Understanding Islam – Part 67 – Religion of Peace

As a proclaimed The Religion of Peace, Islam, from all I can can discern, is far from it.  It is the Ideology of Hate.  Too many verses, over 100, in the Quran call for eliminating non-Muslims.  The Quran claims to be the Word of God, yet many references are clearly words of Muhammad, not God.  How then can it be the word of God.  The convenience and timeliness of Revelations of Muhammad to conditions in his life, such as his desire for the wife of his adopted son, when the Quran (unchangeable it is said, but changing as it reads) changes the rules so Muhammad can marry this woman, are problematic, and should be for anyone who tries to follow.   

The website, http://www.TheReligionofPeace.com will fill the reader in on events taking place throughout the world, in Muslim countries and the West, where Muslim actions make obvious Islam is not peaceful.

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From that site is a recent commentary on their view of Muslims, part positive as well as part negative.  For you to judge.  Points made:

  • Islam is an ideology. 
  • Muslims are individuals. 
  • There are Muslims who take issue with aspects of Islamic theology, but it doesn’t change what Islam is. 
  • Most Muslims (even devout ones) have only a superficial understanding of their religion. 
  • Many are secular and very few made the choice to even be Muslim. 
  • Don’t judge Islam by the Muslims that you know, and don’t judge the Muslims that you know by Islam.

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From The Religion of Peace Website.

 From the Editor

  Our Statement on
Muslims (and Islam)
“Don’t judge the Muslims that you know by Islam and
don’t judge Islam by the Muslims that you know. ”
The first Muslim Miss USA… pole dancing.
(The rest of this article probably isn’t as intriguing,
but please consider reading it anyway.)

  Since we hear from so many critics who either don’t take the time to read this site, or simply can’t understand the distinction between Islam and Muslims, we thought it best to bring together in one place what we have said in so many others over the years.Islam is an ideology.  No ideology is above critique, particularly one that explicitly seeks political and social dominance over every person on the planet. Muslims are individuals.  We passionately believe that no Muslim should be harmed, harassed, stereotyped or treated any differently anywhere in the world solely on account of their status as a Muslim.As an ideology, Islam is not entitled to equal respect and acceptance, because ideas do not carry equal moral weight.  In fact, it is not simply a belief about God.  It is a word that means submission.  Islam is inseparable from a set of rules that establish a social hierarchy in which Muslims submit to Allah, women submit to men and all non-Muslims submit to Islamic rule. Since we don’t live in a Muslim country – where censorship, intimidation and brute force are shamelessly employed to protect Islam from intellectual analysis – we are still free to openly exercise our right to debate the merits of the Islamic value system against Western Liberalism. 

Are men really superior to women as the Qur’an says?  Are women intellectually inferior as Muhammad taught?  Does propagating material (the Qur’an) that openly curses people of other religions amidst random calls to violence really make for a better social environment?  Is it right to keep women as sex slaves merely because the Qur’an explicitly allows it in multiple places?  Should atheists and homosexuals have to choose between the noose and an outward profession of faith in Allah?

Yes, there are Muslims who take issue with these aspects of Islamic theology, but it doesn’t change what Islam is.  Don’t confuse the ideology with the individual.  Don’t draw conclusions about Islam based on the Muslims that you know, be they terrorists or humanitarians.  Islam must be understood on the basis of what it is, as presented objectively in the Qur’an, Hadith and Sira (biography of Muhammad).

By the same token, don’t draw conclusions about the Muslims in your life based on the true nature of Islam.  Like any other group, not all Muslims think alike.  Even if there is no such thing as moderate Islam, it does not mean that there are no moderate Muslims.

If our years of dialogue with literally hundreds have taught us anything, it is that most Muslims (even devout ones) have only a superficial understanding of their religion.  Many are secular and very few made the choice to even be Muslim.  As with all religion, there are widely varying degrees of seriousness with which they may take the teachings of Islam.  As Ayaan Hirsi Ali put it, “Muslims as individuals can choose how much of their religion they practice.”

The Muslims that you know are not terrorists.  More than likely, their interests in life are similar to yours and they have the same ambitions for their children.  They should neither be shunned, mistreated, nor disrespected merely because of their religion.  Their property should not be abused, and neither should copies of their sacred book be vandalized.

Prejudging an individual by their group identity (or presumed group identity) is not only unethical, it is blatantly irrational, since group identity reveals absolutely nothing about a person.  Every individual should be judged only on the basis of their own words and deeds. 

Don’t judge Islam by the Muslims that you know, and don’t judge the Muslims that you know by Islam.


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There is so much to learn.  Why do Muslims fear to doubt?  Is it caused by the intolerance of the religion/ideology itself?  Doubt can be liberating.  Research, study, confirm, erase your doubts, and if not possible find another path.  Be objective about the Truths to which you subscribe.

Grace and Peace,

5 thoughts on “Understanding Islam – Part 67 – Religion of Peace

  1. All religion had war in their history … Christians and Jews …. look the Christians have catholics and protestant… Jew have extremist … so even Islam have same …….. dont judge Islam …ready and u might be come Muslim


    1. I agree war has been a part of history and often religion has been at the center. There are extremists is all areas, yet the guide of the extremist becomes central to their cause, often misinterpreted or compelled by evil and selfish desires. The Bible does not tell its followers “We disbelieve in you (non-believers) and there has arisen enmity and hatred between us and you forever until you believe in Allah alone…” Hatred is not a condition of Christian faith. Love is paramount. Jews and Christians have a God who loves them unconditionally. It is not a faith based on loving God although love for God and neighbor are considered the most important commandments. It is voluntary. We obey because we are thankful for the saving grace of the Lord.

      Few Christains have taken the time, as I have, to understand Islam. As a Christian I am permitted to do so. Fewer Muslims have taken the time to understand Chrstianity and the Bible, as they are compelled not to. To enter a church could be considered an act of apostasy. We believe as volunteers for our God, not under compulsion or fear of retribution for having doubts. I, unfortunately, have judged Islam for myself, but not out of ignorance. I have read history; I have read the Quran; I have had discussions with many. My views have been posted on this blog, presented to all for their reading, their commentary and their debate.

      Christians, Jews, Humanists, Secularists and many others are willing though to fight, to fight for freedom, freedom for all, even Muslims. Are you free? Have you studied the Bible, the Book of the People of the Book. From Sura 10:94, “But if thou are in doubt as to that which We (companions of Muhammad) have revealed to thee, ask those who read the Book before thee. Certainly the Truth has come to thee from thy Lord….” It is said the Truth will set you free.

      I have a mind, a gift from God, and like to use it; to use it means to reason. I see God as having revealed through Creation his glory, but he has equipped humans to subdue what he did for mankind so they may better the world for everyone. God’s Will is that we use what He has provided, the mind not excluded, to know his Creation make it a better place for all. From that comes scientific discovery and the study of cause and effect. We simply are not to wait for God to Will food on our table or a new car. God has provided so that we may know Him; and we know him by being engaged in his Creation as a rational being. As we discover, little things and big things, his revelation becomes more clear. I have yet to discover such freedom under Allah.

      Grace and Peace


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