Acceptance of Christ (Muslim & Others)

UI – Part 253 –  Acceptance of Christ

 Having written over 250 Blogs on various topics on Islam, with a study of the ideology, or religion, I have found little to convict me to be a follower of Allah.  Deception is my greatest hurdle, as I cannot fathom God as the greatest Deceiver.  He must be honest and completely Trustworthy. I’ve compared, contrasted, and sought comments (still do).  The guide for the Christian faith, followers of Christ, has historical significance, architectural evidence that supports the past and persons therein, contains honesty and reveals the character of our Creator as vengeful and wrathful.  God is also shown to personify Love.  His discipline, which is his alone, is towards those who disobey Him.  He is unseen, but made a relationship with him possible.  Relationships are meaningful.


God is not human.  He is not mortal.  So man could know Him better he came to earth to live among us.  He appeared as a human, as his creation (man in the image of God), incarnate, and lived a perfect life. Only God could do that.  The operative term here is ‘perfect.’  Only God could be ‘perfect.’  He knows man, all of us, sin.  It is unfortunately a daily habit.  Some temptations we can resist, some we cannot. We are flawed, our DNA stained with the free will of man in disobedience to God. The Bible tells many stories of chosen people who continued to deny God.  What to do?  No one is Righteous as we all sin – but He had a solution.


God established his presence with humans.  He became known and knowable, yet misunderstood, even by the disciples (Apostles). He dispensed Truth.  He performed miracles and actions only God, His ultimate inspiration, could accomplish. A Temple designed to contain God was not in reality a structure, but Christ himself.  The destruction of that Temple was prophesized.  Death on the cross was as punishment, not for Christ, but for all mankind. Our sin nature was on trial and subject to the horrendous form of Christ’s demise. Without sin Christ, for our sake, was made to take our sin upon himself.   It was for mankind to see and learn about.  We too were on that Cross. He was punished for our sin so we could be made right with God.  But a tomb could not contain the body as it was to return to the heavenly realm, to co-exist with the Creator.  It was a unity of effort. Christ was not to be martyred.  No place to honor him directly was to be established.  Even though there are many tributes to Christ today the purpose served was to have mankind know God.  Reflections, thoughts, renderings as to who Christ was or God might be is out of love, as a reminder, and respectful, in thanks also, for what God did, his Grace provided, for you and me. 

Holy Spirit

After Christ died, in the resurrected state he was witnessed by hundreds and hundreds.  His disciples, his witnesses who walked with him for an extended period, also experienced Jesus as Christ Risen. Their understanding of what Jesus taught them, his words, his actions, took on the meaning they deserved and they became convicted believers.  It was then the Holy Spirit, God, came to dwell within them, each one. He was there as a reminder, as their insurance agent, and as their Guarantor of Salvation.  No ifs, ands, or buts.  They would be with God in eternity. Each Apostle died a martyr, living a life as Christ would have lived, but never yielding in their acceptance of Him.  They had a strong relationship with the unity of One – God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Word of God

The Bible is God’s Word.  Written by men, mere mortals. What they penned, organized and formulated was inspired by God, the purpose and intent of each word, paragraph, or book intended to guide every one of us to be significant in His eyes, to understand truth and the foundations of moral and ethical behavior. There are no deceptions contained within its pages.  The Bible also enables the reader, those who study and become enriched by the Word, to know God.  It is essential in a relationship that he makes possible. 


If you have come to the place where Christ has meaning for you, and you wish to take him in, into your heart.  If you wish to confess to others what you believe and feel and experience, please let me know.  Respond to this Blog – comment.  Let others experience what you have – share with them.  Say this prayer (if you haven’t already):

Heavenly Father, I come to you in the name of Jesus:

I here and now repent for my sins, and believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. 
I believe that Christ died for me, as my substitute, and rose from the dead according to the Scriptures. 
Thank you God, for sending Your Son, and paying my debt in full. 
Even though I was separated from You by my sins, You saw me helpless, and fallen, and loved me enough to die for me.
I believe that Jesus suffered the penalty of my sins, and paid the full price to clear my debt. 
Your Word declares that His Precious Blood, sinless and Divine, pays for all of my sins.
Because He suffered my penalty, I am now free. 
No sin remains to condemn me. I’m no longer guilty before You.
I believe the good news of the Cross, and Your promise that 
“Whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.” (Acts 2:21)
I ask Your forgiveness, and I now receive Jesus Christ into my life as my Savior.
Today, I accept Your gift of love, mercy, peace and eternal life.
I declare by faith that Jesus Christ now lives in me.
I am a new creation in Christ, born of God with the life of Jesus in me.
I trust the blood of Christ blots out every sin from my life. My record is clean by Your mercy.
According to Your Word, I am now forgiven, I am now saved.

If you just prayed that prayer for the first time, please Comment on this Blog so that we may celebrate with you, and pray for you!

From Charles Stanley – How do I accept Jesus as my Savior. .  Read More

            Grace and Peace – It is Christmas – this day.  Celebrate his birth and your rebirth.  Thanks Be to God.

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