UI – Part 99 – OBL, The Example of the Islamist Objective

The Islamist Objective – OBL the Example

OBL Said:  “I am one of the servants of Allah.  We do our duty of fighting for the sake of the religion of Allah.  It is also our duty to send a call to all the people of the world to enjoy this great light and to embrace Islam and experience the happiness in Islam. Our primary mission is nothing but the furthering of this religion.” 
Osama bin Laden (‘OBL’)(1957 – 2011)


This quote is worthy of reflection. Osama bin Laden (OBL), the leader of Al Qaeda, one of many organizations that desired a return to the Caliphate.  [See Part 107  – Caliphate (to be published in near future)]  He wanted the world All-for-Allah and was willing to destroy anything that reflected on a desire to embrace the material, the productive, a free way-of-life and independent thought.  Also anything Jewish or Christian was anathema, infidels all to be destroyed, like deer in a game preserve (God’s game preserve).    His Allah though may not be the same Allah as most Muslims respect and obey.  If he was the epitome of his call for Islam, for “the world to enjoy this great light and to embrace Islam and experience the happiness in Islam,” clearly his life and manner of living were not conducive to happiness. 

He lived for years in caves and for the past many years in a compound in Pakistan with no outside activity.  He was sequestered and secluded.  He was cut off from the world except through the communiqués of a courier.  He had electricity and running water, but no other contact with the outside world.  No phone, no internet, no radio or broadcast television. Often a courier would deliver a USB stick with data and exchange it for a ‘stick’ from OBL; possibly a new Video tape or DVD of the news would be delivered as well.   He even found the use of windows superfluous, as all that was needed was Allah’s light. I can see him now sitting about with some of his children, his grandchildren and his wife playing monopoly (or the Islamist equivalent – Allahopoly, a holy-war game), day in and day out playing games.  

One of his wives admitted to living only on the 3rd floor of his Pakistan compound for over 5 years.  I suspect the only playground was indoors; the only playmates for the younger children were OBL, his wife and associates.   Nearby rested an AK-47 and a pistol.  To educate his children you can imagine a couple hours each day OBL would read the Quran, attempt to interpret the Suras, read Hadith’s, and discuss the need for a world conquest for Allah. 

In the evenings he would show and watch videos of the destruction of the world trade towers and repeated OBL speeches.  Seated on the floor, a remote controller in hand, flipping channels, an older heavy television flickered with the images, a scramble of wires hanging from a make-shift shelf holding the TV and combo VCR-DVD player, OBL stroking a graying beard, he would consume himself with himself.  

They may have lived on goat’s milk and rice.  All the residents were pale for lack of the true light while they basked in “the great light” to which he referred in his quotation. Daily OBL would spew forth repeated mantras of Al Qaeda, the purpose to remind  himself why he was living, having millions of dollars in the bank, in such constrained circumstances, without regular trash pick-up even.  One or two hours each day OBL would most likely sit at his desktop computer to write his memoirs; He got exercise walking up and down stairs, not going outside.  Home videos would be taken to view at night as added entertainment.  At dinner each night he may have announced to his family, “Isn’t this the life, thanks be to the Will of Allah!!!” 

The Life of an Islamist

OBL may exemplify the life an Islamist can live.  Those that hide behind Allah, using Allah as their personal shield are the apostates.  OBL ignored the more moderate Muslims who respected the faith of Islam, especially those that allowed reason into their readings of the Quran.  OBL may be the apostate Allah has made as the example for all moderates; Allah’s Will carried out at the hands of the West, the enemy OBL despised the most.  This is the Islamist goal, the objective, a life as led by OBL.  Forget the outside world, keep your weapon handy, plan from afar the destruction of others, keep stirring the pot of hatred against the Jews, the Christians and the West, know you are a target, while knowing also that Allah Wills, and Allah will provide as he Wills; prepare to die.  If you are fortunate, or wealthy, you can live as OBL lived, otherwise find a tent, your own cave, or just stay on the move watching for drones.

Allah’s Will for OBL and his kind was demonstrated on May 1, 2011. A May Day for all Islamists to remember; it too can be your destiny.  

What I have written is a bit tongue-and-cheek, but serious as well.  Take from it what you will, but know that without reason, the irrational mind of the likes of OBL will only lead to destruction and seclusion. They will never see the light of the paradise which they put forth when brainwashing the combatants for Islam.  Neither will the combatants.  There will be no virgins for OBL; or any of those trained by OBL or his lieutenants. They are on the wrong side of knowing God; they have unwittingly become tools for Satan; Allah’s Will to which they refer and rely will end their lives as his absolute power will reveal the truth.

The Truth Revealed

According to Islamist scholars the ‘truth’ has been revealed by an uncreated Allah and an uncreated Quran.  Obey without question.  Follow the instructions.  The scholars will inform you of the truth as so revealed.  This is Revelation without thought.  Blogs discussing this topic to follow.

According to the Christians (and Jews, except for the acceptance of the saving grace of Christ) God revealed through creation all that is true and made it possible for man to discover God’s truth, his mind engaged knowing differences from right and wrong, good and evil.  God accepted man’s challenges knowing the answers obtained, for those that believed, would enable a relationship with God, a loving God, and insure God’s creation would be preserved, grow, and provide for all humans.  The gift of intellect and the ability to reason enabled the germination of continued life from the foundation established by God. 

In a world that is all Islamists the end would come as there would be no productivity, only decay and starvation.  The history of the Islamists supports this forecast.  It would be back to the desert and the life of the Bedouin, at best.

In a world that is all free peoples, a plurality, with my preference being a foundation on Christian principles and a heart for Christ, the world would continue to thrive, provide, feed, and reveal God’s glory.

Strive not to live as Osama, and his expectation and as Allah Willed for him, but as one born and formed in the image of God, filled with the Spirit, enjoying equality and the rights all humans deserve.  Let freedom be your most distinguishable objective, along with peace, and live in neighborhoods where your children can play with others, where you can spend time outdoors and associate with your fellow citizens of the world.  Let your thoughts be objective and able to question your surroundings so you can understand, have a heart for God, and His Revelation, your gift, and your purpose will be known to you.

Here I stand.  Read my books.  Wake Up! Wake Up! The Testimony of a Layman, and The Proven God.  Available at amazon.com as well as TomBalderston.com.

Grace and Peace

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