Deny Holy Spirit Deny God

UI – Part 191 – Deny the Holy Spirit Deny God

God in Your Life

Having God in your life is important.  The trials of everyday life can be dealt with when there is less stress.  God is a stress reliever.  So many conditions of the soul are impacted by a variety of factors, from wartime pressures, personal situations, mental impediments, political turmoil, financial implications, business and work environmental elements, religious differences and more. Society and the drug companies appear to resolve the problems with pills.  Even the psychologists and psychoanalysts that uncover the underlying reasons for personal internal turmoil customarily prescribe drugs as the means of resolve, in addition to weekly or regular one hour sessions.  Even the educational system, colleges and universities that teach medical or mental diagnostics rely on case study and drug applications that have documented history.  Seldom is God seen as a means for the cure.

God is Knowable

Knowing God is possible.  If you think that is not the case then you need to think again.  If you open your heart and mind to the Word of God, the Bible, you will discover His reality.  This idea is all too often scoffed at, but that is as Jesus forecast.  The reality is a loving, compassionate, caring, forgiving, welcoming, patient and gracious God that can help you more than drugs, more than counseling from sectarian meaningful well-intended students of the mental condition.  God is a stress reliever and preventer.  Through the Holy Spirit his presence in believers is the elixir than can quell even the most turbulent condition of the soul.  His soothing voice can be heard to aid in dealing with obstacles society has labeled, along with the media and professors, as potential reasons for institutionalization without the cures they can offer with their words, their hypnosis and their drugs.  Sure the pills can help.  They can alter your personality.  They can help you forget.  They can take you to a new place that elevates you above your problems and helps you conform or adapt or become complacent; that is until the drugs wear-off.

Turn to God

Turning to God, through prayer, through the Word, through daily devotions, with the aid of your church, your church leaders, and/or fellow Christian traveler can be just the prescription that works best.  It is not profitable to the Drug Industry or the Medical Professionals, but it has been and will always be the most effective solution to overcome the invading evil forces that arise living this earthly existence.  We are surrounded by temptations, by evil forces, by disruptive personalities that work ever so hard to deny God and his remedial efficacy.  His presence is all-powerful, all wonderful, all positive, and filled with acceptance and love.  He will always love you, no matter your condition.  He is there to help and guide you to be complete.

The New Testament does not declare war on the non-believer.  It does not engender fear, but shows God’s arms open to all, welcoming and through Christ forgiving to all who sincerely believe in God and live their lives accordingly.  Love God and love neighbor, not as a requirement but as a condition of the heart dedicated to service in God’s Kingdom.  No more sword or weapons of mass destruction.  It is not by destroying the non-believer but by loving mankind that God aides everyone in his company in relieving the stress of everyday life.

Be Filled with the Holy Spirit

Those that believe in the true God are filled with the Holy Spirit.  Believe God, believe then that the Holy Spirit is in you and God is with you.  You will know, and he will provide the comfort you need to deal with stress.  Jesus came to earth to save those who believe in God.  Do you believe in God?

Thanks Be to God.

Grace and Peace.

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