UI – Serve One Another Through Love

From Galatians 5:13 – You were called to freedom, brethren, to serve one another through love.

May the world see the light of His glory and know the mystery of truth is found in the love of your fellow-man and wanting to treat him as you are treated; that truth can be logically applied to civil laws that protect and provide security for the common good.

The following may become my personal theme for a unified world, unified in respect for each other:

“Open all the religious books in all areas of the world and encourage all the people to read, learn and understand each other. Would it not be better to use the books and not weapons, to enable the mind of man, our greatest gift from God, to intelligently select one’s path, have diversity and exchange ideas in harmony and a forum of objectivity. We may not all choose the same religion, it should be faith-based and not ideological, but we will choose freedom and a want for all people to have rights and receive the same protections.”

Food for Thought.

Grace and Peace.

2 thoughts on “UI – Serve One Another Through Love

  1. Did you know why the prophet Muhammad didn’t want anyone to know where he was buried ? Because he didn’t want anyone to worship him , but worship only Allah the same god of the Christian and the same god of the Jews . A fact that a lot of Christians run away from like nancy boys . And the Quran is a book of guidance that tells you to worship the one god (not worship the Quran) . Where do get off saying that the Quran or the Prophet is idol worship when were told to worship Allah & respect the Quran and respect the Prophet (not worship them !) ? Why don’t you look to the Devilworshippers instead (the Freemasons) or the hypocrates (the muslim brotherhood ,who are much bigger than you’d want to know) or the plain foolish (the brotherhoods) . Yes ; go and look at one of the 3 (that will keep you busy for a while) .


    1. No one needs to know where Christ is buried as He has Risen. We thus worship the Lord.

      I understand your comment on multiple idols, where the Quran and Muhammad are not to be worshipped as such, yet the reaction upon comments, cartoons or the like, about Muhammad or the treatment of the Quran, even making notes in the margins, certainly provides a level of reverence, or respect, far beyond the norm, given them both the appearance of idol worship. Why kill for persecution or mis-treatment, as it were, of either.

      Ah yes there are many who deny God, or worship, indirectly, Satan. Man is the object of worship more than God, laws made by man, administered by man, but all too often in the name of the Supreme Being. God should be left as judge. As a result the judgment of an infidel would be left to God alone on Judgment Day.

      Thank you for your comment.


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