Islam a Subversive Ideology

UI – Part 327 – Islam a Subversive Ideology

After WWII the Attorney General of the United States compiled a list of organizations seen as ‘subversive’.  Included were Communist entities, the KKK, and the Nazi Party.  Members of these groups had progressive or radical political beliefs intent on altering our government and Constitution, favoring the demands of the subversives.  Today the House Un-American Activities Committee can recommend additions to the list. Under President Eisenhower there were many additions. The FBI was able to track people who were members of the listed groups.  A list on Wikipedia, under the title ‘Attorney General’s List of Subversive Organizations’ does not contain any Islamic groups.  Yet I would think that a body whose ideology and universal program is a world order under the banner of Islam with one system of Law, Sharia, would intend to subvert the structure, economies and constitution of as many areas of the world, nations, that are not already dominated by Islam.


Applying the definition of ‘subversive’ we learn organizations so labeled are “seeking or intending to subvert an established system or institution.”  The objective is to overthrow, destroy or undermine an established or existing system, especially a legally constituted government or a set of beliefs.  A person that adopts subversive principles or policies would be referred to as a ‘Subversive.’  And actions taken to implement such programs, gradually or in a more revolutionary fashion, would be ‘subversionary.’

Some say Islam fits the definition.  Some call out President Obama as an enabler of the spread of Islam domestically.  If the commentary applies, then Islam as a whole is a Subversive group and our current President (of the United States) would be ‘subversionary.’  They are strong statements, but if true, should the growth of Islam, the expansion of education centers (mosques and madrases) be stopped, organizations such as the OIC listed and President Obama subject to impeachment.  The truth to this jumps forward when the term ‘Islamophobia’ is shouted by Muslim groups so readily. Thrown in the faces of those who question Islam, its Scripture, its teaching, its abominable history and its current practices, attempts to call ‘Islamophobia’ persecution (towards Muslims) is  but a tactical cover to quiet the facts from being heard and/or repeated.


As defined Impeachable Offensives entail ‘treason, bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors.”  Consider the public trust, if violated, then consideration as to impeachment can proceed. Gerald Ford defined impeachable ‘whatever a majority of the House of Representative considers it to be at a given moment of history.’

Let’s look at High Crimes and Misdemeanors.  Abuse of power fits, such as taking the law into one’s own hands and disregarding the directives of Congress. Serious misconduct is another, as was the effort towards President Clinton and his sexual exploits.  As an Islamic sympathizer would Obama be undermining the foundations of our society and government, allowing the progression of a subversive group (Islam) to make inroads in the United states of America that could cause our systems to change dramatically.  Our freedoms are under attack as leading Muslim organizations call out America (and the EU) as Islamophobes for resisting the imperialist spread of Islam.  They blame America for 911.  As bizarre as that may sound.  Fundamental Islam says we are the guilty party.  I do not agree with that claim, but suspect Obama may.

America’s Constitution Under Attack

Hatred towards America, its people, if not all, a vast majority, and dictates that such enmity must continue until a stated objective is attained appears to me to be subversive.  There are documents used by subversives that studied and understood can reveal their intentions and nature.  For Islam that is the case from their Scripture, The Quran, alone.  One of the chapters (Suras) states Muslims are to have enmity and hatred towards Christian and Jews (specifically) and other non-Muslims until the overall objective of all Muslims, as taught and reminded daily, is achieved. (Sura 60.4).  That is a global world, with each Nation engaged, under the banner of Islam, All for Allah and using the Constitution of Islam, Sharia Law or Islamic Law.   Islam is a way of life where governments and the religion of Islam operate as one, the constitution the same for the constituency of the State and for the Mosque. Church and State are not to be separate in any way.  Such a division would split Islam from itself.  Islam is not compatible with democracy or a secular society.  Muslims are called to carry the torch of Islam always, “Fight them (non-believers) until there is no more persecution (to include Islamophobia), and all religions are for Allah.” (Sura 8.39)  ‘All religions’ means just one ideology – Islam.

When giving latitude to the moderate Muslim as being less seditious, less wanting to change our Constitution for Shari’a Law, a reading of the Quran places concerns for them also. “Strive (jihad) hard against unbelievers and hypocrites (moderate Muslims).” (Sura 9.73)


The OIC, the Organization for Islamic Cooperation, takes most seriously the objective of spreading Islam into the West as a lobbyist entity for Muhammad and Allah.  To them Globalization fits their objective with Multiculturalism a means to that end.  Multiculturalism sounds better than it is.  As a philosophy, apply the terminology of Multiculturalism, cultures that emigrate elsewhere are to be respected and maintained in a new homeland.  But why?, simply, for Islam to advance their cause and achieve worldwide Islamization?

Multiculturalism where embraced allows Islam’s teachers and scholars to continue the indoctrination, or brainwashing, of displaced Muslims. They ardently seek the help of host countries in completing their task.  They cannot question the Quran (or its objective and statements).  By preaching hatred (by the Book) and plotting or committing violent acts (terrorism – fear mongering) they focus on establishing Islam in its new locations (maintaining it in established locations.)  Forced on its people historically, Islam, will strive (jihad) to prevent any change in attitude (apostasy the outcome) making it most difficult to leave their established culture and religion. Modernity becomes a barrier which cannot be crossed.  The militant example of Muhammad is to lead the charge into new territories considered rightfully belonging to Allah.  Belonging to Allah they must be taken for Allah, directly or subversively.

Host Countries and National Standards

Host Countries that are free and believe in freedom of religion do not include (or should not) theocracies in the framework of religion.  Where theocratic ideals are stated by their system and structure they cannot co-exist with western thinking or governance.  Therefore a Theocracy is not a religion but a system of Government that is using god, manmade, as a means to justify mind control.  Its presence in the West must either be denied or contained as the population of Muslims, indigenous or immigrants, must learn to adopt the rule of law of the Host Country, learn the history of the Host Country, take pride in the Host Country and be exposed to a truthful picture of the history of Islam.

In its 1400 year ongoing Crusade to consume the world for an oppressive, non-productive, deranged military command structure the followers of Muhammad have left barren productive agrarian societies, destroyed cities and wiped out populations, which in turn never recovered.

Islamic Destruction

Multitudes were  enslaved and the conquerors planted their superior attitude atop people who previously embraced humility and love for their neighbors. The example they follow has been described by Eric Allen Bell this way, “a mentally ill illiterate desert dweller, a Jew-hater suffering from auditory hallucinations, dictated a best seller entitled ‘The Holy Quran’. Out of this book came a tyrannical political system and a fanatical religious ideology called Islam.  The word means ‘submission.’ The Quran also produced a brutal legal system called the Sharia.  Since the author of the Quran, a blood thirsty rapist, pedophile and slave owner named Muhammad, first began his homicidal mission – to force believers to submit to Islam – approximately 270,000,000 people have been killed in his name.”

Islam and political Islam are the same.  The objective of Islam is government, society, and religion be of one order. A Theocracy. Existing in a free society Islam is like a duck out of water.  Islam may be tolerated where there is freedom of religion, but the Muslims are reminded when they attend their mosque or school, they are superior and someday will dominate.  It is their duty to achieve a world order for Islam, politically correct as only Islam can be.

Caliphate-Islam Dominance

Muslims, America, Obama

Most Muslims in our country may not be involved in subversive activities, but if the organizations that represent this culture, such as the Muslim Brotherhood, OIC, CAIR, and others are seeking to change our system and culture, they are subversive. When they seek a double standard where what they want cannot be demonstrated by or in the entities that comprise their membership then know they are subversive groups in out midst.

Impeach or not, Obama is an Islamic sympathizer that must be monitored along with the groups that seek laws be passed to protect the self-esteem of Muslims.  When Muslims, are taught to hate, hate and hate, to be friendly but never a friend of the West until they are all Muslims too, and to never doubt their Scripture which supports fighting the West, making war as needed to promote Islam, thus answering the call of their god, Allah, Americans must be on guard.  Muslim immigrants can either become Americans, embrace our Judeo-Christian values, traditions and foundation, and accept our system, or leave.  There should be no in between.

Grace and Peace.

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