Muslim Republicans

UI – Part 244 – Muslim Republicans

Why are not more Muslims, if not all American-Muslims, Republican, or as a minimum Tea Party Members?

America’s society is morphing.  Morphing into what?  That is a conversation that is surely an opinion generator. 

Same-Sex Marriages/Homosexuality

As a Nation historically viewed as formed under God and accepting of Christ, a Christian Nation, there have been significant changes, especially under the Obama Administration, that have altered that view.  Most recently the Supreme Court overturned the Clinton signed bill that authorized the Defense of Marriage (Act) – DOMA.  The Court recognized State’s Rights in deciding on gay-marriages, allowing benefits for same-sex unions to be the same as heterosexual marriages in those States where such marriages are permitted.  Many would argue same-sex unions, as children are conceived only by man-women unions, is not as God planned.


Abortion is a constant issue of debate, from inception to late-term abortions, there are factions for and against.  The pro-life faction is anti-any-abortion.  Late term, after 20 weeks (5 months), is under scrutiny as an absolute limit, yet there are those like NY Governor Cuomo, who want to expand abortion opportunities beyond this threshold[i].


More States are attempting to open Casino’s to allow gambling.  The purpose is to generate more revenues.  At what cost?  Who are the gamblers?  Gambling seems to have the ability to wreck families, cause fortunes to swindle and find fathers (and mothers) addicted to the opportunity to get rich, but knowing it is a rigged, controlled system.


I am not a teetotaler.   But alcohol is a problem for Muslims.  Jesus drank wine, even made wine from water during the wedding in Cana.  Yet alcohol can be an addictive substance, one that impairs the senses and makes persons less than fully rational.  Drinking in moderation is my mantra, but excesses are possible any time one imbibes. 


Habituates, illegal or habit-forming medicinal substances, drugs, are another story.  Taking that first hit, the cannabis infusion, can lead to other much more addictive stuff, such as cocaine and then heroin.  By partaking one enters a realm of possibilities that can subject the user to more powerful and captive hallucinogens.  Why the escape; what is the user hiding from?  Under the influence the user can hide in plain sight, becoming a questionable member of society.  The entertainment provided by the mental high, the experience the body can generate from substances unknown, are outcomes that must be understood in light of the long-term effects and harm on person, personality and mental capacity.

Muslims may decide living in Washington or Colorado  averse to their ideology.


Viewing the website White House once led the potential viewer to pornographic content.  Having a conscious the owner got out of that business in 2004.  But there are many ways to eye-ball all manner of pornography on the Internet, in magazines, and on cable television. The temptation of sexual encounters from a voyeuristic perspective can lead to wanting more, to experience the reality.  Loving, a committed relationship, marriage, makes sex permissible as the union serves God by providing the pathway for future generations.  Wanton sex is not God’s plan.  Aggressive acts towards others to engage in sexual perversions is not permissible, but to some extent encouraged by the stimulant of pornography.  Our Las Vegas advertises its permissive nature, at the same time reflecting the hidden element of the pursuit to pleasures out of the norm – ‘What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas.’  But we all know God knows.


Worshipping other gods, the occult, is Biblically condemned.  In America idols are not just ethereal beings, but include entertainment and sports figures (stars), material items, such as cars, wealth, status, and other heralded personalities or desirable items. Similarly the Quran goes even further, condemning those that believe not in Islam, not only Christians, atheists and Jews, even other Muslims (based upon one’s interpretation of Islam, such as the Sunni’s attacking the Shiites and visa versa).  In America the Wiccans[ii] have been given permission to establish a center at the Air Force Academy.  This pagan focused religion has the right under America’s Freedom of Religion constitutional fact to ply their craft, as it were.


America appears to be applying the term ‘separation of church and State’ too broadly to the extent God is being taking out of the public arena.  The PC nature of America is catering to those who seem offended by God.  It is more those who deny God that are offended, the knowing-God-exists-but-I-just-refuse-to-accept-that-fact and a desire to live as they prefer (the ‘me’ approach) that are offended.  Their objections are blared, shouted, over the voices of the more quiet, moderate, and God-loving-fearing persons.  How could anyone not believe in the Creator when with eyes open one can see his wonders in the environment, in living, and in being part of this world?  How did it all happen?

As a result the doors are ajar to more ungodly practices where the moral and ethical values as presented most clearly in the Bible are being compromised. Whether you choose to use this book as your Jewish or Christian heritage, even Muslim heritage, or simply as a historical document that summarizes man’s knowledge to proper conduct for the common good, it is being attacked and removed from our schools.  America’s society is morphing. 

The Muslim Perspective

Muslims, the more practiced, the more religious or ideological find all of the above – same-sex marriage (homosexual practices), abortion, gambling, alcohol, drugs, pornography and pagan practices – problematic.  The scholars, the ulema, teach engaging in any of the above taboo to Allah.  To the extent there is resistance to any of these temptations condoned in America’s culture it arises from members of the Republican Party and today’s Tea Party. Certainly there are moderates, middle-of-the-road types, those more accepting of some discretion, but as a whole these issues are those of the conservatives.  From a Muslim vantage point they too would fit the conservative mold. 

 Liberals, more represented in the Democratic Party, create political platforms that center on any minority, even those whose practices are seen as deviant, so as to be viewed as the more open-minded, the more objective and tolerant Party of the people.  The impact on society as a whole is not fully considered.  The Democrats seem to rely on the self-centered nature of man, the created over the creator, in making choices. Many feel this Party of the Liberal that embraces and supports those that succumb to temptations over abstinence is after the vote, obtaining a majority consisted of the appeal to many sub-sets; the consequences on the moral fabric of our society ‘be damned’.

Is the practice of Entitlements, the giving of taxpayer’s hard earned money to those who are not productive, those dependent on society, more compelling to the American-Muslim than their religion/ideology. What have they voted for?   Is it sufficient for them to set aside their standards, their moral convictions, to vote to become a member of the American Administration’s dole? Practices that seek welfare for unmarried women (married within the Muslim structure) abuse the system, but enjoy the liberal sanctions of such distributions. Are they being two-faced, democrat for the entitlements and conservative in hatred towards the freedom offered, yet willing to undermine their umma – their community, the unity proclaimed by backing and adhering to the Quran and dictates of Allah?  Do they practice the immoral elements but profess with their mouths the moral?

Why are not more Muslims, if not all American-Muslims, Republican, or as a minimum Tea Party Members?  Which is the Party of the moral-majority?

Grace and Peace.

[i] Read Article, Cuomo’s Crusade, World Magazine, June 15, 2013, pg 52 (

[ii] Wiccan – a modern pagan witchcraft religion. 

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