Rebirth of Islamic Fundamentalism (1 of 3)

UI – Part 209 – Rebirth of Islamic Fundamentalism (1 of 3)

“During the Cold War the Western powers welcomed the formation of an Islamic front against Communism through the formation of a “Green Belt” of Islamic allies in the Middle East. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia were major parts of this and they had a variety of intelligence coalitions with the U.S.,” from an article, Islamic Fundamentalism: from Iran 1979 to Today, by A. Azad[i], paragraph heading: ROOTS OF FUNDAMENTALISM.


This paragraph continued, “In Pakistan the Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) was instrumental in creating the Afghan mujahedeen. The ISI worked alongside the CIA, setting up training camps and supplying weapons to fight Russia after it invaded Afghanistan in 1979. The ISI trained 83,000 mujahedeen from 1983 to 1997. It continued its operations even after Russia left.

But the CIA or ISI did not create Islamic fundamentalism. Its roots lie in social conditions in the Middle East. The collapses of Russian Communism, the confusion of the Left, the seeming lack of any revolutionary alternative to capitalism, have all created conditions for retrogression, for the return back to religion.”

‘Retrogression back to Religion’ is a poignant choice of words, suggesting a return, a return to Theocracies where mosque and State are one.  It was also a return to ancient 7th Century  conditions, changes in the culture (as for Afghanistan anyway), and the potential for an ideal Islamic State.  The influences may have been more Wahhabist[ii], similar to what we see throughout the world where funding and support for new mosques, as well as the Muslim Brotherhood (and offshoots),  is provided by the Saudi’s.

Also why is there this apparent need for a “revolutionary alternative to capitalism”?

Strategic Miscalculation

From the book Devil’s Game: How the United States Helped Unleash Fundamentalist Islam By Robert Dreyfuss[iii]: “strategic miscalculation….The United States spent decades cultivating Islamists, manipulating and double-crossing them, cynically using and misusing them as Cold War allies, only to find that it spawned a force that turned against its sponsor and with a vengeance. Like monsters imbued with artificial life, radical imams, mullahs, and ayatollahs stalk the landscape, thundering not only against the United States but against freedom of thought, against secular science, against nationalism and the left, against women’s rights. Some are terrorists, but far more are just medieval-minded religious fanatics who want to turn the calendar back to the seventh century.”

We are observing daily the growth of Islamic Fundamentalism, even a ‘retrogression’ in the aftermath of the Arab Spring.  The Arab Spring to the free world was a call for freedom and individual independence by the youth living in Muslim dominated societies.  Human Rights and Equality of sexes, sexual preferences, financial responsibility, marriage and more was on the agenda of those protesting.  Both men and women gathered in defense of being independent, able to explore what was on their mind.  The outcome has not been as prayed for or sought in the risks taken.

Were we (America) wrong in ridding nations of monsters such as Hussein, Mubarak, and Ghadafi, and helping Afghanistan eliminate the Communist incursion?  Were our choices for Middle East associations, support and funding, the wrong ones? In doing what our politicians and the academics that may have advised them suggested was best for the people, the common people who had a desire, so thought, for freedom and democracy (our ideals, not theirs), were we wrong, or were we mislead? Or simply confused and unknowing, proceeding with good intentions, but a lack of a complete understanding for the workings of the Islamic-trained mind?  With the monsters gone we see fundamentalist organizations (the Muslim Brotherhood the most known group, but there are other derivative factions) taking over, imposing their will on the people, a will the monsters kept at bay, maintaining more of a secular (still Islam) national government more than an Islamic theocratic state.

We considered the revolt called the Arab Spring the beginning of the change anticipated towards more democratic thinking, based upon free elections, and greater freedom of thought, consciousness, and religion.  But that movement has been high-jacked by the fundamentalists.

America’s Input

What did America do right?  What did America do wrong?  What impact, or cause, did America effect with their financial and military aide, when called upon by Middle East Nations?  What was our goal, their goal, the common goal (if any)?  How are we to blame for Islamism, terrorist acts against America and arising within America, the verbal abuse, such as being called ‘The Great Satan?  The specific focus here is on acts carried out, mostly terrorist acts that were designed to kill and/or maim many people at once by adherents to Islam. Are America’s ideals, political structure, Constitution and want for all men and women to be free and be treated equally at odds with the mindset of the Middle East?  Are we the pawn, used and then abused, by Middle Eastern Nations, their perfection of Takiyya applied in relations with the United States where upon they receive aide and we receive no respect as our ideals are incompatible with theirs?  They are oil and we are water.  As much as we try to mix them, the surfactants supplied and applied, the oil remains on the surface.  We may never be able to concoct the proper mix.

Even President Obama, he may be the poster-child for America’s clueless nature towards our history with Muslim leaders, uses his words carefully, having called in some instances terrorist attacks, even when the words ‘Allahu Akbar’ were heard, ‘work-place violence;’ not what it was in fact – terrorist acts in the name of Allah.  His Politically Correct, careful choices of words, has clouded the sky paintings that clearly depict an aggressive stance by Islamists against the democracy, freedom and Constitution of America.  Even our President is blind to the facts – our water is not compatible with their oil, whether in the Middle East, or more importantly, here in the United States.

In late May (2013) Senator John McCain visited the rebels in Syria.  He suggested afterwards we assume a greater role in the conflict, siding with those in opposition to Assad.  The link Assad-Hezbollah-Iran is a concern.  Indeed it is in light of the verbal proclamations by the Persian leaders, the Shia theocratic regime, that Israel should be eradicated, wiped from this planet.  That is a concern to America.  Israel may be our only friend and ally in the Middle East.  There is a major ‘but?’ that must be asked, considered, in the expressed desire and recommendation of Senator McCain.  Just who would we be supporting, and what can/might/could happen if our aide results in success and the downfall of the Assad dictatorship?  It is a question that must be asked, and ‘doing nothing’ must remain an option.

The outcome to support for the Syrian rebels could well be Muslim Brotherhood-Al Qaeda-Sunni-Saudi-Wahhabist-Islamic Fundamentalism taking over the remnants of Syria.  We may not want that either.  We have Jordan to consider as well.  They would not want the Islamic Fundamentalism of the Muslim Brotherhood upheld and growing, certainly not armed.

What is America to do having knowledge of the past, the Afghanistan cause that created the Taliban, the fall of dictators enabling the growth and rehabilitation of the Muslim Brotherhood (and off-shoots), and the change in attitude in Pakistan and Egypt while billions of our dollars continue to flow in their direction?  America is somewhat unwittingly complicit.  Trying to make the best decisions, there may have been no correct choice, but where there was a need the focus was not on political islam.

Mess in the Middle East

The Middle East is a mess.  It is a dilemma for any third party nations wanting the people, those not in the leadership of the countries in the area, to be free, yet it may be that we just cannot comprehend what the culture of Islam, the teachings of the Quran, and the scholars and educators of Islam have done to the people in the area.  It is difficult too to comprehend the horrific methods they employ in gaining and maintaining the upper hand.   They are automatons for Allah, created by human authoritarians, and can only change from within. They may never embrace freedoms associated with democracy. Those that try are targeted for elimination.  By now we should understand that.  But where there is fear, death to the apostates, criminal persecution for independent minded people wanting to be free of the oppressive ideology of Islam, those wanting an escape from living under the banner of Allah and the heavy handed tactics against dissent, it is more than just ‘difficult.’ For many it is impossible.  It would require a sacrifice beyond what most are willing to make.

Consider the sacrifice of Christ, and know the sacrifice for many that may be required.

Who Should America Support?

America might/should consider throwing its aide dollars and military support behind Christians in the Middle East. Stop funding those entities that are confused, anti-America, and teach hatred towards anything free.  What a dramatic and totally original thought!  The Copts and other denominations need aide.  Equip them, arm them, protect them, all within the borders of the Muslim Middle-East.  What a difference that could make.  At least America would know how they would respond to their sponsors.  There would be no ‘deceit.’  Religious freedom would be respected.  Let the Christians within the borders use this money to assist all people in their society.  They know the Muslim neighbor mindset better than we do. The Islamists would need to turn to the Christian to line their pockets. There would be no 911 after the fact.

More on this topic next week.

Grace and Peace

[ii] More on Wahhabism in a future Blog

[iii] Devil’s Game: How the United States Helped Unleash Fundamentalist Islam By Robert Dreyfuss, Published by Owl Books , 2005

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