Why Can’t Islamists Be Happy? (3 of 5) – To Muslims in the EU, America & other Free societies. You can now find the answer.

Why Can’t Islamists Be Happy? (3 of 5)  –  To Muslims in the EU, America & other Free societies.  You can now find the answer.

(The cry of hatred is repeated over and over in the Quran.  With a focus on the extreme elements of Islam, yet calling out to the silent moderates, we continue in this series.  #3 of 5)

Moderates and Islamists

By the definition and this discussion the focus is on the extreme elements of Islam. Most Muslims have not grown up or lived in a politically Islamic police state, but they exist.  Saudi Arabia is probably the largest.  There are pockets within a Muslim country, areas where Islamist volunteers, you might say, take it upon themselves to insure the strictest of Islam is overseen.  The Taliban did that in Afghanistan transforming it after the Russians were expelled.  Prior it was a modern (in thinking, not as a productive nation), more humane (woman went to school and were not required to wear hi-jabs or burkas) and secular country.  Iran went through a similar transition after the the 1979 Iranian revolution brought with it the arrival of the Khomeini.  Areas such as Somalia, Mali, Morocco and parts of Pakistan and so on, are Muslim.  The residents embrace their culture, the sounds, the smells and the respect for god, but are not necessarily strict in their religious practices.  They work to survive and if they must they keep working through the hours of required prayer and devotion.  In many locations the people are only aware of Islam, knowing little or nothing at all about the Bible, unaware of the world around them.  A visitor, missionary, shared with me a story.  He was in an isolated area of Pakistan.  He was introduced to a local leader as an ‘American.’ He was then asked the question, “What is an American?”

Prior to the discovery of oil, in the early 1900’s in Iran, the mid-30’s in Saudi Arabia, the Middle East and other Muslim countries were extremely poor.  Many today, those without oil, remain so.  When impoverished as they are there is less education and more attempts to simply survive harsh conditions with minimal infrastructure.  Care packages from giving nations and people may arrive to ease the burden of daily living that even the most poor in the USA never experience.   These people are seldom Islamists.

Emigrants into Europe and the United States find early peace in a refuge where freedom exists.  They can hold hands, even hug in public. Mosque attendance declines, as well as daily prayer rituals.  Many men shave and adopt the modern styles of dress and grooming, as well and through exposure to media, TV primarily, alter their lives.  Many woman abandon the Islamic dress code and some continue, but volunteering to cover as opposed to being required. These Muslims modernize and become moderate. They may have been moderates when they emigrated, escaping the oppression in their homeland. But in time, in some locales, the minions that choose to act as the Islamist-cop react violently to the attempts to modernize.  Oil dollars from Wahhabist cultures build mosques, schools (Madrasses) and Islamic Cultural Centers and try to bring the homeland and thinking left behind into this new world. This is an effort to avoid Muslims leaving the ideological structure once they are exposed to the freedoms offered in secular and Christian societies.  The ability to read, learn, even express doubts about Islam provide the keys to escape the cage of Islam which is problematic for the keepers of this ideological mantra.

Infidels and Heretics

The 1.5 Billion Muslims in the world, so identified, are not a majority Islamist fundamentalist cabal.  Moderates are in the majority. They are silent.  But they will suffer just like Christians, Jews and the generic infidel, called heretics instead, at the hands of the Islamists.  At the highest levels of governance in Muslim dominated lands the influence of the fundamentalist is the greatest.  If it were a pyramid, the poor at the base and the rich and authorities at the top, the extremes of Islam would rise from the base to the peak. It is the overseers that control the population that want the majority kept at bay, no dissent, no ability to rise up against the establishment and change the order of things. This may have been the example of Muhammad.

The example of Muhammad is oxymoronic.  For the authorities at the pinnacle they can make exceptions for themselves, as did Muhammad, to the laws of Islam. Enforcers however take umbrage to any error is the practice of Islam and impose their will (and that of the authorities), under cover of Allah, upon the citizenry that lives within the boundaries of Islam. The enforcers are employed by the authorities. Such an inconsistency belies whatever truth is expressed in Sharia.

My guess is there is more happiness at the bottom than at the top of the Islamic pyramid, because until they experience the effects of the radicals those at the lowest levels are most innocent.  In that innocence is less talk of hatred towards the infidel and more a bond of family and love of children.  Few at the lowest levels are even able to read the Quran, and never see or hear discussions about the saving grace of Christ.  In fact discussions about Christ are monitored and the authorities that do appear will ask locals about who is saying what and if anyone is sharing a faith other than Islam.  The mini-police of Islam are everywhere.  In free nations they cannot punish, but they can apply pressure and inflict punishment within zones they may establish based upon moral codes written by the Imam’s.  Such punishment is hidden, when indeed it conflicts with the common law of the land in which they reside, and the companions are instilled, scared into, not telling the secular authorities of the crimes being committed.


In Europe some zones have become so insulated and patrolled by the internal Islamic enforcers they have inhibited host country’s police forces from entering.  These ‘no-go’ areas have laws of Islam upon which their judgment and punishment is meted, indifferent to the common law of the land.  Those Muslims living within the zones, having sought freedom, have been in effect captured, as dogs being sought by the catchers, and caged anew by the boundaries of Islam.  They must somehow free themselves, but many become Islamized and hatred overcomes their heart.  The infidel lives outside the zone and those within are reminded by their educators, scholars, teachers, and Imam’s they are to despise the pagan decadent lifestyle and focus only on Muhammad and Allah.  The benefits they receive, entitlements, are referred to as the jizya tax paid by the infidel, acknowledging the superiority of Islam, enabling the Muslim to pursue their ideology alone.  Daily and total devotion is thus possible by the largesse of the host, and in some cases supplemented by funding from the oil-rich Muslim countries.

The moderates who by nature are seemingly silent towards the violence committed by the Islamists are confused and conflicted.  Do they leave Islam?  Do they fear the death nell of becoming an apostate, even when they disagree with or abhor Islamism? If they speak-up are they then to be condemned or simply disappear as have many dissidents.  Or must they succumb to the strident committed Islamists and accept their interpretation of the Quran, Hadiths and example of Muhammad as the dogma, the true Islam.  Are they to be re-Islamized or strong enough to break the chains that bind them to an ideology of hatred.

(To be continued….)

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