Proof America is a Christian Nation

UI – Part 314 – Proof America is a Christian Nation.

America Rescues Nations

Post WWII, after defeating the enemy, America took it upon themselves via the Marshall Plan to help rebuild industry and service businesses in Germany, Japan and other devastated countries. The heritage of those born in those countries was respected.

“Europe was devastated by years of conflict during World War II.  Millions of people had been killed or wounded.  Industrial and residential centers in England, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Belgium and elsewhere lay in ruins.  Much of Europe was on the brink of famine as agricultural production had been disrupted by war.  Transportation infrastructure was in shambles.  The only major power in the world that was not significantly damaged was the United States.”  (source:

A Biblical Foundation

As a country founded on Biblical principles, certainly the ethical and moral standards of the Bible (Judeo-Christian), America grew and emerged as an example of what can happen in the world when tolerance is a byword, pluralism can exist, multiple religious views can be expressed, even proselytized, and governments write laws for the good of all people living within its borders, not just a segment of the population.  The Founders, not all Christian, embraced the Bible as a guide.  It was to influence the thinking of its leaders, and the choices people made for themselves and their rulers (via the voting booth).  The hearts of the men of this Nation are for everyone, loving neighbor as called for Biblically.  We are a Nation of people that wants those that live here to meld in, where all the suits of the deck are blended so that not one hand dealt is the same.  We at times may forget, or find this principle is being diluted in favor of specific interest groups.  The Constitution is the most protective document of a population ever written and must be honored and respected.  It never intended a theocracy, but also never intended that Christians be marginalized.

Islam as Victor

If Islam had been the victor they would have wantonly killed all they could, forcing conversion on as many as possible and insuring a theocracy took the place for the governance of those Nations.  I say this from the experience of history where Islamists as imperialists destroyed cities and towns, to include their economies and population base (extermination), and left the devastation behind.  Little remained from which to rebuild as the economies themselves were so decimated, fields of commerce eradicated, and demand for goods and services non-existent as the buyers and sellers were no longer living.  There was no effort made to start anew.  The pride was in the victory, the offensive, and the black flag of the statement of faith left flying over burning terrain.  Also the conquerors were not industrialists; they were warriors seeking the next battlefield. They had no ability or inclination to create a modern society on the ashes.

If the Spade represented the playing card suit that was Islam, the deck would only be black.  It would be monotonous and stilted never to blend in, isolated, insulated and never to mix with the diamonds, hearts or clovers (the suit of Clubs).

Christian Defense Team

The Bible allows for Christ followers to defend themselves, not a case of turning the other cheek, but when their family and communities are attacked they can rise up and defend and protect. But once successful they are to serve those they defeated. Christ followers are servants of God, but not God’s executioner or judge; used for His purposes, yes, but not to carry out vengeance or God’s wrath.  Revenge against the enemy is not an objective, even if the enemy is pagan or Muslim. Christians, as taught by Paul, are to overcome evil with good.  No longer is the expression an ‘eye for an eye’ to prevail. Be a peacemaker.  But when all else fails defend yourself and others.  Defense is more the operative term than offense.  Protect your people in every way possible.  After a successful defense, which may require preventative actions to stop a trend of constant incursions against one’s people, or the Nation friends of those people, when the battle is won, the enemy is defeated (completely if possible), then be kind and caring. Do as America has done, as a Christian Nation, and help those who suffered rebuild, resettle, and be reborn.

“Believers”, as expressed in The Bible Knowledge Commentary – New Testament, “should not be responsible for lack of peace.”  That is not the value standard of the Islamist; it is the value standard of those who follow Christ as their savior.

America was born as a Christian Nation and must remain a Christian Nation.  That is the only way to maintain the lighthouse of hope to the world it has been since it became a Republic.

If not a signer of the pledge to this Nation to be as it was founded, or to attempt to alter its created purpose, then find another Nation.  Do not bring evil to the shores of a good, a fine, Nation.  Keep your hands off America’s Constitution!


God Bless America!

Grace and Peace.

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