Israel, Middle East, America

UI – Part 287 – Israel, Middle East, America

Chaos in the Middle East

What exists in the Middle East is chaos.  It is a third world area, in spite of copious quantities of oil in many locations.  In areas where riches are on display, the common people still suffer the conditions of poverty.  Surrounded by the glitter and gloss of wealth they remain uneducated, unworldly and oppressed.  Women are a protected class, yet subject to inhumane treatment and a lack of independence.  The Hajib or Burka cover more than the tempting feminine wiles; it hides from view the subjugation these females are under – conditions vary in different ME countries, but in summary, applicable in terms of general intent, they cannot walk in public without a male relative, they cannot drive, they are limited in their ability to learn, to study, they are to remain in the home, and they are considered lesser in the legal system than their sex counterpart (the male).

When we think of a desert we picture the tilting, waving palms surrounding a green patch, an oasis of life giving substances, and that elixir of human existence, water.  Without it life would not exist.  There is an oasis of a different sort, an exemplary exhibit of what can be, in that area of the world we refer to the Arab/Persian Middle East.  From Egypt east to the border of Iran and Afghanistan, from southern seas to the northern border of Syria and Turkey, we have desert.  Historically the desert had tribes that found their oasis and grew.  They were nomadic.  As the wells dried they moved to more verdant areas.  Their beasts of burden handled the hot zephyrs and sand filled air with aplomb. In spite of the heat and blazing sun full length dresses and head scarves protected humans.  The temperature difference from the sun to the least amount of shade was incentive enough to find shelter to survive. But developing this arid property was not a consideration.  That is, until the Jews occupied the area today that is Israel.

America and Democracies

America, as do other free world countries, loves their democratic systems and the independent, tolerant, and melting pot (plurality) composition of their societies.  They are not without opinion, even strong opinions that some may claim are prejudicial, acts of persecution, even bordering upon (sometimes crossing the lines of) hatred.  But it is freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and freedom of thought that is the essence of freedom.  Laws are not theocratic, even though they may be influenced by the highest of moral and ethical standards (as to human rights) having biblical roots, but designed for the common good.  Acts against God are not punished by man, but acts against another human are.  God can punish those he chooses, as they may be aware from their scripture, as proclaimed.  That is not man’s role.

Free countries seek to maintain their independence and identity, not separation.  The cultural equivalency suggested by Multiculturalism is problematic, as there are many immigrating from impoverished, oppressed areas where what may be the norm there is not equal to the norms of their new host country or wanted in any way.  Diversity makes for dialog, intrigue, heritage of cultures and new ways of thought, but must not take from the heritage or the Constitutional building blocks.  A strict theocratic code is not the rule of law in a free country.

As I may be a committed Christian, it does not mean my interpretation of God’s dictates must be applied to others.  It is a self-application that embraces my understanding of salvation.  I desire the freedom to express my belief, my concern for those who do not accept the opportunity for an eternal life, and show them the path they can also follow.  Christ is my example.  However if others do not accept Christ, as I do, that is their choice.  If they accept Allah, even though I cannot fathom how that is possible for an educated person, so be it.  But it is not death to the infidel that should ever be proclaimed or legally supported, whether the infidel is a non-believer in Christ, or a believer in Christ, depending on your perspective.  Your faith is your decision and should not be established by coercion.  You need to be a student of what you come to believe.  Education is essential. Exposure to other paths to salvation and ways of life are also essential so persons can choose the path right for them. It cannot be just because your parents believe, or your peers believe or the local authorities tell you to believe; it must be because you believe.  You should not fear if you change your mind, at least not fear your neighbor or the police. You may fear God (even Allah), but that should be how you see your faith and understand it, not how the government under which you are a subject imposes their interpretation (even when guided by a religious scholar) of what you are to believe.

Free to Live

Live where you can defend your faith and not be afraid, and live freely to do so even among those who do not believe as you do.  Allow others to speak as they believe as well.  Do not become a victim of the hate police by those labeling critics of Islam, Islamophobes, as they themselves may suffer Christ-o-phobia or Israel-o-phobia, etc. See if they are guilty of what they profess.


Israel is an oasis in the desert in the Middle East, but it is more than a pool of water giving life to the land.  It is an example of what is possible.  How has America ignored the beneficial presence of Israel to this historically impoverished area?  Under the current Obama Administration and from the Liberal Media Israel is under attack.  But what is more disturbing is that the democracy and tolerant nature of the people of Israel is being criticized, especially when they respond to armed missile shelling from their Palestinian neighbors.  This oasis of hope for democracy in the Middle East is finding America’s political left adverse to their presence by showing support for the Islamic Hamas.  A clear example is the lack of critical concern for Palestinian authorities not actively seeking out the perpetrators of the killing of three Israeli teenagers.  The police in Israel have already arrested those responsible for a retaliatory act of murder against a young Palestinian.  Why this double standard coming from America’s White House?  (read more)  Is Obama a racist when it comes to Jews; the Media also.  And why?


Israel is needed in the Middle East.  What has been accomplished there is no less than a miracle.  America and all Western nations must defend this example of life, freedom and liberty in the Arabian Desert.  How can the lack of tolerance of the Middle Eastern Islamic mind be embraced in any way as fair? Not only is it not fair to non-Muslims, it is not fair to Muslims. You can live in Israel as a Christian, as a Muslim, as a Hindu, as an Assyrian, as a Buddhist and as a Jew. Israel may be considered a Jewish Nation, but it is a pluralistic society.  It is not a theocratic oasis in the Middle East.  It is a free nation that requires support from all those that are free.

Critical to understanding why everyone should support Israel and Nation’s as focused on their population,

  • They seek to defend their people.  They are not on the offense.
  • They have secure borders
  • The residents feel safe, yet prepared for attacks by Islamic militants
  • They respect life
  • There is peace from within, while Islam attacks from the outside.
  • Attacks from Gaza were without consideration for the safety of their own (the Palestinians).  Life is not precious compared to the hatred exhibited towards non-believers in Islam
  • Their systems seek to offer opportunities and freedom to their people.
  • They made a desolate land productive and flourishing with food stuffs and a healthy environment
  • They educate their children
  • The children fight for their country, having national pride.
  • They should not be labeled the aggressor when they stop the insurgency of Islam.  No reason to be guilty defending its people.

Those of the Media that do not see it that way need to move to the Middle East, not Israel, and enjoy what they have to offer. Then let us see what they report.

Grace and Peace.

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