UI – Part 149 – The Apostasy Ladder

UI – Part 149- The Apostasy Ladder


The concept of apostasy is not that difficult.  If you change your view or allegiance to a cause you have become an apostate.  As defined: apostasy is the renunciation of a religious or political belief or allegiance.  We are aware Muslims that become active in another religion, especially if they accept Christ and become a Christian, are subject to all manner of discipline, abuse, and even a call for ‘death’ to the apostate – punishment not uncommon in Muslim controlled areas of the world.

Any mention of another religion is precluded for fear that others might be taken by the new idea or freedoms that may be possible and reject Islam.  That is a no-no-no.  It is condemned by families, the society in which people live, peers, Islamic scholars, teachers in schools, and certainly from the lectern of a madrassa. It is out of fear.

There is a fear-factor in the Muslim world that subjects anyone who chooses to exercise independence, even independent thought, or simply to think and question, to punishment, resistance or condemnation.

As the fundamentalist Muslim would tell you, “You are to do what you do even if you do not agree with what you are to do.  You may consider what you must do irrelevant or contrary to what is reasonable yet you must resist any such temptation as to do what you are told is Allah’s Will.”  The fundamentalist is interpreting the Will of Allah himself for others.

An Islamic Center

In a recent conversation with a Muslim student in America, associations with other Muslims, locals, students or otherwise, was discussed.  What I learned was quite disturbing.  An Islamic Center in the area was an attraction for Muslims away from home, but more importantly for those already members of the community.  Lectures, programs, and other activities were on-going to maintain a focus on Islam.  There were sub-sets, groups, within the Center that attempted to attract members.  Funding was available to provide extras to those interested.  At first it is simply a gift, a gift that may be given again if interest is shown.  Each group may have different views as to Islam and the rule-of-law to be applied.   A group’s thinking may be at odds with the person or persons receiving support.  However to continue to receive, one must continue to listen and then change, or adopt and adapt to this new view.  Thus one becomes a member of a group within Islam.  Money is used to encourage people to join.  An example provided was an affinity organization that insists women be covered totally, the wearing of a Burqa and not just a hijab.  You may resist, but in time because of  being enriched by this sub-organization, encouraged to accept a strict belief and requirement to be totally covered join.  The offer suggests that for the money I will wear a Burqa.

Oil Dollars and Multiculturalism

Brigette Gabriel, of Act for America, has often made mention of the billions of dollars flowing from Arab areas enriched by the oil dollar.  Such money is applied in the West (and elsewhere) “to advance Islam” in the manner most desired by the provider of the funds.  If it is from Saudi Arabia then Wahabbism is emphasized.

Multiculturalism is a failed philosophy as it encourages sub-groups to insulate themselves from the country or community in which they live.  The reason to move from one area of the world to another is for opportunity and, in the case of America, religious freedom.  But if the Country then allows the immigrants to avoid becoming part of their new world a grave mistake is being made.  When people first came to America they wanted to become an American, learn the history and the language, to speak and be an American.  That was the case in the UK and Europe, but it has changed.  It needs to be reversed so that pride of the welcoming Country comes first.  If not, then a return to the preferred culture should be encouraged.  Countries must not change their Constitution and civil laws to those of the immigrants; it must be the other way around.

Returning to the Islamic Center’s groups joined for the benefit of the dollars provided – the rub was that these groups had an almost military face. Once a part, you must adhere to their accepted viewpoint of the Ideology of Islam.   Other members would be on-guard for a change in attitude, even a revision to feelings prior to entry, a micro-Islamic police force. Each group would have its own overseers to prevent dissent and contain apostates.  The methods employed are learned from Islam itself.   Members are told to not leave.  The same consideration is applied as if this apostate is leaving Islam itself.  Leave the group and be chastised, harmed, attacked on the Internet, and all manner of abuse to be applied to the apostate.  We see the result of multiculturalism in this picture as well.  Do not change for where you are; remain of the ideology and thinking from whence you came.

The rungs of the Apostate Ladder are laid early in the life of a Muslim, invading the mindset of many whose views become fundamental and applicable to  not just Islam.  It is a gang mentality of sorts.  Leave the gang and suffer the consequences.

Islamic Centers have been built throughout the United States to welcome Muslim immigrants from other areas of the world, but to also keep them in line.  Bribery has been and is effective.  We trade US dollars for oil, which the oil rich Arab nations then use in part to grow Islam and Islamic Law.   If you are encouraged and embraced by a more restrictive form of Islam that is as Allah Wills; there is no going back.

Independent Thinking a Muslim Taboo

Independent thinking in Islam is just not permitted.  Oil dollars are being used to control, brainwash and order Muslims to comply.  Strict adherence to what you believe must be practiced, and if you change your mind, Allah Forbids.

Being Independent, objective, takes great courage in light of the restrictions on Muslims ordered by their scholarly authorities.  Irshad Manji[1] is a valuable resource used to encourage Muslims to step up to their independence and be who they are and want others to be.

Pray for the independent mind to be free and to think, as God has provided.

Grace and Peace

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