The Islamist Invasion of the EU (1 of 2)

UI – Part 350 – The Islamist Invasion of EU

(This is the first of a two part article.  The second part will be posted in two days.)


Finally the Islamists have figured out how to invade Europe.  Stopped in the past, but no longer.

Those calling for the Muslim Immigration onslaught to be stopped have many valid points, such as:

  • The arrivals are unscreened.
  • Most of the immigrants are men – Muslims. (70%)
  • The newcomers are unknowns with no papers.
  • Over 1,000,000 people may flood other parts of the world, not just Middle East peripheral countries, unknown entities carrying with them who knows what.
  • Is it ISIS behind this monstrous invasion?  Appealing to the hearts of others.
  • What else is being smuggled in?
  • Threats of droves of emigrants, splinter cells of ISIS, now being satisfied.  (An infiltration)(agents of deception)
  • Tension on the streets of the EU rising.
  • Social cohesion threatened.
  • Democracy of EU under attack.
  • Few of those coming to the shores of the EU are persecuted Christians
  • Saudi Arabia not taking in refugees but offering to build 500 mosque in EU.
  • Crisis changing the demographics of EU
  • Indigenous fundamentalists reaching out to arrivals offering haven and cultural protection.
  • Infiltrating as members of asylum seekers
  • OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) is prepared to assist, to insure Muslims remain Muslim, respecting their heritage, culture and Laws (Sharia).
  • It would be nearly impossible to catch an ISIS terrorist in the wave of refugees.
  • Already there have been acts of resistance, gestures by Muslims that have been successful in their plight, where offensive gestures have been made towards the receiving nations.
  • A school in Germany insisted the girls dress more modestly, as their usual dress caused Muslims recently given housing near-by to get excited, concerned they might do harm.
  • Rapes have occurred in tent camps established for the immigrants. Muslim and non-Muslim women raped.  The perpetrators – Muslim men.
  • A Syrian Islamic State smuggler recently claimed more than 4,000 Islamic State combatants disguised as refugees have entered the 28-member European Union. (FoxNews, Sept 10, 2015)
  • Earlier this year (2015), Islamic State spokesman Mohammed al-Adani said:  “We repeat our call to Muslims in Europe, the infidel West, and everywhere to target the Crusaders in their home countries and wherever they find them.
  • Syria’s Assad blames Europe and America for causing crisis by supporting terrorist groups in the Middle East, not just in Syria.  But he has not made an offer to provide support or welcome emigrants back, concerned they may be infiltrated with terrorists.

Is this a diabolic plot?  Is this part of the announced plan of ISIS to invade Europe through Libya? (read more)  Certainly it is easy to see how it could be.  Draw your own conclusions.  How does the EU deal with, realize the implications, alter the flow or curb the tide?


The 1400 year crusade of Islam, curtailed at the Battle of Tours (732) and the Battle of Vienna (1683), is now finding the territory of Europe open.  The conquest desired is now at hand.  The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has offices nearby the EU headquarters, in Washington, and elsewhere to counter attempts promoting National identities in favor of Multiculturalism, Cultural Identification and Global Equalization.  They are well funded. Oil was a gift from Allah giving Islam a resource needed for the conquests for their faith. They seek a unified world order under the banner of Islam.  Unify first, make it all look the same, and then allow Islam to grow displacing unbelievers as called for in their Scripture.  Those resisting their progress are seen as the aggressors who are attempting to thwart Allah’s Will.  Islamists are  justified in their methods, be they devious, surreptitious or overt, peaceful or violent.

History has proven that Islam is an aggressive ideology that has made many attempts to invade new areas beyond the Middle East and the Arabian Peninsula.  Immediately after the death of Muhammad in 632 invasions into Jerusalem and North Africa, as well as East into Persia, took place carrying the banner of the Mohammedans.  Armies that were created had to be financed, paid and fed and only by the continuation of exploits of plunder, destruction and territorial imperialism could this band of brothers remain employed.  Europe became an objective.  The invasions were, however, stopped.  An empire built in the name of Islam with a Caliph at its head grew until the early 1900’s.  That is when the Ottoman Empire ended.  All was quiet and Muslims then lived where they were born, primarily in northern Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, Turkey, and to the East, Iran, Afghanistan, todays’ Pakistan and Bangladesh, as well as Indonesia.  Then there was oil. 

This is 1 of a 2 part article on this topic.  In two days  (or sooner) part 2 will be posted.

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