Apocalyptic Mindset

UI – Part 198 – Apocalyptic Mindset

We are hearing from Iran, particularly, an End Times commentary.  From the Khomeini and even President Ahmadinejad they talk of the arrival of the Mahdi, the Twelfth Imam and Jesus Christ (Isa) to satisfy the prophecy of End of Days.  This is a threat, a threat of mutual destruction, the Good and Evil forces battling to the End.  The survivor, as they see it anyway, is the Good God, Allah.  But even before the arrival of the supreme Beings the leaders have avowed to take action.  Given their Apocalyptic Mindset having nukes at their disposal should be a scary thought to the entire world.

Iran’s View

Iran looks to neighbors to their north, east and west having nuclear weapons and ask themselves, “why should we not be equally equipped?”  The reason: none of the others are proclaiming intentions to obliterate the world – not just the big and little Satan.   Iran is prepared to impose God’s justice on the world, intervening for God or Allah, making it overt human actions more than godly type disasters to exercise judgment.  Then they will invoke Allah’s name as their justification.  They seem intent on fulfilling the Book of Revelations and other eschatological scenarios on their own.


I am less than certain that the majority of Iranians agree with the heads of State of their Country.  If they express dissent, however, they may be doomed anyway.

Heaven’s Rewards

Looking into the Islam ideology setting off nukes and causing massive destruction isn’t all bad as the believers would obtain a ‘free pass’ to heaven and the rewards the Quran promises, depending on translation and interpretation.

Bombs Bursting

The picture painted in not a good one.  It is all explosions and fireballs and when the blasts dissipate the remnants are charred bodies, evaporated bodies, destroyed cities, total destruction, and dead zones for decades until the radiation is reduced to levels that will allow for inhabitants to return.  This would be ungodly.

Syria and its once beautiful City Damascus provides the type of scenery that will result from the destructive mentality of the leaders of Islam; and all that rubble has been accomplished without nukes.  Do you really believe God, Allah, is behind all this having compelled human’s that adhere to the Quran and Muhammad they are doing what is right.

Is the Dome Safe?

How they might avoid obliterating the Dome of the Rock is another question.

Give the Iran leaders a button to push that would set off a nuclear device and know the outcome is the Apocalypse.

Beware of the Destructive Nature of Islam

Beware of the compelling nature of fundamentalist Muslims to destroy.  They seem an aggrieved bunch that find solace in their scripture.  But they are wrong as God alone is the judge.  Individually they must find in their hearts the presence of the Lord and understand his cry to all to Love, not hate.  Collectively as warriors for their cause, using a god called Allah as their justification is delusional, yet they continue and for what purpose.  Even among themselves there are differences, disagreements that will result in internal strife and subsequent battles to determine the superior.  For what end – End Times?

Know, understand and beware of the Apocalyptic Mindset of the Muslim.  They as individuals may claim otherwise, yet as called for and demonstrated by too many leaders and supporters a world where freedom exists cannot be a Muslim world.  If in enacting judgment on non-Islamic-believers they can achieve the end they foresee as Allah’s call, spoken through Muhammad and recorded subsequent to his death by military leaders, Caliphs, then more terrorism, destruction and quests for control must be anticipated.  It is their Holy War.

When a member of Al Qaeda destroys or occupies a city claiming the inhabitants are not obeying Quranic Scripture, their dictates and interpretation of  Allah’s Will, know then the devil, the evil Jinn, has become the puppet master and taken over the reins directing their bodies to make hell more known and Satan’s destructive power obvious.

Pray for Peace

Pray for peace, for minds that apply their intellect for good, and objectivity to see the pathway to the eternal kingdom is not lined with bodies destroyed out of hatred, but loving peoples welcoming those who have found and let God remain in control.

Grace and Peace.

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