America’s Providential Purpose

UI – Part 463 – America’s Providential Purpose

Uniquely Chosen

Unified by achievement, pluralism, individuality and freedom America casts itself as uniquely chosen to lead in a world that remains diverse and scattered. The story of its formation is to the weak that finds Atlas as an inspiration and trains to be strong, confident and capable as never before. From a small pile of dry straw, using but a flint stone striking and sparking, a flame initiated a burning bush as if God itself blessed this New World. America is a Country selfish in character but selfless in serving others when needs arise. We are champions for those crying in the wilderness to be found. The fabric, the tapestry, of this Nation must be kept safe and protected from wear and tear from those who would trample upon it as if it were a rug. It’s composition, the weaving process, was crafted with historical understanding, forethought, and a belief in God as a power of principle whose ethical and moral values are laid before every eye. The final product is the Constitution. When that framework is battered and pounded upon it is clearly an attempt, by those wielding instruments of destruction, to dampen the light that the founders ignited for all to see.

Be proud to be an American, fortunate and thankful to have been born or legally emigrated and became a citizen. Our vote is our commitment, either to maintainmap-of-united-states-2 who we are, or to alter the symbol of our accomplishments and greatness. Can we afford to reduce the stew that people risk their lives to partake of by diluting it to the extent it is but a broth which is a mere reflection of the healthy offering originally crafted? The conservative is the chef that works desperately to preserve the recipe, while the liberal pours water far in excess of the requisite amounts to sate as many as possible, lessening the nourishment possible when abiding by the directions.  We must be careful, insuring the ingredients that comprise the stew are fresh and appropriate to avoid a flavor foreign and distasteful to the founders but likened by those unfamiliar with the goodness or the original.

Liberals Left Uncomfortable

There is sufficient salt, pepper and other flavorings in the original pot. We need to stop those who seek to add unusual bitter spices and herbs that cause our tongues to react as if touched by spoiled milk. The liberal left is uncomfortable with the basic policy that frames governance, seeking to instill in what they practice their corrupt tendencies, cronyism and penchant to sympathize more than lead. The conservative right tends to be self-absorbed in righteous indignation, yet wholly supports responsible oversight of all of society, which includes spending tax-payor dollars efficiently, properly and balanced with regard to revenues received and anticipated. They are less adept at attacking their opponent and vilified for incentivizing those on the dole to achieve. They are marginalized by a liberal media borne out of a liberal college and university environment whose ‘me’ nature coddles the “give-me” users as if a brotherhood.  The victim is any minority that can vote and become a candidate for benefits the left can develop and provide.  Socialism trumps capitalism for the liberal progressive element represented by the likes of Obama, Hillary and further to the left, Bernie. They look askance at the recipe for success for the individual and the Nation, more concerned with growing their base of power and  voter constituency at any cost.

Free phones so the victim on welfare can seek employment is the example of the left, who then ignore the usage of the communication device to obtain addictive items, contact their ombudsman at the slightest inflection of mistreatment, photograph police in compromising situations, or chat and tweet to organize protests supportive of left causes.

Righteousness in the extreme is a fault, yet consider the benefits.  It provides for a healthier body, a balanced budget, a more productive economy, higher self-esteem, a stronger protective body and increased opportunities for peaceful co-existence.  The term ‘righteousness’ as applied is more often overblown as a personal jab to mitigate the objective of the right.  They are all too often labeled the cause of the white-man, or the wealthy, or the Christian as more Caucasian and ethnically unbalanced, or the God folks.  But that is an error in focus and judgment.  There are those than want to separate God from man, to include several of the founders that were deists.  The liberals prefer when the envelope is opened God is more as a cracker that has been crushed and reduced to crumbs than in whole. The whole is more the collection of those who support sensibilities and responsibilities and achievement and self-motivation and incentives and hard work and family and ethics and see beyond themselves alone to love neighbor and God. They do not lack compassion.  In fact they have greater charity than those on the left.  They also prefer charity come from the people and not the government. The dollars provided the recipients are less burdened by the cost of bureaucracy and greed when from our pockets than from our government’s Treasury.

The Color of Politics

The whole of the right is not white, but a blend of all colors and ethnicities that love America.  The right is not the party that seeks an amalgam of solipsism theorists, nor the party that is overly sensitive to a few, as a reflection of self-righteousness, to the detriment of many. Indeed the recent genderless bathroom proclamation that will be part of the Obama legacy is problematic for the many, and thus people that should be on the side of the conservative.  Guilt is a feeling that the right tends to have when confronted by not doing more for any who are different. The left preys on the guilt of the majority who are different from the left victim-hood.  It is their device, a tool which they have mastered to the detriment of the whole of society. The common good is less the focus of the left than the good of a few, those few being gay, transgender, dependent, self-absorbed, ethnic minorities, feminists, environmentalists, illegal immigrants, over-extended debtors, vagrants, and prison inmates, et al. To offend in the slightest way any of these victims is to be racist, and certainly if gender is considered, sexist.  If the focus of the left can build a base from a bricolage of their choice victims that when added together fills the ballot boxes with a margin of victory then they will continue to exploit their victims using the people’s money to do so. It is never their personal dollars used, but that of the true victim, the achiever, the capitalist, the rich, the store or small business owner, the job provider, and those that still believe in the American Dream and American Exceptionalism.

Divine Intervention

The world is not detached from the divine.  The well-being of the individual may be a theme for a season, but over time there will always be a return to justice, salvation and God. Please those for a time, but be saved forever. We are all wanderers who at time forget where we are going.  The left forgets all too often and constantly reminds others to think only of themselves and their needs. Remembering the answer to what we may have lost always happens, maybe not instantly, but in time. Trust in God is the only response.

America is a Christian nation.  It is the chosen people, a blend of everything, that enables others in the world to see.  It was not a syncretic output at it’s beginning as to religion and should not become so today.  It is based upon a peace that can only be found in God’s kingdom.  The death of America as formed cannot be allowed.  Preserve the recipe and keep the chefs that understand our success and our light in the kitchen.

Quoting Ross Douthat, from his book Bad Religion,  “Depending on how far it’s taken, a version of exceptionalism is entirely compatible with Christian orthodoxy.  If God is the lord of history, then there’s no reason to dismiss the possibility that a nation as significant (and particularly fortunate) as the United States shouldn’t have an important role to pay in His unfolding plan.”

America is not a utopia.  It is today, as Nation’s go, the best there is.  Let not the Democrats reduce us to the best that there was.  Also I do not feel we can be too patriotic.  Love being an American.  Represent yourself well.  Represent our Nation when you do.  Do not let the Babylon of Obama, Hillary and their Party capture the heart of America. Americans true to the birth of our Nation and Constitution must be dedicated to the restoration of everything that made us great.  Keep our fabric complete.

Aide Your President

Trump was elected for good reasons.  The appointment of Gorsuch to the Supreme Court is one.  But there are many others.  Help Trump do his job.  Do not be an obstacle.   In a united effort of cooperation and love of Country be an open-minded objective listener. The job of President is hard enough.  Needed is the help of all.  Let your voice be heard, complete with facts and figures, and with a desire to make America Great again. Do not just shout louder than your opposite demonstrating intransigence and ignorance. Discuss and debate with a clear head and a desire to achieve mutual understanding.  Do so with mutual respect.  History will prove as political Party’s bickered and used every and any artifice to demean the President that was not of their own, America as a nation became bogged down in responding to the media, lies and attacks, in turn failing to deal with critical issues relating to foreign and domestic affairs.

Much of the changes in Southeast Asia and the Middle East after WWII took place because our Presidents were unable to deal with multiple priorities, one being maintaining the status of their political Party or their office while being bombarded with vitriolic hate filled rhetoric, another was being overwhelmed with a post-war grave concern about the spread of communism, and third a focus on the Israeli-Palestine situation over changes in governance and the religious Islamic element regaining a hold on Muslim majority nations (such as Iran, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and others). Much was due also to a lack of understanding of Islam, which has clearly led to chaos, burdensome refugee problems and a cultural abyss between free nations and the Islamic world with its closed education system and defense against learning about alternative ideological ways to live and conduct oneself.

Tolerance is Essential

Let not politics interfere with America’s leadership and strength in the world.  Members of all political and/or ideological preferences must learn tolerance and give latitude to the presentation of other viewpoints. In so doing progress will continue towards a more peaceful world for everyone.  Where there are no tolerant minds there is no freedom and a need to transform, educate or eliminate the stones that fill the shoes of those wanting to walk freely, without pain.

America is uniquely chosen to lead a world that remains diverse and scattered.  Get out of the way of preventing America from continuing to be a beacon for everyone to see and to seek.  We cannot accommodate the billions that would benefit from living here. We cannot afford it and we cannot be the leader of the free world if we lessen our standards.  Many who seek our shores need to remain and help those in the homelands from which they come to escape their illiteracy, the economic malaise in which they exist, and the religious intolerance that has become their cultural norm.  Be thankful and praise God you are already here and pray for those who are in need.  Provide what you can and do what you can, as purposed by God.  We have a value and an importance and can do more helping third world countries than by bringing their best and their brightest here.  God has purposed this nation to demonstrate the equality of all humans, the opportunities for those who work hard and dedicate themselves to making their world a better place, and to be an example to other countries as to what is possible with a caring, common sense, common law focused government.  America’s Constitution is predicated on the moral and ethical values that are original biblical truth and were inspired and written to sustain time and attacks by those that seek a personal truth, not God’s truth, for themselves.

May those in responsible positions in our government, Republicans and Democrats, Senators and Congressmen, Cabinet members, Federal Justices and Supreme Court Justices, the President and his trusted advisors, state and local, pray for each other and our citizens to be respective, open-minded, constructive in their thinking and commentary, and enable our standards to rise to the level of those God expects.  We are free.  We are not perfect.  Yet we can and must keep the light from the East and the West shores of the United States shining and showing how peace is possible when the Creator of the Universe is in your hearts and minds.

Grace and Peace

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