Islam Shackles Independent Thought

UI – Part 193 – The Shackles of Islam on Independent Thought

Humans Have the Ability to Think

All humans know they have a mind and can think.  Think for yourself is or would be a given, except for a Muslim.

Muslims are Restricted

Sura 5.101 of the Quran reads: “O you who believe (Muslims), ASK NOT about things which if made known to you would give you trouble; and if you ask about them when the Quran is being revealed, they will be made known to you.  Allah pardons this: and Allah is Forgiving, Forbearing.”

How would one know of trouble without asking?

A footnote to this Sura in Mualana Muhammad Ali’s English Translation of The Holy Quran suggests a Hadith supporting this admonition (B 3:28, 29) “shows that the Prophet (Muhammad) also discouraged questions on details in which a Muslim could choose a way for himself.”

Certainly herein limitations on Freedom of Thought are more than just suggested. In Sura 5.102 we see the concern.

Sura 5.102, “A people before you indeed asked such questions, then became disbelievers therein.”

 Before M

The comment “people before you’” raises a question in its own right.  Who came before Muhammad as a people?  And what did they know of God but they learned from the Bible, the Old Testament and the New, conjecture, oral tradition, and, if literate, from various books, papers, writings from a variety of Christ followers and doubters.  The bottom line for all, however, as Christ followers, despite confusing talk and doubts, was that Christ was divine and his sacrifice brought all mankind into God’s tent, not just a select group of so referenced ‘Chosen People.’

God Wants You to Ask – Even When You Pray

I sincerely feel that God wanted us all to ask questions.  Ask, seek and ye shall find His Truth.  From scientists looking into the cosmic past, to philosophers debating all manner of reasons for life and existence, and to those that proclaim no need for God in their lives, or even the reality of God, there will be questions asked, concerns and doubts raised and answers given.  God will become more the reality to the human inquirer, an actual relationship with God possible, as an outcome.  My book The Proven God attempts a study of doubters and why many draw false conclusions, not out of their research but simply denial.

Be open-minded.  Be objective.  Be independent.  Why allow the constraints of Islam prevent the use of a good mind?  If you are Muslim and prefer as a gifted thinking person the freedom your mind allows you then ask, explore, doubt, and you may, unfortunately for Islam and the insistent scholars and fear mongering advice, discover you believe not in Allah but God, the God of the Old and New Testament.  Be assured as a result you will not suffer ‘painful chastisement’ but be baptized in the Holy Spirit and provided the glory of forgiveness and salvation, a life eternal with God.


Islamophobia‘ has become a useful term applied by Muslims more to supress questions, doubts and concerns for their ideology.  It is a limitation, a prevent action, on free thought and objective discussions.  It is used to describe anyone anti-Muslim, or even with a specter of doubt towards Islam.  But it is a apparition they have conjured up to denounce anyone that may suggest Islam is not a religion, is not godly, is more a device of man than a plan of God.  As women hidden behind a Burka Muslims want Islamophobes similarly dressed, oppressed and hidden.  The truth may be too tempting.

Discover Your Identity

How many educated Muslims have discovered their identity and ability at independent thought in America, as students with scholarships provided by American Colleges and Universities, as well as the American Government?  They need to be thankful and ask where in the culture of their homeland would they have received a similar learning experience or opportunity.  It is the objectivity of God as expressed in Biblical scripture that enables man to think without constraints and choose the path suited for him without coercion but freely.  Temptations are unavoidable.  It is the strength of the believer that enables him/her to resist.  It is free independent thinking that with knowledge embraces the Biblical truth of God and his Saving Grace, the New Covenant that enables man to be made right with God.

Thanks be to God.

Grace and Peace

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