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ACT for America

During the week of December 5, 2011, I had the opportunity to hear Bridgitte Gabriel and her ACT for America presentation a couple of times in a small setting.  Having read her books, Because They Hate and They Must be Stopped, I knew her story.  I attended a larger audience several months ago.  Each presentation was identical for the most part.  It is effective and captures the attention of the audience to the problem with radical Islam.  No one would want to go through her trauma, or have their children go through the horrors of a war based on hate towards Christians and Jews as she did.

Her stand – National Security is the most important issue all Americans must focus on and there is a critical need to understand the threats to our Nation, especially by a group of religious zealots.  That group, which she also calls Islamofacists, is the radical Islamic factions that have been behind numerous attacks against the West or areas where Western ideals exist. Europe has lost the fight against creeping Islam, basically by failing to resist.  We must not let that happen here.

To those around the country that have heard her story it is compelling.  I credit her with backing her words with actions in the formation of her nonprofit organization focused on creating awareness to the inroads being made by the Islamists in the USA.  [ACT for America.  www.ACTforAmerica.org]  Along with her organization’s CEO Guy Rogers the impact they will have over time can only be beneficial for every citizen in this country.  I would encourage any reader to learn more about her organization and provide whatever support possible.

I cannot really criticize her presentation.  I would suggest, however, that she expand her base of support by introducing stories about others who have similar feelings with practical experiences that need to be shared.

America on the Verge

What everyone must know is that there has been a great transfer of wealth from America to OPEC countries, possibly the greatest transfer in all of history, arising from the purchase of oil.  This country’s reluctance to drill and utilize its own resources has created an avenue for extremists who believe that the world can only function in an All-For-Allah format.  When I say this country’s reluctance, it is primarily from the political arena, or federal government.  More than one Administration has imposed unnecessary restrictions on drilling.  They have been responsive to too many outside agents whose personal goals are counter to those of the nation as a whole.  When it comes to Alternative Energy there is no logical reason that such alternatives cannot be researched at the same time we’re using oil which exists in vast quantities under the surface of the United States of America.  If you consider the magnitude of dollars spent each year to purchase foreign oil and apply a small percentage, say 5%, to that figure and have those dollars spent to promote the Ideology of Islam, you can appreciate where the resources come from to build 1600 or so madrassas in the United States.  A Madrassa is not like a Church or Synagogue where there is a service once a week to worship one’s faith.  They are also used to teach children the ways of Islam as well as to organize political actions to be taken to promote their Ideology.  This Ideology is incompatible with the laws of the USA and our Constitution.

Our federal government under the leadership, or lack thereof, of President Obama has become adverse to anything that suggests that Islam, or the Islamists, are the most responsible source for terrorism.  That is not the impression of Americans, nor those in other Western countries.  Efforts are being made to cleanse textbooks of the horrific tactics employed by Muslims throughout history to achieve their imperialistic goals.  Part of this effort is funded by Saudi Arabia, using a portion of their oil revenues.  Training materials have been established to assist teachers and professors in middle school and on college campuses to equip them to discuss the ways of Islam in a fashion that projects them in a positive light.  To do this actual historical facts are either eliminated or significantly watered down.  It is propaganda.  Military training manuals are currently receiving similar review to eliminate language that would offend Muslims.  The reviewers are Muslim.

To match the dollars, dollar for dollar, that are coming from areas of Islamic concentration worldwide and flowing into the West to be used to advance Islam will take a Herculean effort at this stage.  However we must do what we must do to prevent the inroad of this hateful Ideology from taking hold in a country founded on Judeo-Christian principles that place love, of God and neighbor, above all else.  Love of neighbor is not in the Quran, except to the extent as a neighbor of an infidel a Muslim must do everything possible to ingratiate themselves so that they can advance Islam when the time is right.

75% of Muslim Males as Islamists

Ms. Gabriel put forth an interesting statistic.  She claimed that 20 to 25% of all Muslims fall in the more extreme category.  Applying that figure to a worldwide population of Muslims approaching 1.4 billion would indicate 350 million are extreme.  That is a population that exceeds the total population in the United States.  If you consider that 50% of the Muslim population is female, and assume that the militant women represent a far smaller percentage, you are looking at 350 million out of a population of 700 million Muslim men.  That’s one half.  Then let’s consider children.  The young are a much larger percentage of the Muslim population than they are in America and Great Britain, as an example.  In many Muslim countries those under 35 are as much as 40% of the country.  Taking one-third of that number and applying it to the Muslim population we can eliminate another 470 million from the total of Adult Muslims that would be overtly militant.  Please note that the young are being taught to hate America and to kill infidels.  They are told the Christians and Jews are their enemy.  They live in countries where Christians and Jews are like prey for hunters.  Applying the 50% figure for women, we then eliminate another 235 million from the total Adult mature militant potential.  Now we are looking at 350 million Islamists among the base of 465 million Male Adult Muslim possibilities. 

Applying the mathematics we have a figure closer to 75% of the Muslim Male Mature Adult population as extremists, militants, or Islamists whose objective is a world All-For-Allah, with a heated hatred towards Christians and Jews, having a desire to eliminate all churches and synagogues, to disallow any proselytizing by people other than Muslims, especially in the presence of Muslims, and representing a concern to all Americans that we can not allow Political Correctness to run amok when it comes to calling a spade a spade.  Granted that 75% figure may not apply in America as yet, it is much less on our chores, but the influence is coming, the foundation is building, the dollars are flowing from the Arab oil rich areas, and this is the time to be concerned so we can insure the encroachment into our Constitutional freedoms is curbed now.

Concern for America, Our President and our Congress

The election of 2012 is an opportunity for voting Americans to have their voices heard.  Islamism being allowed and creeping in America is not an Economic issue; it is indeed a National Security issue.  We cannot, if you feel as I do, allow President Obama to make America less than what it is.

We are the greatest nation that has existed since God created the universe.  We need to shore up our Constitution and clearly understand the intent of our Founders.  We must make it heard loud and clear that judges in this country can only apply Laws of America, constitutionally sound principles, to legal cases in their courtrooms.  Islamic Law, or Sharia Law, conflicts with our Constitution, as well as the ideals of Freedom that embrace all elements of our society and way of life.  Freedom is anathema to Islam.  To them a free society is a pagan society.  They cannot live in a pagan society.  Why they choose America is beyond me if they believe in their Quran. 

Our nation was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, not as a country to convert people to Judaism or Christianity.  The Founders found in the Book of the People, which is how the Bible is referred to in the Quran, moral and ethical values that the civil laws of this nation should embrace.  Understanding biblical laws helps to understand America’s laws and the principles that are the GPS to follow to create a peaceful society in which pluralism, various religions, faiths, races and cultures can coexist.

We can not allow the hate of Islam to take root in the fertile soil of a great nation.

Grace and peace 

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