UI – Part 139 – Islamism – A False Religion

UI – Part 139 – Islamism – A False Religion

Is Islam a false religion?  Is it contrived for the benefit of man, or men?  Are those who follow as believers in God, Allah as god, being mislead by leaders that seek dominance and the wealth and/or prestige that they can gain by corralling entire societies under the ruse of a religion?  The unity of Islam is to be when religion, government, civil laws, and the military are regulated by the Quran and the dictates of religious scholars and totalitarian leaders? Iran is a prime example.  Is that relevant today?  Is it the way of life the common man would choose?  Is it the way of life a forgiving, caring, merciful and loving God would choose? Is Islam an Ideology?

The World Needs God

It is clear the world needs God.  God is not dead.  The obtuse idea of atheism provides an empty chasm into which no hope falls.  If man can only be born into a universe, an existence, without a purpose then die, having achieved nothing, or having no reason to attain or become something, all would be allowed.  There would be no morality.  Existence would be accompanied daily with the question, Why.  Without God there is no answer.  Without a God to establish controls on the world, a moral order, then the order can only be as man desires, and there would be no rules, no punishment, and no limitations on what can be done sexually or otherwise.  Who could judge, upon what basis, upon what authority?  Thus Allah becomes that God, the moral beacon for Islam, but the beacon then shines, or enables an autocrat, or totalitarian regime to provide oversight on Allah’s Revelation and Will.

Texts have been prepared that outline Islamic Laws, pages and pages of Laws.  They make those Laws delineated in Leviticus and Deuteronomy of the Bible tame, and brief.  Are they the choice of God? Did God prepare those extensive lists of Islamic Laws?  The answer is obvious; it is ‘no!’ The proletariat is being used, taken advantage of by religious leaders, scholars and the government leaders.  The victor is always the leaders, as they desire and proclaim the law – Islamic Law.  The moral order established by the Quran and its companion documents is convenient for the desires of men, the wealthy, the ideological and the political[1] at the expense of the poor or working class.

It seems disingenuous that the leaders, men of Allah, would not be the perfect example to the populace.  It is too convenient.  Instead we see the likes of Assad, the Khomeini and Ahmadinejad, the military in Egypt, the Islah Party in Yemen, Al Qaeda and the Taliban killing others, Muslims and infidels, who disagree with the tenets of the ideology of Islam as they see it, as they see fit, or find useful. Muhammad may have had good intentions, moral and even accommodating, pluralistic in view and accepting of others, as some Muslims claim they believe. Yet Muhammad did not live his life the way many are now told to live theirs.  Are/Were the Laws that Muslims read today in scholarly Islamic texts not applicable to the Prophet?  Muhammad’s personal standards differed from those he recited, his Companions recited and the scholars wrote and opined on for the people of Islam.  They believe in God/Allah.  God is needed for mankind to have hope and purpose.  Did Muhammad and his Companions see and seize on an opportunity.  That opportunity converted a love for God/Allah into an Ideology more than a Religion.  An example – the Quran limits men to 4 wives, Muhammad had at least 11.  Double standard?

To the Victor Goes the Spoils

Mecca accommodated all religions, all idols at the time.  It was a resource, a center and an attraction for the annual bazaar, the Hajj that attracted throngs to gather, exchange wares, honor their idols, vacation, eat, drink, be merry and peaceful, and then return to their tribal areas and their cultures. It produced trade and wealth for the locals.  Muhammad may have wanted in on the action, to take over his family business in his way, and the one God rule was his mantra, the cause to be celebrated, the reason for fighting, and to provide justification for his actions. Clever.  He used God, blasphemed God by the standards of a Christian, to achieve his ends.

Mecca before Muhammad and Islam accepted pluralism.  There was freedom of religion.

Muhammad’s Companions, his army, followers, were necessary to carry out his mission and achieve his objective.  To them went many spoils.  Muhammad desired a way of life different from that which the Meccans had enjoyed for centuries.  They resisted.  That upset Muhammad.  Such resistance has been forevermore called ‘persecution’ of Islam.  Who was the first to cast the stone into the party?  Muhammad clearly lacked an appreciation for traditions that had been in place.  One god, monotheism, sounds great.  It is worthy.  Muhammad refused to understand the situation, or it did not matter, he simply took the resistance to his stance as persecution.  His response, “I’ll get back at you. You will see.”  Going more slowly for the cause of a potentially loving faith base for one god would have been better, in my estimation. Where was his Sermon on the Mount? His Sermon on the Plain?

It continues to this day.  It is Islamism.  It is Islam.  Muhammad and his Companions found fighting for a world All-for-Allah beneficial and laid claim to the entire world.  The scholars of Islam continue that war.  The persecution that Muhammad engendered in Mecca happened again in Medina and continues.  It has been the same for Christians since Christ. Christ informed his disciples they would be persecuted in the name of Christ, as believers.   We are at war, the Islamists claim, until every last citizen on earth lives under Islamic (Sharia) Law.  Dar Al Harb.  Yet the Christians are not today classified as terrorists for God.

A Universe Without God

In a universe without God – there is no one to say that you are right and I am wrong.  We need God.  But is that God to be loving or something else?

In a universe without God – there is only the bare valueless fact of existence. We are to live for the eternal kingdom.  We are to have a thirst for God, rich or poor, it is not the wealth factor; it is the spirit that is important.  Do you have a heart for God, a hunger for his Word, a desire to live by His (Jesus or Isa) example?  We are to be peacemakers, not war-mongers.  By example we can show the world the comfort as a believer we have that his Kingdom waits.  It awaits all who believe.  They must believe because that is what they want.  We cannot be forced to be righteous; we cannot by Laws be made righteous.  No one righteous wrote the Laws.

In a universe without God – good and evil do not exist.  In your heart you know what is right.  Live by that standard.  You have been given life by the creator, be thankful, be appreciative of the abilities He provided and live to honor and glorify Him.

A world without a divine lawgiver has no objective right and wrong, only culturally and personally relative, subjective judgments.  The Islamic Laws, the plethora of standards to make a Muslim worthy are cultural derivatives, products of man.  Allah’s message was much simpler that the Companions and scholars of Islam have made it to be.

Can there be more than one Islam?

Is there an Islam that encourages those to see and accept god first, then follow and act accordingly, because of the faith you have in God?

Who is the God that is true to all mankind?

Grace and Peace.

[1] For Men Only; UI – Part 114 – For Men Only  Aug 24, 2011 (https://tombalderston.wordpress.com/2011/08/24/)

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