Islam’s Green Stamps – Works

UI – Part 261– Islam’s Green Stamps – Works

Works – The Good and the Bad

Works, deeds, accomplishments made by God’s people are generally positive labeled ‘good’, unless the works are evil or the deeds devious or deceptive – then they are ‘bad.’   Imagine doing ‘good’ by being kind, gentle, caring and loving. Pick up that piece of paper on the floor. Be a good Samaritan. Help clean up your messes, and aid another in cleaning up theirs. Assist the handicapped. Support the needy or less fortunate. Give to charities. Do not deceive. Do not denigrate others. Welcome strangers. Feed the poor. Pray. Do not overeat. Do not steal. Do not murder. Love your parents. Obey God.   And so on.

What is ‘evil’ or bad is ignoring the obvious, being selfish and wanting even more, expecting aid when little is done to earn favor, disobedience to God, his word, his guide to a moral and ethical life. Murder is bad. Adultery is bad. Blasphemy is bad, although not punishable in most societies where law is written for the common good.

Green – Black – Stamps

From a prior Blog entitled The Virgins the following is copied: (

Green Stamps 1

“As I read the Quran the thought of ‘Green Stamps’ came to mind.  For good works there are available so many Green Stamps.  Depending on the goodness of the work, there are greater or fewer Green Stamps possible.  The non-good works though take away Stamps.  There are Stamps for memorizing the Quran – the more you memorize the more Stamps.  Same for prayer – honor the 5 calls each day and the Stamp pile grows.  Zakat – give money – receive Green Stamps.  Fighting in the cause of Allah (Jihad) – lots of Stamps, dying for Allah – many more Stamps.  To fight only needs a specter of persecution, which this writing alone might be considered.  For those that ‘believe’ keep their duty to Allah and believe in Muhammad, there are double Stamps plus a flashlight (from Sura 57:28).   I hope I am not viewed as persecuting Islam as I am only trying to clarify doubt that can arise in reading the Quran and coming to terms with the requirements of Islam.  Returning to the Stamps, they would then, in this depiction, be placed on a scale, a balance.  However, even if one side of the scale is heavily weighted with Green Stamps, clearly favoring the beneficiary of those Stamps, ‘mercy’ remains with Allah.  The final decision is Allah’s alone indicates insecurity for Muslims as there is no Assurance of Salvation.  From Sura 14:4 – “Allah leaves in error whom He pleases and He guides whom He pleases.  And He is the Mighty, the Wise.” “

With Al Qaeda today, and the extreme attitudes of the fundamentalists, the Islamists, the stamps may be more Black than Green. This would be indicative of the Flag of AQ and Muhammad. The Shahada emblazoned in white on a black background. The black depicts emptiness, darkness, the cloak of denial of the truth that God has provided through the inspired Word.

It is not the Stamps

It is not about ‘stamps.’ It is about living a life for the honor and glory of God, knowing we are all sinners, and accepting the grace and mercy of God made available through the incarnation of Jesus Christ. He accepted the punishment we deserve for our transgression. Just one sin makes us unacceptable to God without the saving sacrifice of Christ – Lord and savior. Believe, be thankful, fill your heart with God’s love, find pleasure in worshipping him, and know the Spirit will fill you with the guarantee of an eternal life with Him. Goodness will then follow all the days of your life.

Thanks Be to God.

Grace and Peace.

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