Opportunities Foregone in Muslim Majorities

UI – Part 443 – Opportunities Foregone in Muslim Majorities

There Was An Opportunity, A Time

There was a time and an opportunity for reform in much of the middle east and parts of southeast Asia.  Look back in time to Afghanistan, Iran, Egypt, Libya, even Iraq.  Was America’s attention, that of its Presidents and their Administrations, focused on other hot spots, other areas of the world such that this region of majority Muslims was neglected.  Or did we trust factions within the areas for information and support that scammed us, took advantage of our largesse, and continued down a path averse to the desires of those in the West whose ideals seek freedom, independence, equal rights for all humans (men and women) and opportunity for all peoples of the world?

America when dealing with the Islamists, a minority yet the strong men of Islam, or the “bullies” equipped with weapons, a protective personal security force and a Quran, have failed the moderate faction. The ‘moderates’ were less focused on power and control over their homelands, and more dealing with family and survival. However in numbers they were the majority. They may not have been as well versed in the tenets of Islam, or advised by the ulema, and sought a peaceful life. Unless radicalized they were more open minded and peace loving than the overlords.

America does not like dictators. It prefers democracies and free elections. What it must do, however, is understand the culture and history of hundreds and hundreds of years of autocratic governance of Muslim majorities, populations dominated by very high percentages of Muslims, their clannish or tribal nature, and the objectives of small groups, large groups, the moderates and the whole of each society. Instead of understanding and ready to help the moderate base, even when they were enjoying modern conveniences, America ordered attacks on infrastructure and developed locations in attempts to overthrow the dictators.  When successful the autocrat may have died, but the people suffered too, as did the nation, having restrictions imposed on trade, reduced oil revenues, in some cases, and insufficient funds to restore the roads, rails, cities, schools, hospitals, and worship centers destroyed.

The dictator gone did not mean the Islamists, the political and fundamental, were made weak. In fact they were strengthened as the needs of the moderates for food, water, electricity and other items could now be satisfied with the money they garnered by way of the example of Muhammad by marauding, taking the oil, captives for ransom, an ability to pay their recruits, and demanding loyalty from those they aided. It was Allah’s Will that put them in charge, so they said. Islamic law replaced secular and more humane legal systems that the autocrats, more secular than Islamist, legislated so the people would have a greater regard for their leadership and let them be. Revolutions were kept at bay.

Ideology of Islam

When writing or researching on the topic of Islam, Muslims, their ideology and culture, it is readily apparent that the majority of Muslims, the moderates, are peace loving.  But they remain silent.  They live in fear, fear of the fundamentalists who proclaim jihad, Allah’s command to punish heretics, and death to those who choose a path other than Islam.  To me this is the true definition of Islamophobia – a fear of being hunted and killed by other Muslims if a Muslim leaves Islam.  The fundamentalists are the bullies that use their force, their tactics, and their rules to control the masses.  Allah is the supernatural force they hold in high esteem, more as justification for actions taken, as if they were holy actions blessed by God, while at the same time stressing obedience to the supernatural or die.  No doubts, no questions, no objections, and no disobedience. The executioner for Allah’s decision was to be the highest ranking commander or his designee, and the chastisements were to be severe, to include death, or as otherwise devised by the humans in charge.  Once you enter the chambers of the Lord commander Allah and his generals, the example Muhammad, you can never leave. The bullies gather minions to protect their power base and keep dissidents at bay.  Even if the moderates rise up in great numbers they are used as examples, dispensable and useless to the regime in place.  The minions, as enforcers feel the glory of their power as if Allah’s hand was their hand.

The fundamentalists are the pure and devout of the ideology of Islam masked as a religion.  The god of Islam is not a loving god. Allah is more hate filled towards those who disobey or do not follow the Prophet Muhammad, the Quran and the words of Allah so represented via an intermediary, Gabriel, to an illiterate, Muhammad. The bullies claiming they rule in Allah’s stead do not need to be in large numbers.  They just need to be organized, armed and ready to extirpate those who resist.  Their tactics are the same as commanded by the Prophet to grow his army, to reward his soldiers, to instruct them to carry out his form of justice or satisfy his vengeful heart.

Muhammad demanded loyalty and obedience. He used his corp of militants to carry out raids and instill fear in others to gain respect for the laws he imposed and the order he desired.  Those loyal were the first believers, the Muhammadians, and once a believer, faithful to the Prophet and Allah, his chosen god, they could not change or decide to no longer obey.  The club he raised over their head was his sword and his justice was death.  The kings, or Caliphs, after his death realized they needed a Scripture, god’s book to be followed, just as the Bible for the Jews and Christians.  It was to contain the Laws, the Muhammadian Laws, now the Islamic or Sharia Laws.  When victorious, because of Allah, the Scripture was to be the manual for all to follow, and all were to be under the black banner of Allah. What a convenient device to use over time to eventually contain millions, over a billion, having no opportunity to think or leave.  Islam is an ideology masked as a religion; it is a deception.

Imam Power – Not righteous, Not Just

The power in the hands of the Mullahs, the Imams, their chosen Presidents or ministers of justice, obedient to Allah in reality, is not reflective of what anyone might expect of God.  God is righteous, perfect, and just.  But is Allah just?  Is Allah loving?  If loved first, possibly.

Who is Righteous and Just?

The God of the Bible is righteous and just.  The God of the Bible was not happy with his creation after they disobeyed him in the Garden of Eden. He needed to alter the evil, the sin, that became inherent in mankind.  For his story to end properly, to provide hope for the believers, God needed to intervene.  He entered his own story.  He loved humans so much he took the punishment humans deserve for their sin, all their sins.  God willingly made the sacrifice for others, out of pure, unadulterated love for his creation.  For those that know him, his grace, they are thankful and have faith in Christ.  The atonement is enough.  They are forgiven, they are saved, they are spiritually and eternally alive.

If you do not have faith in Christ, or choose not to believe, a God squad of militant marauders and killers will not seek you out, track you down and kill you as an apostate. God will remain God and love everyone, patient, encouraging and wanting the truth to become the light in your heart.  Through God life is made easier, clearer, more purposeful, more meaningful and more joyful.  Suffering will not disappear.  Bad things will happen to good people, and good things to bad people, in our view.  Rain falls on everyone without regard for good or bad.  But even the good are still sinful, as no one is righteous in God’s eyes and no matter how you try, how much good you do, as you or others consider good, good, you will err.  Having Christ as your advocate, accepting his sacrifice for you, accepting his resurrection, his divine nature, and being in life a follower, the freedoms you will experience will be difficult to explain to non-believers, but well accepted and embraced by others who walk on the same road.

Knowing God loves you will comfort and guide you to a happier life.  God is righteous and just.  Christ is the example to follow.

Islam – Not for Everyone

The ideology of Islam is not for all Muslims. The moderates would prefer a new furqan (Quran) that takes the command to hate non-believers and requirement to fight at the slightest impression of persecution out of the Scripture. A new leader, a messiah, would be welcomed. If not a messiah then just eliminate the penalty of death for apostasy and see who remains.

When Third Parties Strike the Wrong Chord

The opportunities missed for those attempting to reverse the direction of Islam are those that focus less on the moderates and landscapes modernized, humane treatment of all evolving, women’s rights apparent (no more burqa’s or hijab), advanced electrical grids and water supply systems, improved education for all, and more on the selfish autocrat.   Such is the case with the killing of Saddam Hussein, and Ghadafi. Too many were hurt by the eradication of one. As a result there was disdain and hatred for the remnants left behind that at one time were important functioning life aiding items, and the entity, the attacker, that took it all away.  A propaganda war was enabled that pitted the citizenry against the Great and Little Satan by just having them look around.  But it is the Great Satan, as America has been labelled, that is a target to unify the Islamist, that when added to the Jew (and Israel) gives them even more to fight and organize their hate-filled rhetoric. Iran’s voice is heard daily proclaiming ‘death to America.’ That is after we repatriated billion of dollars in conjunction with a nuclear accord  aimed at achieving some civility in the Middle East. Despite good intentions the West remains as an evil force, just as the UK and Israel for resettling the desert in favor of the Jews.  The intent at the time is understood by few but a cause for directing their hatred by many.

Could the role of America, the United Kingdom and other non-Muslim nations, have been handled differently in providing aide, resources, money and military gear in the regions, removing the autocrats with more care and attention given to the citizenry, and replacing the autocrat by potentially munificent and beneficial leaders, secular idealists, or a person who loved the inhabitants the progress, and wanted to continue to join the whole world and not remain constrained by an ancient non-productive ideological dogma?

A Middle East leader open to pluralism, individual rights, and progress would be a blessing for those living in fear of the bullies, wanting better lives for themselves and their families.

Grace and Peace

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