UI – Part 133 – Why A Man Who Came to Save Mankind is So Scorned

UI – Part 133 – Why A Man Who Came to Save Mankind is So Scorned

Hating the One Who Saved You

Have you ever thought about why a person trying to save others would be hated or scorned?

We see it at times towards the military.  Members of military forces, to include police, are trained to keep the peace, more than kill an enemy. There are some who see them not as peacekeepers, but enemies of the people, at least of the people who would prefer such oversight be stopped.  Who are they – the speeders, drug dealers, con-artists, identity thieves, addicts, robbers, rapists, and other criminals, among others?  If everyone joined hands with an objective of respect for those who strive for good, to help and save, there just might be peace.  Clergy teach their flock to love neighbors, loving God above all.  But churches are attacked, their membership too, in far too many areas of the world.  They are targets.  Ask why, why when these people have faith and live not to do harm, but to achieve a place in His eternal Kingdom and to love neighbor and God as the two most important commandments, are there others that find it a pleasure to kill, main, or otherwise do harm.  What are they saying?  What are they trying to tell the world?  It cannot be good news.

If your neighbor were willing to lay down his life for you, would you then ignore this act of kindness and eliminate his family.  What would you be hiding?  What if a friend when the police arrived to arrest you for a crime you committed, stand before you, between you and the arresting officer, hands held out and say handcuff me?  Punish me.  How would you feel?  What would you say or do?  What would you tell others?  Would you be thankful?  You might ask, or should ask, what would be expected, then, of me?

The answer – it is simple – do not repeat your crime.  There are expectations.  Do unto others as I have done for you.  Do the right thing going forward.  Pay it forward.  Respect your friend for the sacrifice.

There are Laws that when obeyed make the world safe for everyone in it.  There can be bad laws too, when man intervenes and passes legislation favoring what man wants and not God commands.  A proper legal system does not favor one class over another, to include rich vs. poor or the powerful vs. the weak or men vs. women.  Fair laws are structured to protect everyone.  They can live with doors unlocked, with car windows opened, without locks or keys, travel without concern for their wallet or physical safety.  Women can live without being a potential victim of a male bent on sexual satisfaction, or demeaned for being less than an equal, or taken advantage of by being weaker.  Women would know they know they are equal.  Human Rights would be a common practice; equality and liberty would prevail.  We know that is not the case.  You must wonder – why is that not the case?

We fear those who cannot accept the sacrifice.

We fear those who scorn the savior, who reject an act of such kindness, without even giving thought that it was for you and me, everyone – for those that hate and scorn also.

What is the harm in believing, at least respecting, a person who would be so humble, so giving, so loving as to die for mankind?  Why reject a loving person even if you disagree?  With witnesses in the hundreds it is not easy to dismiss the facts, unless totally ignorant or ignoring of them.  The only possible reason would be interference, interference with a personal lifestyle, objectives and wants that are not designed for

Next week the foucs will be on Why Hate?

Remember – Christmas – The King

This Christmas time of year we remember the Birth of Jesus.  We also must remember the humble servant to the people.  He was the King, but not as Caesar, as the Divine Creator who offered an Eternal Life in His Kingdom.  We live in a pagan world and His World.  We make choices.  We can live in both, but must decide our future.  That decision is made possible by the sacrifice Christ made for All Mankind.  We are all included in the saving grace of the Lord Almighty.  His sacrifice enabled all people to be Chosen People, chosen for a life eternal with Him.  He also wanted and made possible peace on earth by being humble, caring, loving and forgiving.  His love is Unconditional.  He awaits your return to Him.

What Makes it so Easy to Scorn?

What makes it so easy for so many to scorn someone who would give his life to save?  This is truly a question impossible to answer – an imponderable of monumental proportions.  What makes it so difficult to accept the witnesses of hundreds and hundreds to the resurrection of Jesus?  His ascension paved the way for our Salvation.  What makes over a billion followers of the Ideology of Islam want so much to destroy those who believe in God and his sacrifice?  Even if they choose to ignore, why kill for the sake of Allah?  Is that what God wants?  Sura 22:17 reads: “Those who believe and those who are Jews and…the Christians…and the polytheists – surely Allah will decide between them on the day of Resurrection.  Surely Allah is Witness over all things.” This suggests Judgment is Allah’s alone.  The hatred of Islamists towards non-Muslims should not be vented here on earth.  That is not the Will of Allah.  It is not the Will of God.

We must all pray for a world at peace.

Thanks Be to God.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Grace and Peace.

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