Rebirth of Islam Fundamentalism (3 of 3)

UI – Part 211 – Rebirth of Islam Fundamentalism (3 of 3)

America Taking Sides

Again the question for America and the Middle East comes down to whose side America needs to be on. Is it the rebels?  Is it the current regime? Syria is today’s concern.  Do we finance and equip the dictator?  Will it always be US against autocratic rulers in the Middle East?  And will autocracies always succeed in ruling Muslim theocracies?  There is no side that appears to be the right answer, as we can never know or predict the monster that might crawl out of the haze from the dust caused by altercations.  So far we have never been right, or created anything but a new threat to our democracy. Even the academic experts on the Middle East are in disarray as to the proper solution or alliances.

As said in a previous Blog we might be better supporting the Christians.  Give them the aide, the military support and the protection.  See what the Brotherhood does then.

Fundamentalism – New Life

Fundamentalism has been given new life.  In an attempt, so the USA thought, to open doors to freedom, their partners in the Green Belt of Islam constructed with Muslim partners, such as Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, used the USA to resist the communists in Afghanistan, while deceiving the USA.  Using the military strength of America, the Wahhabists and other religious theocratic minded Muslim nations kept the communists away, cleared out resistance movements, and built an army of mercenaries, future Al Qaeda members and wanna-bes, to go after their military supplier.  They succeeded politically as well in making America, the West (allies in freedom) the bad guy, the enemy of Islam.  Hatred of the West became a unifying cry to grow pockets of absolute control over people, havens for the fundamentalists, with their abusive tactics conducted as if they were religious people, honoring Allah, but not in fact.

The rebels were given the tools and the capital by America, at the request of members of the Middle Eastern nations. Saudi Arabia matched our dollars in Afghanistan in the 79-81 conflict with Russia.   Then they took advantage of their opportunity to become their own kind of authoritarian oppressive theocratic overlord.  It may have indeed been the outcome of their own upbringing and abuse, oppression, as people born in the culture and under the thumb of Islam.  They wanted what others had, and now had a way of achieving that goal. On the other hand they represented an opportunity for the Muslim Brotherhood, the Fundamentalists of Islam, to add to their army to grow a universal Wahhabist Sharia political system in the name of Allah.  Saudi Arabia had more money than it knew what to do with, so spreading their Wahhbist interpretation of Islam as they have since the mid-1700’s became a world-wide opportunity through the Brotherhood and its allied associations.  The Ikhwan as a militia for politic Islamism was reborn.

Caught in the Middle – Middle-East Dodge Ball

Is America getting caught in the middle of a different battle – control of the Middle East?  Is it Sunni vs Shiite?  Is it Saudi Arabia vs Iran?  Is it Hamas vs Hezbollah?  Is it Muslim Brotherhood vs. Ayatollah Khomeini adherents? Is America in the center of a gigantic dodge ball toss by the many denominations of Islam?  If we are, we are getting pounded.  We need to now focus more than ever on the ball!

We need to consider who our allies are.  Middle Eastern emirs, rulers, Imams, scholars, mullahs and autocrats are not the answer.  We must saddle up to a different religion in the Middle East.  Is it possible to support the moderates; are they strong politically?  That would mean a new life all could/would embrace, being free, independent, loving God, loving neighbor, and loving life. We need to find partners in the Middle East that have common sense ideas.

By aiding Christians, Lebanon would have been a good start, we would have been more successful, I contend, in finding loving hearts among residents and seeing the dawn of peace in the Middle East.  Hezbollah may not be as strong today.  We gave our support, instead, to an ideology (not intentionally), confused in its own right that cannot work and ignored where our support might truly help achieve peace.  We have done the same in many other similar areas/situations.  Monsters emerged.

America’s attention historically (the 20th century) was not on Islamic Fundamentalism.  It had other greater concerns to consider, such as Communism (during the Cold War era) and our position, relative to the UK in the early stages of discovery of oil in the Middle East region (early 1900’s) to insure our interests and a steady flow of this valuable natural resource.

We must continue our support for Israel.  This Jewish nation is not imperialistic, either as a country or a religion.  They want peace and can accept pluralism.  Many Muslims and Christians live within the borders of Israel, a peaceful co-existence.


Freedom is anathema to Islam.  See Blog discussing ‘Freedom’ ( and  This is the mindset of Islamists, that freedom allows Muslims and pagans (any non-believer, homosexual, or other unconventional life-style, even as to human rights advocates) to live side-by-side.  A clear no-no!

Freedom allows Muslims to have access to the Bible or other books and/or documents that may criticize Islam, Allah, their Holy self-proclaimed Prophet, and/or the Quran, potentially altering their view of Islam.  Freedom allows for open disputes towards Islam by those that do not agree with this ideology, or cannot see the logic behind it.  That is my dilemma.  Thank God I live in a free country.  Freedom exposes Muslims to people who may openly express, or preach, their faith, a faith that is not Islam.

Americans, the West, see freedom differently, as even Christians do.  They know they live among a variety of believers, embracing the diversity (Muslims are adverse to assimilation even in newly settled areas), with a preference towards openness and the opportunity to make personal choices. Proselytizing is not persecution.  Secular law, not theocratic law, is the standard for governance. May it be influenced by what is right for all people and fully consider religious morals and ethics. Freedom says you decisde on what is right for you (and you can make wrong choices).   Democracy is more a Christian ideal, the separation of religion and government, freedom too, and our backing must be oriented towards a common cause.  Protect all the people.  Profile those that are intent on defiling the benefits of freedom.  Freedom is not perfect, but then neither is Islam.  Freedom is certainly more loving, tolerant, accepting, and peaceful than Islam.

Hatred of Freedom should be subject to punishment.  It is not godly.

USA Not Responsible

America is not responsible for the rebirth of Islamic Fundamentalism. It’s roots lie in social conditions in the Middle East beginning in the years following the death of Muhammad and the disagreements and selections made by men as to who the successors of what Muhammad started would be.  It is influenced by the violent and demonic methods employed by Muhammad and his successors on having their religion their way, controlling those conquered and making and believing it was god’s doing.

History will show that Saudi Arabia, from the beginning of the monarchy of the Saud family coupled with the Wahhabist movement was the start of extreme political Islam, which has continued and grown since inception in the 1700’s.  It is reflected and reemerging with military might throu the Muslim Brotherhood and financial support from Saudi Arabia and dominated by Sunni factions.

If Allah and the biblical God were the same the world would be quite different.  God will prevail.  The Bible tells us so.  It is the infallible inspired Word of God.

Grace and Peace.

Note:  There will be future Blogs discussing the history of Radical Islam (Islamism or Fundamentalist Islam).  I highly recommend reading the Devil’s Game[i], by Robert Dreyfuss.  I may not agree with his conclusions, but I certainly cannot dispute his research. America does not deserve blame for the rebirth of fundamentalist Islam, but our history, our Government and its leaders have been ignorant of the facts and progression, never fully understanding the critical importance for knowledge, and a proper defense against this venomous ideological incursion into the lives of people worldwide in the name of Allah.  We all must Understand Islam.

[i] Devil’s Game, by Robert Dreyfuss, 2005, An Owlm Book, Henry Holt and Company, New York, New York.

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