A Muslim’s Future

UI – Part 383 – A Muslim’s Future

The Future – There is much to contemplate as to the future.

Certainly America is a target for the Islamists as it exemplifies freedom to the world, those that know us. To the Islamist it is a Christian Nation, which is not the case, and the ills of our society are a reflection on the Christian infidel and justification by Islamists for their eradication.

To purify the world may be an objective of Islam, but one tainted with the reality that such a goal is impossible. Not even the most ardent Islamic scholar can erase the evil inside of man. Human’s have a penchant to sin. It is an inherent weakness of the human condition, even though this may be disputed by the fundamentalist Islamists who believe Muslims are born sin-free.

A Muslim’s want for salvation is no different than that of any other member of the world – i.e. mankind. They must die to their sin nature first, accepting they are not pure, are not superior, and accept the forgiveness God provided through his only Son, Christ (God-incarnate), who took the punishment we deserve for our crimes against Him. The Cross is the symbol of overcoming sin, and the Resurrection, overcoming death. The Resurrection is proof of Christ’s divinity, and God’s forgiveness for all sins for those who believe in their hearts Christ’s sacrifice was for their benefit and voice their conviction in their belief.

America is a symbol for the Islamists of God’s Grace, right or wrong, and their denial of the truth of the Bible makes them bitter and hateful. Are they being guided by a false prophet and a deceiver, yet cannot see, or are precluded from seeing, what is the truth?

The Islamist will put a target on the back of any who disagree with their ideology. The Islamist makes hatred a condition for all Muslims, it is the example of Muhammad, which gives the male the power to engage his evil nature to the max, thinking Allah is a god that allows and honors their vitriol.

Muhammad is like the politician that paints a beautiful picture of hell, as a paradise, a garden of pleasures and delights, until you vote choosing hell over heaven. Only then you realize the distortions preached, which may be too late.  But what is taught is Islam, and the expectation and result may not be the same.  I fear the gardens with the many virgins are barren.

Grace and Peace

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