Muslim’s in Denial

UI – Part 294 – Muslim’s in Denial

Muhammad’s Motives

There is much that the Muslims deny when considering other faiths, especially that of the Jew and the Christian.  Much of the Jewish rituals were embraced early in Muhammad’s quest for a universe all for Allah.  The Arabian Peninsula at the time had many Bedouins of various thinking towards the supernatural. They were descended not only from Ishmael, but also from Isaac, they were Jew and Christian, Manichean, Zoroastrian, and followers of other spiritual guides.  In addition there were idol worshippers, from the moon to the sun.  It has been noted that the Quraysh favored the moon god they called Allah.  Was it the name adopted as a dutiful family member by Muhammad as the one God, Allah? Was the initiator of the religion of Islam influenced culturally from his first wife, her cousin Waraqah and the many who believed as they did in God and Christ? And did he then change, adopting his own system predicated on dreams when on sabbatical in caves nearby Mecca?  In the process of change was there denial of the reality of history and the truth of the Bible, the Scripture of the fellowship of the descendants of Abraham?


Make note that the Quran, if not all spoken by Muhammad, was at least credited entirely to revelations given him by Allah via the angel Gabriel and recorded posthumously by those who were still alive and could recall words said. In that book, the scripture of Islam, there is much that is denied from earlier days and the prior God inspired Scripture.  The Holy God, according to the Quran, was in error in the Bible.  That might be considered blasphemy itself.  The claim, thus our first Muslim denial, is that the book of Islam is the corrected copy of the Book of the People (of God).  There are more:

Muslims deny Christ died on the Cross

Muslims deny Christ was resurrected

Muslims deny Christ is divine, insisting he was mortal, as were all the Prophets.

They deny Jesus spoke of the Holy Spirit as the Counselor that would follow, claiming that was a reference to Muhammad.

They deny Moses, in Genesis, pointed towards Christ, suggesting one verse pointed again towards Muhammad.

They deny the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as the Oneness of God, yet have 99 names for Allah.

Christ, Jews, Miracles, Romans, Death

The Jewish authorities at the time of Jesus, led by Caiaphas, were concerned those following this man, not among those in authority, might rebel against them.  They were confused and afraid their control and order for the Jewish people was being eroded by a humble servant who was witnessed doing miraculous things and referred to as a man of God.  He upset them too when he aided others on the Sabbath in deference to their Law. The hand of the Romans was forced, Pontius Pilate, the representative of Rome in Jerusalem, was engendered to act to avoid relations with the religious leaders escalating into problems for him. He could not dissuade those he accepted as the religious leaders and finally instructed his military men to carry out the execution of Jesus.  The Roman methods were well developed, brutal and they never failed.

Why would Jesus be the exception? How could his death possibly be faked?  What mattered? – the life of this one man or keeping peace in the area, the Pax Romana?  The order of the day was peaceful co-existence.

Jesus died on the Cross.

The Jews made certain of it.

The Romans were skilled executioners carrying out orders.

Jesus was entombed and Roman guards posted.  Their failure to protect this tomb was severe punishment, possibly a death sentence. Jesus body was not removed.

But, then, the tomb was empty! How? Think – divine intervention.

God’s saving Grace for mankind was finished.  He was to return briefly and make others aware of his resurrection, further proof of his divine nature and the truth he shared while living on earth.  His 12 disciples played a most significant role as his witnesses and after his resurrection as his apostles who carried his message of Grace to all the earth. They were filled with His Spirit (Holy Spirit) and became representatives of God on earth suffering for their belief and all but one dying as martyrs.  The last suffered and physically damaged was left to die on a prisoner’s island.

So many miracles.

So much evidence.

And hundreds of witnesses to his life, his death and his resurrection.

No one ever denied what they saw or experienced. It was a reality as none other, a miraculous history of one man, a memorable and never to be forgotten event that tied humans to their creator.

Holy Spirit

Christ’s departure, ascension, was followed by a Spirit, God, filling the apostles and all who accepted Christ and the sacrifice he made for all mankind.  It was their assurance of Salvation as promised by Jesus.  The inner being of believers is occupied by God as a marker, an insurance policy, that an eternal life with God was made possible at the Cross.  No more would there be any doubt.

But there would remain denial.

One Truth, Otherwise Denial

God is the Father.  God is the Son. God is the Holy Spirit.  God is One. That is the Truth.  Only by denying such truth can one allow one-self to follow a path filled with temptations, accepting the Father of Lies, the deceiver, the black flag of Satan as a guide.  There would be no joy or hope in such an existence. Is Allah God or is Allah a Muhammad created Satan substitute, Satan using Muhammad to deny God for those who would follow him?

Understand Islam.

Thanks Be to God.

Grace and Peace.

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