Gabriel is Not the Holy Spirit

UI – Part 276 – Gabriel is Not the Holy Spirit

Islamist Fundamentalist Thinking

This is a topic of interest and concern.  I heard a presentation by a Muslim, a convert from Christianity, Khalid Yasin, who made statements that I have come to expect of fundamentalist Muslims, but one was new.  He claimed:

  • Jesus was not divine.
  • Allah was not the Father of Jesus, although Mary was a virgin.  The birth was enabled by Allah, but there was no conjugal visit.
  • Muhammad was forecast in the Bible as the Comforter that would follow Jesus.
  • Father, Son and Holy Spirit equals polytheism.
  • “They crucified Him (Jesus) not; They killed Him not – as revealed in the Quran.

Holy Spirit

What was new was: Gabriel was the Holy Spirit.  (listen to lecture)

The commentary was that Gabriel appeared in the Bible announcing each Prophet and Gabriel was present to announce Mary’s pregnancy, carrying Jesus in her womb when still a virgin. Thus Gabriel, by this presenter’s account, was the Holy Spirit. Gabriel was an angel.  An angel is often referred to as a Spirit. But as to being the Holy Spirit I have trouble finding such a reference in the Bible.   Given Gabriel’s Biblical presence one can understand how Muhammad used Gabriel as the angel that spoke to him on god’s (Allah’s) behalf.  The use of Gabriel was to be consistent with the Bible and the angel that often appeared.

Even the Quran fails to distinguish Gabriel as the Holy Spirit.

Is Khalid alone in coming up with such claims as a spokesperson, a scholar and educator, of Islam?  Is he using Muhammad as his example?  What of other scholars, the ulema of Islam?

Muhammad and Waraqah

Muhammad, as I have written before, was greatly influenced by his first wife’s, Khadija’s, cousin Waraqah. He was a Biblical scholar, especially as to the Old Testament having translated the O.T. into Arabic.  One can readily assume Waraqah and Muhammad conversed on many, many occasions.  Muhammad’s interest in God would have been a stimulus to learning more from one with great knowledge, the cousin, and hearing Bible stories.  It was the area of Waraqah’s expertise and a subject upon which he could relate for lengthy periods.  Muhammad was not a reader as he was illiterate, but probably a fine listener.  He heard the stories from creation to Jonah and beyond.  He learned about the Biblical prophets and knew Gabriel as an angel that relayed God’s messages on many occasions.  This new knowledge could well influence dreams Muhammad had while sleeping.  He became a part of his own story, fabled to a great extent, from the discourse he enjoyed with Waraqah.

As to Gabriel, Muhammad claimed it was Gabriel who gave him the words of Allah in revelations that he shared with his Companions, words that were eventually recorded in part (much was lost as memorizers died or were killed before their recall was obtained) in the Quran.

Caliph’s Inputs in Quran

I have suggested, and believe, the Quran comprises not just verses passed on by Muhammad, but also considerations by the early Caliphs who controlled the final scriptural document. Muhammad does not claim Gabriel as more than an angel. References in the Quran have Allah imparting his Spirit in Adam and Jesus, coming to Mary in a human form, and suggests His spirit can come to whom he pleases. The Bible is similar.  However the Bible does say the Holy Spirit will follow Jesus as the ‘counselor to follow’ and indwell in humans who believe.  The Bible also says Mary conceived Christ through the Holy Spirit, thus God. (Matt 1:18-20).

Good Intensions

There is much contradiction, but not as a correction of the Bible. The Quran is more a reflection of the desire of Muhammad to place himself as a spokesperson for God to the people on the Arabian Peninsula. His good intensions have become an ideology of denial of the divinity of Christ. Those who proclaim for the Quran, as Khalid, continue to make false claims.  Such claims are protected by a demand that Muslims strictly adhere to the Quran and the claims of the scholars, having no doubts, not even to question, what they say.

Gabriel is Not The Holy Spirit

Gabriel is not the Holy Spirit.  If you believe in Christ, the saving Grace of the Lord, you know that, as you feel the Spirit within you, your guide, your reminder, and the light of God shining within you.  The Holy Spirit within is God.

Understand Islam.  Understand Christ.  Who is your example – Christ or Muhammad.  Which provides for a peaceful way of life?

Thanks Be to God.

Grace and Peace.

7 thoughts on “Gabriel is Not the Holy Spirit

  1. I got one question if the Prophet Peace and Blessings be upon him stole from the bible ? Why he didnt stole the mistakes and contradications ?
    I mean not even one , and the bible has tousands.
    Intresting not?
    May Allah Azza Wa Jal lead you to Islam Inshallah.

    1. Having researched historical evidenced the Bible is well supported. Architectural evidence, witnesses, miracles, Jesus death on the cross and the Resurrection. Have the freedom to use God’s gift to you of discernment and discover the saving grace of the Lord. The realities will lead you to faith in Jesus and an eternal life, your sins having been forgiven and your eyes opened. Blessings.

    2. Right?

      If the Messiah (p)was a Christian Trinitarian why in Mark did he say:

      The Lord OUR God is ONE God worship Him….

      And not “and me and Gabriel/Holy Spirit too?”

      If worshipping a human and an angel isn’t idolatry, what IS?

  2. There is also the Holy Spirit/Shekhina in Judaism who operates in conjunction with Metatron but I wonder why it is that this blogger doesn’t mention that the Jews have a Holy Spirit and don’t believe in Trinity or dual gods.

    Only Christians claim Monotheism and that they are not polytheist idolaters while believing their system is superior to the Hindus Trinity and the knowledge of the nonsensical nature of Christianity with Paul having nothing to do with the 12 Apostles other than as enemy and infiltrator it is now that instead of preaching the (non-existent) virtues of their religion their only strategy is to make every religion look evil by comparison because it doesn’t worship the Nazarene Prophet and Messiah who denied being God as he said “Only God is good” sternly rebuking a fellow who merely called him good.

    Now you have the chutzpah to claim he is GOD!

    Well I love my Christian Abrahamic pbuh brethren as I do all people but they just need to shut up about other religions and resign themselves to the fact that scholarships and academia has ruined the “inspired” lie about the anonymous Gospels and pseudepigraphal epistle for all time but couldn’t do so with the Qur’an being the True Word of God Most Merciful, Allah/Hashem/God, who is the only God we worship and who guides us to the straight path of the blessed.

    1. God is One. That is a correct statement. It is God in Spirit, when you feel his presence within, God the heavenly supernatural, and as only God can do, God came to earth so man could know him better, God-incarnate. They are ONE. Just as Allah can Be and Do as he pleases, infusing in a virgin, Mary, a son, Jesus.

      God created humans in his image. He gave them free choice. They turned on him. They were all, and remain so, sinners. Bad apples each. God had two choices, kill them all, or come to earth and die for them, taking the punishment they deserve for their disobedience towards God, making them right with God. Those that believe in his saving grace are saved.


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