Why the West is Paradise

UI  – Part  441 – Why the West is Paradise

Muslim Majority Nations Are Dark

Islam tends to find the West a challenge to their archaic desires for living in the past. With few exceptions rural areas in the middle east reflect more a primitive way of living than any attempt at modernity. Yet when modernization is encouraged, the example of the meaning and value of modernization, or fully participating in today’s developed cultures, for all people, is exemplified by the West. This includes Europe and the cultures that have inherited the civilized lifestyle of Britain and America. Given the choice, where would you rather live? Not having a choice, or unaware of the possibilities, those constrained in the primitive oppressive cages of Islam, in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, other ‘-stans’, and similar majority Muslim countries, lack the knowledge and awareness.  They are given false information from Imams and Mullahs.  They hear ‘Death to America’ as a voice condemning all that is referred to as the ‘West.’  Oh but to have knowledge. Yet why would the autocrats, the overseers for Allah want that for their people. Proof for that suggestion exists in the lack of education for the poor, for women, an extremely high illiteracy rates, lack of opportunity, unusually low annual wages, deplorable economies, governments ill-equipped, unable or little focused on creating business opportunities or industry. If by living as Allah Wills means doing nothing, or just waiting, or taking from those who have succeeded, then the deplorable conditions of the 7th century Muhammadian environs can be replicated today, as is the case in many majority Muslim nations.  Living conditions are generally described as ‘impoverished.’ The hierarchy reminds them every day to repeat after them, ‘We hate the West, We hate Jews and Christians.”  Reminded of what to think, they are prevented to independently say or ask or asking, ”but why?”  The fear of repercussions of severe chastisement is too great.

There are many Muslims conscripted to join a military, even militant, group. These nations are overflowing with guns and bullets and rockets and IED’s.  There are armies to protect the autocrats.  They know that history has proven most autocrats in the Islamic world are replaced through revolution or assassination. So they protect themselves with loyalists, well paid, trained professional protectors of the throne. They are there watching over the leaders as well as watching over each other, everyone suspicious or each other as to their commitment to the head of state.  In addition a country may have its own military force focused on protecting its rights as a sovereign nation.  In the Muslim world that army trains with an enemy in mind, that of Israel or the West.  Having an enemy, a target of the hatred embodied in Islam, is as in football, have an opposing team to defeat with exercises specifically designed for that end.  Then there are the revolutionaries, those who are hidden and want change within their country, using their acquired military skills against those they want to overthrow.  They are the dissidents the guards of the throne search for and exterminate when they can.  And lest we forget the globalists, the Islamists who seek a world order without boundaries, a rising from the ashes of a Caliphate, fighting for an All for Allah universe.  Al Qaeda, ISIS, even the Muslim Brotherhood (and affiliates), have in their charters the objective of a complete territorial conquest, overtly and/or subversively, imposing Sharia Law with a Caliph as King of the whole Muslim world.


If Paradise is what they seek, from whence they come, to live in the West is as the promise of the Afterlife in comparison.

Why wouldn’t their overseers of the Muslim nations not want them to be exposed or realize what exists on earth on the other side of the sea. Combine the blinders on the eyes of the masses with Apostasy Laws, applied to all Muslims, that requires death to those that leave Islam, even for those that emigrate and do not pursue an All for Allah objective. There is the fear of dying as well as seeing the real world that occupies the minds of those in the many cages of Islam. What a contrast – Seeing death – Dreaming about seeing freedom. Or not even knowing what freedom is all about. In the Middle East, the Maghreb, Southeast Asia, parts of Africa, and in occupied areas of the West where the Organization of Islamic Cooperation as well as the terrorist organization and its affiliates, the Muslim Brotherhood, act as the guardians of the Muslim.  They raise the black flag of Islam and want those to remain under it and to honor it.

For Muslims living under the umbrella of their overlords, even if to tell a joke, they must first look over their shoulders. How can they ever be free?

For those that have the opportunity, discover the Paradise of the West. Discover the opportunity to live free, even if it is live free or die. Death as a free citizen, fighting for the right, is better than death at the hand of the demonic sword carrying self-appointed hooded, or masked, executioner. The Battle Hymn of the Republic is the song of the West, with a verse that proclaims, “As Christ died to make men Holy, let us die to make men free.” Freedom is a greater reason to fight than a world All for Allah, at least for those that feel alive, have independent thought, and seek freedom’s for themselves and their families.

The Quran calls for Muslims to fight, to kill the non-believer, even the Muslim that is apathetic, ignorant or just not in agreement with the definition of “True Islam” as considered by another Muslim. That call, to fight, to strive, to commit jihad, is presented over 109 times. It is not to cheer on the sports team, but to annihilate the infidel and heretic. It is to raise the sword high, with face covered, while charging and shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ with the intent at destruction.  To destroy another life is a heartless act, a heinous crime, and never forgiven by God.  But god, Allah, is not in charge.  It is the humans, mostly the male, with Muhammad the example.  Muhammad is the warrior, a killer for Allah’s Will, his excuse, and his personal monotheistic cause.  He foretold and structured his army to have vengeance against the Meccans he felt persecuted him. This heart for revenge was shared with his minions requiring total loyalty.  They were rewarded and enjoyed the spoils of conquest. Allah was the reason for victory.  They were the reason for failure.  Muhammad’s vengeance applied first to the Meccans, then the Jews that were neighbors of the Prophet in Medinah.  Some Jewish tribes, the Banu, moved away relocating to avoid his rampages.  The raiding and plunder by the ghazi was to continue.  This was an offensive action for Allah and Muhammad, at Muhammad’s command. As the conquerors advanced on new territories the unsuspecting were converted, or for the most part killed, and their treasures were shared. As if Allah really made this all possible! Then the vanquished were sequestered and the world outside kept hidden. They were caged as soon as possible in the dark realm where the black banner flapped. As generations grew, as decades past, the offspring knew nothing but the ideology of the invaders.  Their identity and heritage was erased.

The West escaped the plunder (for now).  The West has not escaped notice by the ulema and the Islamist leaders. It has become a target, more for the treasure possible. The Islamists raid that which was once a Paradise.  Where there was once freedom, a plurality, and tolerance, they seek to subject those living to the dungeons of Islam. It happened in Mecca.  It happened in Yatrib (today – Medinah).  It happened in Jerusalem.  It continues to happen, if allowed, if unstopped.  Calling it territory for Allah yet to be consumed, a right for the advancement of Islam, those who resist a peaceful incursion by emigrating Muslims become the aggressors, and the Islamists can then claim they are responding in defense.   That lie is embellished each and every day.  It is happening in the EU.

But the West is the best. It is paradise.

Why the West

From the book, Why the West is Best – A Muslim Apostate’s Defense of Liberal Democracy, by Ibn Warraq, 2011, Encounter Books, NY, NY (Prologue), “The great ideas of the West – rationalism, self-criticism, the disinterested search for truth, the separation of church and state, the rule of law, equality before the law, freedom of conscience and expression, human rights, liberal democracy – together constitute quite an achievement, surely, for any civilization. This set of principles remains the best and perhaps the only means for all people, no matter what race or creed, to live in freedom and reach their full potential. Western values – the basis of the West’s self-evident economic, social, political, scientific, and cultural success – are clearly superior to any other set of values devised by mankind. When Western values have been adopted by other societies, such as Japan and South Korea, their citizens have reaped benefits.”

Christians are guided by their Scripture, the Bible, and Islamists by theirs, the Quran.  Divine Law is as proclaimed by God.  Islamic Law is a construct interpreted by scholars, ulema, from the Quran, the Hadiths and exploits and needs of Caliphs after Muhammad died. Much in the Quran is derived from the Book of the People, or the Bible, principally the Old Testament. Muhammad patterned himself as a Prophet, as there are Biblical Prophets.  Jesus is regarded by Islam as a Prophet, not divine, thus not God.  That which can be learned from the Bible, its Prophets, seems to differ from that ordered in the Quran. Ibn Warraq writes (824/4683), “The Bible provided medieval Christians with arguments against the pretensions of kings and in support of private property. The church would maintain that the Lord was the ultimate owner of everything, and therefore earthy rulers were not free to do as they pleased.  The biblical prophets dared to rebuke the powerful and to exalt the humble.”  The Bible considered work and toil as good. It allowed for progress.  Warraq also writes, “The Judeo-Christian ethic introduced compassion and forgiveness, along with a refusal to accept hardship and evil as the norm”  (836/4638). Persons are to be responsible for human suffering. “Love demands that we go the extra mile for our neighbor and fight evil on behalf of all people.”  Warraq explains the distinction between sacred and secular powers, one with regard to salvation, the other “in the orderly administration of life on earth.”

The West is the standard to which God would subscribe.  It is not perfect.  It is free.  As a resident in the West you can be who you want to be.  You can choose God.  You can be an apostate.  You can be an adulterer.  You can be homosexual.  There are laws.  Foundational to those laws is divine law.  God made the West possible.  God is the judge.  For the Christian faith remains essential to being able to cope with the temptations that abound. Church is the worship center for those who believe in Christ to gather, to join hands, to share in their trial and to be reminded of their sin nature and the gift God provided to make those who have faith in Jesus Christ right with God.  But those temptations abound everywhere.

No matter how much the Muslim State tries to cloak their society and people in protective gear the sin of man will surface. Don’t fight it.  How to resist is to have a love for God, as God loves mankind.  To be thankful for God’s Son’s earthly existence, his death on the cross for our sins, according to Scripture, his burial and being risen after three days, according to Scripture, is to know God.  By knowing, you can have faith in your awaiting salvation.  There will be hope and joy for those who have faith. They will live according to God’s wishes, obeying God and living with Christ as their example. What better example is there? They will know too they are imperfect.  Only Jesus was perfect.  The bad news of our sin nature has been overcome by the good news of Christ’s sacrifice for our sin.


In the West you have the freedom to love God, to love as you choose to love.  It is Paradise.  It is not a perfect paradise, however.  It is a land the Islamists want to conquer.  If they do Paradise will be no more.  Is there paradise in the Muslim nation in which you live, or the Muslim community in which you live?  As a Muslim in a pluralistic society you may have found and tasted freedom.  Why would you want to have it eliminated?  How could Muhammad be the example that will provide the future your seek?  Only God can do that for you and me.

Be like those living in the West. Tolerant. Free to practice their religion.  Free to speak. Independent. Free to think as you like. The imperfections are as cracks in the walled cities.  Reflected in attitudes, in pockets of intolerance, they do exist,  It is also a note to the constitutional protections of the freedoms of the Western Nations.  We see liberals who cannot even think and reflect badly on themselves and their Party by the way they treat America’s newest President, Donald Trump. Even when he acts or continues practices of his predecessor, Obama, he is vilified.  Yet the liberals, the progressives, can reflect their personal intolerance and ignorance, even provide propaganda and ‘fake news’ to foster their cause, their wants and their agenda. That is permitted.  It is as if they have been forced to consume foods not of their liking and are retching all over themselves, yet it is not the food, it is their own hatred, the bile of their discontent, they are consuming. They have the right to express themselves, even when they are being foolish.  When they are destructive or impacting the safety of others, then that can be problematic. If they were in a Muslim structured nation as dissidents they would suddenly disappear from view, from family and friends. But now you see the possibilities in freedom.  It is not a bed of roses.  But it is where you can be safe, secure, comfortable and not afraid to be who you are and who you want to be, even to believe as you want to believe. Right or wrong there is a place for you.

Grace and Peace

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