Deradicalization of Islamists

UI – Part 389 – Deradicalization of Islamists

The Program

America speaks of its Muslim population as moderate. For the fundamental Islamist the moderates are heretics. In the Minnesota area a large number of Somalis have immigrated and at least 10 young men were prevented from traveling to Syria to fight alongside Daesh (ISIS). These young men were radicalized by Imam’s located in America, Imams located in mosques attended by these young men.  Our fear has been the coming of the fanatic element of Islam to America. In this case those radicalized want to go to the area where the death squads for Allah are most active. But they could readily change their thinking and become components of Islamist death squads in America. This might happen after further training under the militant leaders of ISIS if they survive and return. So a program of deradicalization has begun. This could only occur if the Islam we fear, the basics of Islam, have arrived in America.

About the Somali extremists (read more)

America must wake up to the fundamentals of Islam. Our moderate Muslim population is as much infidels as are Christians and Jews. The difference, however, is they are ripe for being educated in the example of the prophet and the literal interpretation of the Quran. They can either accept they are Muslim and become better followers, and thus more militant. The alternative is to remain a moderate, but more aware than before they are ignoring the requirements of the ideology they accept as their religion, thus holding tightly to their cultural heritage. Or they become an apostate, with all the fear associated with making an independent decision, and become a Christian or Jew, maintaining a monotheistic belief, be spiritual as a feel good internalizing person, or an atheistic having no God at all.


In the world of Islam there is an All-for-Allah objective.  The fundamentals of Islam, when applied, call for the elimination or enslavement of non-Muslims. Using the Yazidi’s as an example, ISIS developed a program to catagorize the Yazidi’s taking the younger and more acceptable women for sex slaves for their Imams, young boys to be trained as warriors, primarily suicide bombers, and others as servants or if of no use killed.  Those who take to heart the dictates of Allah and the example of Muhammad, with a specific reference to the next to last book of the Quran (chronologically), are called to commit atrocities as necessary, collateral damage ignored, to achieve the objective of Allah. Sura 9, The Immunity, provides the pathway. Whatever humane or peaceful approach to non-Muslims, or those not sufficiently devout, written prior was abrogated by this chapter and became the symbol to be placed upon the flag of the standard bearer of all of Islam. The flag is symbolically black for a reason. It is the black-out curtain covering what is truth and humane. The light of God does not shine on Islam.


The fundamentalists, the radical Islamists, the political Islamists, are fanatics, but they are neither ignorant of their call, nor are they choosing a means of their own to achieve the objective. They are following the book.

The Christian fundamentalist, the ones that attempt to blow-up abortion clinics or kill abortion doctors are in error. Certainly they are pro-life, but they are not acting as Christ, the example they are to embody. There are no killing squads called for in the Bible. The focus is on peace, a kingdom on earth as it is in heaven with all humanity, regardless of all factors considered, viewed equally. For those that accept God’s grace and the gospel they find the church their sanctuary, a slice of the kingdom. They care first for their companions in Christ, but cannot ignore those who are not, thus their neighbors, whom they are to love also.  Being a disciple for Christ is not as a weapon bearing fanatic determined to change the thinking of the secularist, or atheist or Muslim, etc, by force. They can speak freely, and seek the right to do so, of their moral convictions and the fact that all lives matter, from the poor to the rich, from the most elderly to the fetus. They regard immigrants, legal and illegal, as persons that must be treated fairly by church standards, even when the requirements and laws of a secular government seek protection for their rightful citizens.  It is the church that is the kingdom without borders, not the nation or country in which the church exists. The church must respect the rule of law of the land in which they dwell, while seeking protection to practice what they believe as long as it does not interfere with civil law. Objections to civil law when society decides collectively that the wrong path chosen is right, as the majority agrees, can and must be voiced. Reason will decide, not a gun to the head or a strong-arm of the government denying funds or freedom of speech or other forms of coercion for what a politically motivated contingent desires.

The fanatical Christian is most often in error when it comes to the desires of God, while a fanatical Islamist is operating by the book. Peace is the objective of the kingdom of God, not so for the world All for Allah. All for Allah is dictatorial.  A Christ centered fellowship is loving and caring for everyone.

An Eye-opener

The need to deradicalize anyone in America recognizes a problem. As an addiction we have programs for alcoholics, drug dependent and sexual deviants, and other groups, to be normalized, or learn and alter their behavior by standards considered proper, and safe for the person as well as their community. A peaceful life may be an objective, peace of mind, body or soul by stabilizing the body to be less dependent on temptations that are harmful. “Watch and pray so we may not succumb to temptations. We know that the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak” (Mark 14:38).

The temptations of Islam are harmful. They alter the mind of the follower to be hateful and strike out against the infidel as a warrior in an army for a dead example, that of Muhammad, a mortal and deviant general that gave credence to the male’s superiority. He did this to grow a force against the evil he ascribed as opposition to his objective. His objective was formed in dreams of a supernatural force for a mysterious idol, or god, that empowered him to alter what he viewed as an ignorant population and unified by his dictates, using fear and force as necessary. As a self-proclaimed prophet he provided his own blessings on his achievements. The name of his god that I must admit I consider false, more satanic than godly, is Allah.

Stop Progress

The deradicalization is needed, not just here but in Europe as a program to stop the progression of this demonic and ignorant cabal for Muhammad’s vision to pervade and change societies that have enjoyed relative peace for centuries. What progress has been made in civil rights, equality, and love and respect for neighbor, is being checked at the gates to Islam.  Is what we see on the other side of the gates the fire of Hades?  Those that organize to deradicalize are as the firemen enlisted to deal with the arsonist Islamist that want the whole world to burn. However, preventive measures are more needed than reactive measures. Islam must be stopped or the kingdom of God on earth will be more likely fires of hell is your backyard.

Grace and Peace.

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