Who are the Umanista’s – The Wonder of Terra

UI – Part 391 – Who are the Umanista’s – The Wonder of Terra

The depictions of characters in the story of good and evil come to light in a new way.  The Wonder of Terra is the story of existence.  How can the supernatural be but one? Who is the one, and what describes this great soul? Is Ram Christ?  Is Roy God? Is Yamir Muhammad?  A new perspective for viewing the ‘who’ behind creation, the ‘how’ of creation, and the presence of humans on earth is now available.  See the world in a new light.

From this book, “Ram was Roy’s physical presence on Terra and was regarded highly as a prophet for peace and mercy through the sacrifice Ram made, which provided grace for all humans.  Yamir was ruthless in war and sacrificed the lives of many.  He was erratic and hostile to those who would not follow him.  Ram gave his life voluntarily for the assurance of a life eternal for humans.  Roy gained conversions by people who understood his proclamations.  The followers of Yamir seldom gained conversion except through coercion or offers of untold riches. The followers of Yamir today cower in the presence of most of their autocratic leaders and live without hope, constrained, and imprisoned within the boundaries of their habitat.”  And Terra is clearly earth.

Who is Niles but Satan?  Is Selin Allah? “Yamir claimed, if upon death the record showed more good than evil, Selin could still decide who was accepted or denied entry into his afterworld.  Niles held sway, and no matter the extent of belief in Selin, it was the decision of Niles that mattered.  He always had the final say.  He never yielded control. Selin would also determine the women, children, and families as a whole that might follow the men, as husbands, into the afterlife as proclaimed by Selin. Selin would never allow humans to have free will.  The choices were as he willed. His authority was never to be questioned.  Yamir was the example on Terra of Selin’s will.”

As for the Umanista’s, are they the atheists? “Niles has successfully used the Umanista’s, this band of brothers related to Niles by actions anti-Roy, to enact civil laws that favor their habits and attempt to slow, even prevent, the followers of Roy from educating others and leading others to the pathway to DE (dimension-eternal).  Under a banner of toleration, unity, and love, Niles encourages sin and false doctrines disturbing to Roy.

Another excerpt, “Civilization attained its highest standards after Roy’s appearance, even though it was not without continued struggle.  He made mankind more aware of their role toward the environment, toward one another and toward Roy.  Liberty, hope, borne out of nothing, contingencies, happenings, drama, comedy, love and tragedy are all a part of the freedom of Roy’s humans.  Roy was now seen as the combined persons of Roy, Ram and Roy’s pneuma.  The before and after of Ram would fill the history of humans, their nature, and their future.”

This is a read you may find justified.  How humanity progresses in this story with a divine influence parallels what we know. You will benefit from a profound look at the nature of the universe from its beginnings to its end.  Let your senses be teased.


Books are available in paperback and ebook, at Amazon and Apple (iTunes, iBook), as well as via the publisher, Tate Publishing accessed via TomBalderston.TateAuthor.com. From the website tombalderston.com, this blog, as well as The Wonder of Terra, and other books by the author, are accessible.

Grace and Peace.

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