Violent Islam

UI – Part 317 – Violent Islam

Obama’s View

We hear references to Political Islam, Islamists, Radical Islam and Islamic Terrorists, but the label of ‘Violent Islam’ may be more appropriate. When the President of the United States. Barack Hussein Obama, refuses to associate the term ‘Islam’ with Terrorism just what is he avoiding? It may be easier for him to use ‘Violent Islam.’ He would thus reference not Islam as a whole, which for some reason he considers peaceful or having a God (Allah) that is as loving as the Biblical God, but that contingent that refers to themselves as Islamic who have in his mind distorted ‘true’ Islam. He may have his own definition of ‘true’ Islam. If so he needs to share that with the rest of the world. One immediate question: Did Abdul Wahhab distort ‘true’ Islam in forming what is referred today as Wahhabism?


Wahhabism attempts to present the picture of Islam as Muhammad intended, a 7th Century view of a monotheistic religion imposed upon the Bedouins, Christians, Jews, pagans and those faithful-in-idols-of-their-own-choosing at that point in history. Called Islam (after Muhammad’s death) the ideology became the mantra of a new tribe (sect), in an area dominated by Arabs (Semites) and biblical history, created by a cadre of militants gathered together to enforce Muhammad’s desires. When in a minority position in Mecca Muhammad proselytized in a manner more peaceful that military, but once he moved (to Medina) and grew a large support base his methods changed, his peaceful approach was abrogated. The pattern of Islam is reflected in the Quran where early verses and claims, which mirror in part the history of Muhammad’s ways, changed, thus the peaceful approach became a militant approach.   The religion that was peaceful was when their leadership was in a minority position. When the numbers increased in relation to the community in which they lived a stronger stance, a more dominant and compelling attitude was adopted, and the leaders stood over their subjects with requirements to be met with severe chastisement meted if not. Agreements made with residents in Medina (Yatrib at that time) when a minority were no longer needed as the tribe of Muhammad grew. Such oaths could be ignored in light of the more dominant presence of the tribe, but also for reasons that suggested such oaths did not comport with the tribal directives given by their self styled prophet (Muhammad).

Terminology – Interpretation – Death to the Infidel

Obama continues to change the terminology to ‘Violent Extremists’ avoiding any use of ‘Islam’, but know this the vast majority of extremist barbaric acts have been conducted by persons that are Muslim and Islamic. It may not be Obama’s ‘true’ Islam they follow, but it is their’s. From an Opinion in the WSJ, “Violent Islam is not a reaction to poverty or Western policies in the Middle East. It is an ideological challenge to western civilization and principles, including free press and religious pluralism.” (WSJ – 1/8/2015 – Opinion). That challenge is obvious, a fanatical desire to eliminate western thinking and ideals, most clearly to eliminate ‘freedom’ by having only their ‘true’ Islam imposed on the entire globe. Allah would be the overseer and Sharia, in the form of that in Saudi Arabia, born from Wahhabism’s interpretation of ‘true’ Islam, left in its place. There would be no free speech, only Islam-speech. The authorities in place would claim to represent Allah and carry out this god’s desires for the globe. Heads would roll if not in concert in thinking, in belief and in desires to that of the leaders. Freedom of Speech would not allow dissent.

Interesting is the fact that more Muslims have been extirpated by other Muslims (than Christians and Jews) simply because they did not agree on ‘true’ Islam. From their Scripture which they claim is perfect, the interpretations are not. Such imperfections have lead to death to the Muslim infidel for not reading the words of the Quran as another might. The irony of this is that each Muslim can find another Muslim and they will both look at each other and see them as an infidel. Their AK-47’s will be raised and the bullets will fly towards one another. Allah will be watching – possibly laughing.

What Must be Done about Violent Islam?

Some thoughts on what to do. These apply to America, but also any free nation. Start with the children and the schools. Eliminate references to Islam in the curriculum until the Islamic world can agree on what is ‘true’ Islam. Thus, as a minimum be focused on how Islam may be referenced and insure truth is reflected and facts are accurate. Avoid propaganda. Emphasize the history of our Nation, its founding principles and references, and have hearts attuned to the ideals established – in America’s case that is biblical, Judeo-Christian ideals. Thus ‘patriotism’ would be engendered.

“Better to collect metadata and surveil some people now than deal with public demand for mass Muslim arrests or expulsions after a catastrophe.” (WSJ – 1/8/2015 – Opinion). Inherent in any data collection is looking deeply into the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood (Wahhabist ideals at its base) and where it has infiltrated America. Start with C.A.I.R. and Muslim Student Associations (MSA’s). Also Mosques and Madrasses must be watched. Almost all are funded by the riches of Sheiks and Arab Muslim billionaires from oil and investments enabled from their wealth over the years from oil. Curriculums established are at their request for the money received. There is a quid pro quo. The same applies to gifts made to colleges and universities in America by the same people. What conditions are imposed for the millions of dollars provided? Such requirements must be reviewed, evaluated, and not allowed if contrary to the guiding principles of country or which promote hatred or distort history.

A Religious (Islam) Revolution

al Sisi Egypt

El Sissi (President of a Egypt) in December (12/28/2014) called for a ‘religious revolution’. Al Sissi is calling for the moderates, the leaders of Islam, to take the lead with a strong hand of conviction to alter the intolerance of the sizeable extreme edge of Islam. It is necessary to save all of Islam, an ideology that does not fit into the macro-puzzle of the world today. Note, this man is President of the largest Arab Muslim nation and he can call Islamic Terrorism what it is. Who knows Islam better, al Sissi or Obama? But we can only pray his speech to an audience of Islamic students, scholars and Imams will not be empty rhetoric. There must be a continued effort on the part of al Sissi and other prominent Muslim rulers and leaders to change the thinking. Unfortunately Wahhabism insists ‘modernity’ off-limits. Al Sissi knows that too; that is why he wants the Muslim Brotherhood erased from Egypt. He is aware of the devious nature of the Brotherhood to infiltrate corners of society slowly to impose the extremist will of the Islamists. Muslim leaders must control the fanaticism within their midst, as now they are viewed more a part of the problem. The solution must come from the dais in the Mosques and Madrasses.

Allah’s Will

In Islam there is clearly a debate over Allah’s Will and how it is to be carried out by Allah’s followers. The extremists say Muhammad showed and paved the way. The moderates, afraid to speak out, would prefer a more tolerant, accepting of pluralism, a more neighborly and peaceful approach. Many say, especially the Islamists, that is not possible, because it is not Allah’s Will.

If the moderates are the vast majority of the Muslim world, they must become dominant in expressing the need for a revolution in Islam. Islam needs a New Testament, a book of peace, a revision to the days in Mecca. Autonomous jihadist cells need no orders to carry out vile attacks on those they feel are persecuting Islam. Free Speech is not allowed in Islam, characterized too in the governance of Muslim peoples where dissent leads to incarceration and disappearance. Free Nations beware. Is there strength enough in moderate Muslim numbers to effect the change the world prefers (but Islamists do not)? A united voice of millions upon millions of moderate Muslims, in countries to include the Middle East, are needed. That is the call. That is the adhan to a peaceful settlement. Many doubt this will happen as the moderates that speak out will become targets, just as Salman Rushdie.

Begin with a Clean Slate

In the meantime wipe the slate clean. Let our schools go back to the curriculum without Islam that was in place in the early 1900’s. Emphasize history more, every year, every grade. Teachers must learn to make history as interesting as it is. I believe they have failed, becoming more oriented to passing SAT’s. There are stories to be told and much to learn from history itself. How Violent Islam has developed and evolved has a history of its own. Each President during their terms created history of their own. In some cases that history reflects on a selfish man attempting to create his own ‘legacy’, and for others the footprints left impacted the world and provide examples of leadership, proper consideration for dealing with human rights, how a charismatic’s words have traction, and how a diabolic distorted mind can disrupt the flow of consciousness and lead many into an abyss of evil. There is the good and the evil of leadership to be taught. The examples are those who have commanded armies, led societies, indulged in selfish wants, and who have been statesmen with the good of their people in mind. Needed is an honest and transparent picture of those discussed. Religious examples can be included – Christ, Muhammad, Buddha, and others. We need truth, independent and objective minds, and outcomes not predicted by seeds of opinion strewn by attitudes of teachers and professors with an agenda of their own.

Face to Face


We must face ‘Violent Islam’ face on, curb progress where the outcome is suspect, and question political correctness that has done more harm than good. Our schools must be the basis for correcting trends and stopping the abuses to the right thinking that makes a nation strong and united. Start with the children. Stop the propaganda about Islam as a ‘religion of peace’ now being taught our children. It is not, as shown by example.  It takes a global action to stop the barbaric actions of violent Islam.

Grace and Peace.



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