Christianity Under Attack in America

UI – Part 335 – Christianity Under Attack in America

Murder in the Middle East

There are reports of Christians under attack in the Middle East and North Africa.  Vile Islamist terrorist organizations such as Al Shabaab, Boko Haram and ISIS, among others, have been in the news repeatedly for taking aim at Christians, massacres of villages, in Museums, shopping malls, and at Universities where from a few to hundreds have been murdered in the name of Allah.  Crowds have been ordered in Arabic to duck if you are a Muslim, those standing facing the bullets exploding from the muzzles of AK-47’s, rifles and pistols, their bodies shredded and blood spilled as upon a Pollack canvas.  A picture of hatred and a lack of humanity is painted by such acts of barbarism.  Asked for the name of Muhammad’s mother, if not available, then death befall you.  Say a prayer in Arabic or no longer exist. A village in Nigeria was blockaded at all exists as the barbaric Muslims torched it.  Thousands of Christians were immolated.  All this mayhem as Allahu Akbar is shouted.

Christianity is under attack in the Middle East.  It has declined in Europe as well.  President Obama has difficulty addressing the issue of such heinous Christian persecution in those areas of the world as well as applying the truth that the perpetrator is Islam, terrorist Islamists preaching from their Scripture.  His mental condition, call it the Neville Chamberlain syndrome, to use diplomacy and appeasement in dealing with Islamist regimes, be they Sunni or Shiite, and not more strident, strong and defiant positions, is opening the gates of free nations to further emigration by terror squads.  The bad deal he is attempting with Iran, which he admits will give them access to nuclear weapons in a short period, but after his term in office has ended, is an example of his weakness.  Wanting more the concept of an accord with terror enablers he is jeopardizing the future of billions.  He is also making possible an increase in the marginalization of the foundational faith of our Nation with his lack of support for religious freedom.  He seems to embrace Islam over other religions, an ideology of hatred over faith-based programs of love.

In America

In early April (2015) there was a greater outburst by liberals, gays and lesbians, against legislation ensuring religious freedoms in several States (Indiana the focus) than Obama’s Administration negotiating an agreement over nukes with a Nation that supports terrorism as well as hatred towards Christians and Jews (Iran).  What BHO declared a success is only an outline with uncertain conditions.  It will take months to complete, with significantly more negotiating and compromise. Most compromises to date have been less than favorable towards America and the world than Iran.  Obama announced the talks a success, more like Obamacare before anyone knew the details.  In interviews when asked about Israel and having Iran recognize Israel as a sovereign nation, his comments were clear.  That is their position and that is not what he was trying to achieve.  His focus was nuclear weapons, not the preservation of Israel.  But Iran and other Muslim nations have a similar disregard and hatred towards Christians as they do Jews.  There are more targets of opportunity, also, with Christians.

Obama has been opening the doors of America to Islamist terrorists while allowing the doors of religious freedom to be closed.

If Americans cannot support the rights of believers to follow their faith, within the parameters of common law, without overt actions being taken, such as the physical attack on a Pizzeria owner for expressing a preference to not make a pie for a gay wedding (the story), how will we protect ourselves against deceitful attempts to undermine our society in favor of Shari’a and Islam. Who has pizza at a wedding anyway? A better example may have been making a wedding cake for a gay wedding when the business caters to church weddings for heterosexuals (this story).  Yet a gay bakery says no to a hetero wedding cake and there is no outcry.   A Muslim bakery says no to baking a cake with two gay men holding hands celebrating their marriage, and no one sues.

A more egregious example was a suit against an adoption agency associated with Catholic Charities (in MA) for not providing a child to a gay couple.  The reason, they are a church, religious, organization that believes in families headed by a man and a woman, married, and find that in the best interest of the child.  The outcome was against the organization and a group that for years served needy married couples who could not conceive naturally closed their doors so as not to violate their convictions (story).  It was a tragedy for families and the community as well as the children they would have placed.

Cases proceed against the use of public places for a display of religious holidays, Christmas mostly, and there are professors and teachers that have stopped students when they bring the bible into oral or written presentations.  In school settings lawyers have prevailed against the abuse, often mis-understanding, of the separation of church and state.  But such cases are costly, time consuming and confusing to the community and the people involved.  When the resistance, or banning effort, is by educators they are demonstrating their own lack of knowledge or prejudices.  The facts are that children, elementary, high school, and college students can express their beliefs without being subjected to the opinion or objection of their classroom leader or the institution they attend.   Giving bad grades for papers that speak of God and one’s convictions is a tactic used.  This is just wrong.

In schools, elementary through college, programs are being promoted by the Department of Education to understand Islam, but not its historical imperialism and methods, while at the same time side-stepping teaching Christian, Jewish or Biblical history.  The Bible may be the oldest book of history offering significant insight into the past, cultures and lifestyles 2000-4000 years ago.  The Crusades is referred to as a Christian attempt to cleanse Europe and Jerusalem, a 200 years exercise ending in failure.  At the same time little is said about the on-going 1400 years Crusade, they call it Jihad, by the Islamic world with the objective of a world order, a world All-For-Allah.

Church Attendance

Less than 20%, by one study, attend Church in America on a regular basis. (Read more)   Many would like to believe that figure is higher.  And it is declining.  The statistics in Europe are worse.  There is a vacuum of conviction towards God in the world.  The turnout at Christmas and Easter suggests there remain many believers, but the practice of faith is not habitual.  A change is needed where there is a heart for God to combat the evil spreading from the grave of Muhammad.

Protect the Constitution – Yes.

Freedom of religion does not include the right to openly preach the destruction of the U.S. Constitution or violent jihad. Mosques that preach godliness and tolerance must be protected; but those that preach hatred and violence must be revealed for what they are – threats to our national security.  They should be closed and torn down.  Same goes for schools (Madrases) that teach the hatred that the Scripture of Islam, the Quran, encourages.  Before any new mosque or madrases is begun the curriculum, the standards that are to be preached, must be reviewed, and scrubbed clean of any seditious commentary or proclamations before they can proceed.

Importance of Religion  

In Muslim nations, about ninety percent declare that religion “plays a very important role” in their lives, while the United States figure in 2002 was about sixty percent. The average figure in 2002 for Europeans was twenty-one percent, with national variations (Italy, twenty-seven percent; Germany, twenty-one percent; France, eleven percent). A survey of British respondents in 2004 found only forty-four percent professed a belief in God; thirty-five percent did not believe in God.

The decline in importance has an impact, a negative impact, on the character of a Nation.  The defenses against intrusion from enemies are reduced, allowing all manner of society to grow, expand and make demands.  A tolerant attitude is professed by those that feel an open society is best.  That has a ring of political correctness, but not when the enemy from without and within wants their way as the pathway to attain, such as a world all for Allah.  It is essential to preserve and educate citizens, new immigrants as well,  on the history of their Nation, the sacrifices made, the good and the bad, the impact of religion, Catholicism and Protestantism, and the evolution of the freedoms that are enjoyed.

For the Muslim the importance of their ideology is more a matter of control, a requirement, a state sponsored law, and a component of a theocracy.  It is an ideology wrapped with a god figure, Allah, giving it credibility as a religion.  It also enjoys freedoms in areas where freedom of religion is proclaimed, thus taking advantage of humane practices to then infiltrate and bring their cultural restrictions to bear.  This is not freedom, and it may not even be a religion.

The Jewish traditions and the Christian traditions embrace freedom, and have a high degree of tolerance for non-believers.  Islam is an ideology, a way of life, and it abhors freedom. But there is a stated objective.  That is that the entire world is to become Islamic.  Only the Scripture of Islam, the Quran, is to be the book of life, the rule of law, and the instructions by which your society and its people are controlled and contained.

You can argue there are imperfections in Christianity as well as Islam, when comparing the two having the largest number of followers. However the fundamentalist Christians are few and seldom command armies to extirpate other religious believers as a matter of practice or Scripture. Christians do not call for theocracies.  The wrath of God is left to God.  Christians may object to the practices of others, but until it becomes harmful in a physical way they seek to love the neighbor and pursue them through the Word of God to accept Christ’s sacrifice, the grace and blessings of God, and to find and enjoy the salvation God has offered and made possible.  Christians seek the next world, but want this world to be peaceful and provide hope to those who have yet to understand, accept and be thankful for Christ’s dying for our sins. That is why they proselytize, they want to share the good news.

Religions that Love

Religions that love all people, not just their own, are tolerant and better for mankind.  Most religions are that way.  Islam is not.   Leaving the church or the synagogue is wrong, as the teaching, the reminders, the inputs received in every day life are not always the best practices.  Humans need to be reminded of what is right and wrong.  They need to associate with those who live lives as examples to others of fairness and decency.  They will find safety and security among those who love and respect their neighbors without a hidden agenda to eventually exterminate those who disagree.

This is a thin line and difficult to properly articulate.  Do not be offended, please, for me mentioning the Bible.  It is a wonderful book of instruction.  Focus on the New Testament.  There is no call for war or killing an infidel.  Yes, you read about judgment, but that is left to God.  Reading the Old Testament you learn God’s nature, his wrath, and what can be brought to bear upon those who sin.  But vengeance is His, God’s.  It is not for humans, as the Islamists believe, to carry out God’s punishment.  Governments, not theocracies relying upon Scripture, are to establish laws for all.  All is all – gays, Christians, Jews, Hindu’s, Buddhists, Muslims, Atheists, Agnostics, Mormons, Wiccans, Men, Women, the rich and the poor (I hope I left no one out). Ethical and moral values are to be fully understood and considered.  The Bible is an excellent foundation and guide in that regard.  What is moral, human, and equal from a biblical vantage points makes most sense.  Reading the Quran, the call to punish, kill, behead, murder and maim those who are not of like mind is non-sensical.

Houses of Worship Are Empty

Abandoning your house of worship is a mistake.  Acquiescing to peer pressure from those who prefer sensual pleasures, habituates, and prefer the material world as the only world, and do not see beyond, to a life after this life, can make your life as miserable as theirs.  There is something to the adage, ‘moderation in all things.’

One friend of mine shared his thinking that the successes of the modern world has produced a large population that finds little need for God. Where societies have evolved and enjoy material wealth, where poverty is minimized, and even the poor live better than in many other parts of the world, such as third world environments, having governments provide welfare benefits that far exceed earnings achievable, giving out cell phones and food stamps and more, suffering is less and the need for prayer is also less.  Religion being classified as food for the masses, the poor, giving them hope, has been replaced by governments that give entitlements.  Hands reach out for governments to provide and not towards heaven above. The vote becomes the ticket for more candy from the party in power.

However what the governments have done is what God wants, yet the people do not see it that way.  And too often the governments are the ones taking advantage of the poor.  Helping yes, but with benefits too, such as power and control as an official elected by the people.  Having a need to raise money to campaign for office can compromise a candidate to do whatever is necessary, going against his/her own principles or what is reasonable, even caving to those who can help to keep their base.  A war-chest, a treasury of political contributions, gives candidates power even when out of office to support others they feels can favor an agenda, a program, a business, a family member, a cohort, or a crony.  It is a form of legal corruption.  Lobbyists are as ants providing crumbs to whoever will listen so their anthill can exist and grow where they prefer.


I feel charity should be taken from governments.  Governments are renown as inefficient administrators.  The dollars they set aside would cover more people and provide increased services.  The problem is the concern, at least in America, that if the government gives a Church the money to distribute the Church will attempt to convert the people to their faith.  What is wrong with that?  The Church may be only sharing a message, not forcing themselves, as is the case in Islam, on the recipients.  Many, in fact most Churches, involved in providing community support do so without proselytizing.  They do what they do as a member of the community, as a good neighbor.  The effort is to provide an example to others of what helping and caring can do.

Has America become like Egypt, Rome or the United Kingdom where these governments, seen as world powers at the time, fell upon the petard of their own achievements, the excesses of their success, their pride making humans as gods, idols of sport, entertainment, business, and leadership, and lacking the humility to see God as the one who empowered them to reach the heights possible.  Is this happening in America, in Europe and in the free world, where their freedoms are taken for granted and God has been reduced to but a thought, incomprehensible, intangible and not necessary.  The credit is all God’s, but not for those whose ego, whose sense of self, interferes with their view of heaven.

A Great Awakening

Wake Up, Wake Up!  The free world’s alarm is ringing, but it is not being heard.  The devil has entered the mansion and is handing out pleasures encouraging everyone to indulge.  Capturing their hearts and minds, taking them away from God, has been a goal since Genesis.  Armies used to destroy those disobedient to God, as the predictions unfold in the Book of Isaiah, are themselves victims of their own disregard for the provisions of the Lord.  Armageddons repeat themselves in micro-bursts of power and failure, until Revelation descends upon us all.  In the meantime, however, humans must find a way to survive and live as a loving God has proclaimed, not as a deceitful hidden icon has put forward.

We must pray Churches around the world can fill each week as they do on Easter and Christmas.  Christ is with us every day, not just on holidays.  His glory has made those who live free possible.  Look into your hearts, humble yourselves and come to the alter with thanks.  Do not let the church bells be replaced with the adhan, the Muslim call to prayer.  Obama may think it is the most beautiful sound he has ever heard, but if you hear it know this.  The Islamists are coming.  God is directing, as he did the Assyrians in the 8th century BC, the Babylonians in the 6th century BC, and other armies to wipe out those who have committed crimes against God.  Satan is taking advantage of the rage and wrath possible and entering the fight, as an Islamist Terrorist, enjoying the chaos, the death and destruction.  Satan sees this as his chance to erase God, the Creator, Christ, our savior, from this world.  All for Allah fits his plan.

Do not let this happen in America.  To all free people, do not let it happen in your area.  Get on your knees and pray, ask how you can do your part, become a servant of the Lord and gather your family, friends and neighbors to fill your churches, to rebuild and to reestablish the Lord as the center of your lives.  A Great Awakening is necessary.

America is Not Lost – Yet

America is not lost.  But we do need an Administration that is tolerant, aware, knowledgeable, a keeper of the Constitution, and effective in informing the citizens of what is the truth.  We are a Judeo-Christian Nation.  Do not allow that to change. Let us join hands in hope, in prayer and in joy that in unity we can preserve the exceptionalism of America as well as the foundational elements, to include God in our lives, that made it possible.

Grace and Peace

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