve one’s life, is that sufficient?  Is what is available to be liked by everyone?  Is the process one of fixing each human to be an automaton for Allah, given the bread of life, not the gift of independence, to serve first the next in line to have some of the power? Values, to be known, are values that are implanted at the earliest stage of mental development. No decisions.  Values, what is good, what is bad or what is humane are as taught by the authorities.  The process of survival within the universe of Islam is as structured and purposed for the Men of Power. The product of the education of a Muslim is having a conscience as chosen by the Mullah, the ulema, and membership in a contrived society.  It is as if the reward for obedience and loyalty and devotion to the ladder of power is to one day gain an upper rung for oneself.

Teachers Conditioning Students

The future of the Muslim takes the shape of what their teachers are required to produce.  The Men of Power over the Muslims want to use their power to have outcomes pleasing to them. Thus the rule of law of Islam, the Sharia, is reflected in the power of a few hundred men over more than a billion, and in the future, potentially billions of men (and women).   As the men of power in Islam are the doctors, the Muslims they produce are the patients of the design of the doctors; more plastic surgery than healing.

Muslims are not to be given the ability to master their own environments or choose their own destiny. The ulema, those that teach in the madrassas and preach in the mosques are but obscurantists. The eyes of their people are blinded as soon as possible to the reality of their imprisonment in a controlled culture. It all begins with the children. The objective becomes the advancement of Islam at all costs to human development and freedom, and the object to which all Muslims ought to yield.  Add to that the imposition of a death penalty for straying from the values laid down as a significant impediment; any other way even considered becomes a hardship, a concern, a fear, and even as a thought, something to be avoided. Any impulse to deviate from that learned is to be controlled, contained, and curtailed. It becomes an obligation for its own sake. It is less self-evident than it is conditioned.

The Islamist teachers have no liberty to depart from the script they are handed by the men of power, be they the ideological scholars of Islam or the autocrats who have risen up the ladder and see those below as objects, of which they were once one.  There is no allowance for innovation. The kind of humans the educators of Islam are to produce are prescribed by the tenets of Islam and the Sharia. The pattern of the cloth of Islam is set, never to be modified, and to be reproduced the same each time, with every child, with every human. It is as if the white cloak worn by the millions gathered in Mecca, their thwab, is but one size, one design, and obviously one color. The teachers teach what they are given to teach, nothing creative, no deviation. Judgments towards others, such as the non-Muslim, or heretic, are part of the conditioning. The conscience of the student is decided by the teacher and objectified as the goal to be achieved. Conquering the human’s nature is the final victory.  If the result is flawed, to deviate from the path established, then extirpation from the flock insures the remainder stays pure. If not pure, at least afraid, scared, even Islamophobic.

The incentive to learn is as the slap on the face, a stinging rebuke by the teacher, or detention. Repetition and memorization, including chants, expressing enmity towards the West, or the Jew, or any who do not proclaim the Shahada daily are said collectively, in unison, aloud and boastfully. Said so often it is accepted as right, as truth, and compelling. The student is to become charged with an enthusiasm for condemnation of those who resist, question, criticize and denounce Islam. They are to take any adverse commentary towards Islam, blasphemy when Allah or Muhammad are mentioned, personally, as persecution. The source of all such persecution is by an aggressor who resists the inevitable advance of Islam. Fighting the aggressor is called for, justified. Such fighting is the Will of Allah. This is what they hear, listen to, repeat and are taught every day.

Islam as taught is an artificial unnatural rationale designed to benefit the men of power.  The sword of Muhammad is the tool that insures the words of the Quran are the foundation for a society of lemmings whose minds have been molded to think in a singular fashion.  They are told they are superior, but not to the leaders, only to those they are fed and trained and taught to hate.  They have been de-humanized.  They are denied what God and nature provided them.  But they know not that there is anything else, or if they do, they know too they can be culled from the conditioned wheat as chaff.

The student becomes a pit bull trained, charged, punished as needed, and ready to do battle when placed in the ring with an adversary. There are no second thoughts.

Rational Spirit of Man Suppressed

Islam does not allow the freedom for the rational spirit of man to surface. Muslims are as dough that is kneaded and twisted into pretzels and baked for the tastes of their masters, be they of the bloodline of Muhammad or the rightly guided.  The motives of the masters is their own, although Muhammad is their example.   The obedience required of the Muslim is slavery.

Islam is trending towards the abolishment of man. Let such progress not continue.  Awaken the minds of free men, even the liberals, to fully understand the implications of Islam, its propaganda techniques, its controlled educational standards and the mechanics of their methods as imperialists.

Muslims, too, can be made anew, alive, reborn to a life of free thinking, filled with experiences that dictate future outcomes.  Great strength and courage is needed to be objective towards the surrounding universe.


Knowledge must not be allowed to die.  Let the source, the history, the library of knowledge not be closed, altered or destroyed. The resources are great and must not be poisoned with irrational violent domineering power hungry elements.  Humans need the strength to not release their soul to the devil or his demons.  The demons are power starved and wanting more.  Knowledge saps their strength.  They will use whatever means at their disposal to hide what is known, as the past can reflect poorly on their attempts to make the future their own. Destroying the icons, the history, the symbols, the statues of the leaders of the victors and the vanquished, enables what the autocrats, the politicos, want the people to hear and know. It is the narrative of the elite and powerful, the control hungry cabal that fears history as a web in which they may be revealed or caught. 

Do Not Miss That Which is Before Your Very Eyes

“You cannot go on ‘explaining away’ forever: you will find that you have explained explanation itself away.  You cannot go on ‘seeing through’ things forever.  The whole point of seeing through something is to see something through it.  It is good that the window should be transparent, because the street or garden beyond is opaque.  How if you saw through the garden too?… If you see everything through everything, then everything is transparent.  But a wholly transparent world is an invisible word.  To ‘see through’ all things is the same as to not see” – C. S. Lewis, The Abolition of Man.

Islam cannot be hidden, or made transparent.  It is big, it is black, it is problematic, it is diabolic and it is controlling.  It is not a society that makes sense, except possibly for the hierarchy.  Even at the top conditioning is just repeated as a means of maintenance.  Those who proclaim the truth of Islam and the Peace of Islam remain trapped in the maze that has been created, repeated and taught.  Their minds cannot deal with anything else out of complete and total loyalty to the ideology that they only know.  The cloud being spread to rain upon innocent free peoples must be seen for what it is.  Beyond it is not a clear blue sky, but a storm, a tornado, destined to destroy and abolish the world as we know it.  The rain is only a precursor of what can follow.

Grace and Peace


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