No Trespassing on Muslim’s Turf

UI – Part 434 – No Trespassing on Muslim’s Turf

In a number of blog postings on this site we have often compared the Prophet Muhammad and Jesus Christ as examples to their respective religions. Both are belief based, but with a major difference. I refer to that as trespassing.

Commanded to Obey or Choose to Obey

Christianity is a religion that does not command governments take actions to enforce God’s Laws.  However ignoring divine law is sinful, but judgement and punishment are reserved to God’s court, applicable to everyone. Nowhere on earth is there a theocratic Christian Nation. Europe and America may have structured their systems and legal platforms upon biblical laws, those laws providing a viable and useful foundation for the peaceful co-existence of all peoples, but they did not legislate their police or military forces to enact God’s Will.  That is God’s domain.  In the early years of Catholicism the church did impose punishment, but that defied Biblical directives.  Humans took it upon themselves to interpret the laws and judge. Over the years that has changed.

From Bible books Exodus, Leviticus’s, Deuteronomy and Numbers we can find the laws that God gave Moses and others.  In the Quran we can find most of the same laws, as Allah’s laws.  I must note that in the Bible, the New Testament, Christ informs his apostles and followers that he came to fulfill the Law.  As a follower of Christ you will have an innate sense of right and wrong, good and evil, and strive to correct your ways and focus everyday on doing good, doing as God purposed us everyday, to live as Christ lived. He is divine, lives today in the hearts of those that follow Christ, his example, God’s spirit dwelling within. We are forgiven by his Grace.

There is a deviation, however, when in Islam you incorporate as Laws, Islamic Laws, practices and comments Muhammad made, commands also, towards those who do not adhere to the platform of belief that addresses not only how adherents are to follow Allah, but also to respect the Prophet, how to live their daily lives, food restrictions, religious practices, women, alcohol, gambling, and more. Islamic Laws bind their people to practices of their every day lives, less freedom and more requirements. The Laws, including those of Allah, and Muhammad, are to be enforced by the authorities.  Allah’s Will can be carried out, enforced and punished by humans, those most devout.

Exceptions may apply to non-Muslims living under Islamic Law. Limitations on proselytization and criticism of Islam apply to those called infidels. They are also to be reduced, when the majority is Muslim, to dhimmi  status, as subordinates, subservient to not just the Islamic authorities, but all Muslims.  Muslims are informed they are superior and must keep that in mind in their relationships with infidels. Any non-Muslim that disrespects any aspect of Islam, not just the Quran, Allah, and Muhammad, are considered aggressors towards Islam, as persecutors, even if just rhetoric, and can be fought, not as to debate, but with sword and today’s weapons.  Thus the militant practices, to include barbaric terrorist acts, as well as abhorrent treatment of women and children, and a culture within the majority Muslim Nations (Middle East and Asian) that the free world does not consider civilized, prevails.

No Trespassing Into Infidel Worship Centers

A Muslim is faced everyday with a sign, a large one emblazoned on their minds, from their texts, from the dais in a mosque or madrassa, from comments of major Islamic scholars, and from the vigilantes that patrol among the Muslim community. It reads, “You shall not Trespass into a new system of belief, into the Christian, Judaic, humanist, atheist or other religion.” “Never, ever,” should follow.  The consequences are easy to understand. One apostasy_sign2word. “Death.”
‘Death’ is what will happen to a Muslim that leaves the faith, and that can include the hypocrites, those Muslims in name only and apathetic towards the dictates and jihad requirements of all Muslims put forth in Sura 9.  There is no freedom in Islam. As such, there can be no peace in Islam.

Christians do not have such a “No Trespassing” proclamation. Christ is a forgiving sort, after all he died for our sins. Muhammad is a warrior, demands loyalty, and did not die for the sin of one Muslim. He’d rather kill a follower who for any reason chooses to go a different way.  His rhetoric was not sufficient to grow an army to take vengeance against his Meccan family and residents. It took bully tactics , demanding loyalty, and the threat of the lives of others to build his evil force and attain growing numbers of converts. Islam continues today to apply the same controlling requisites and abuses as the example, Muhammad.

Christ forgives as Muhammad and his lieutenants would kill those who choose another path towards the eternal city. Cross the road and it will not be a car that will kill you. It will be a friend, peer, neighbor, vigilante, police or military devout Islamist charged with doing Allah’s Will. It works for the totalitarians as it keeps their people in line. It maintains the numbers and growth of Islam. What is the alternative? Death is and will always be the alternative. Where is the peace in that?

The Difference

So the difference. As a Christian you can denounce your faith. No one will issue a fatwa for your head. There is no death sentence for leaving your faith and seeking another path. You are free to do the right thing or the wrong thing. God gave us a discerning mind enabling us to learn and make decisions, selfish, altruistic or caring decisions. If the Christian path is not easy to follow, another way is possible, even if it is the wrong way. It will take until Judgment Day to learn the truth. That truth, though, is in the Bible. So you know the consequences ahead of time.

Oddly enough if as an alternative path to being a Christian the choice is Islam, be aware that there is no escape. You enter the cage of Islam freely, but you can never leave. Even if after the fact, coerced or of your free well, you decide Islam, with knowledge gained, you feel in your heart you have erred, Allah and Muhammad are not as you expected, you are stuck. You locked yourself into the tenets of Islam, the Quran and Hadiths, the Reliance of the Traveller and the example of the mortal Muhammad. You gave up your freedom and to have it back you must pay with your life. That is Islam, a theocracy wherein the laws of the religion that guide you to the eternal kingdom are forced upon you. You are compelled to act properly in all respects or be punished. No leeway! Is that what you want?  And Salvation is never ever assured, as it is when you have faith in Christ.

Christ came to fulfill the laws and forgive all who follow. Christians, knowing he died for our sins on the cross, was buried, on the third day he rose from the dead. He was resurrected. He is divine. He is God. He forgave our sins past, present and future.  Your obligation is to follow his example, follow the laws God made for those who never knew them. But you do what you do voluntarily as a true believer. You live a life, you may still sin, but evil is not in your heart. You atone when you stumble but grow in your faith as you proceed.

Grace and Peace from a free Christ loving individual.

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