UI – Part 61 – Morality

Moral and Ethical Values

Moral and ethical values have roots and most agree the foundational elements are clearly outlined in the Bible.  The Quran agrees with the Biblical principles and the monotheistic tenants of the Bible, but sees god differently.  Their god is Allah.  Allah seeks love, but is not as loving as the triune god of Christianity (‘God’).  God loves everyone, regardless, until the day they die. The Trinity is the God of Love.   There is hope each and every day for a new person to come to believe in Jesus. There are those who leave God, upset or discouraged, whom God continues to love awaiting the day for the lost to return.  Allah has problems with those that leave Islam, the punishment, death administered by other followers.  Allah may have patience, but that is not the way the fundamental followers see it; they lack patience and readily label those who even doubt or question Islam as infidels.  Infidels are then to be eliminated so the pure strain of Muslim is only those who live in fear, lead a repetitious prayer life, conduct themselves according to the dictates of local authorities, the Sharia law enforcement team monitoring, rebuking and punishing,  and in the name of Allah taking away any chance to be free.  Women are most subjected to the evil nature of men who rape, abuse, and sequester them so they will submit totally to the example, as claimed, Muhammad, provides.  They are less free than men.  We know all humans are equal, but equal rights is not Quranic. 

No one is righteous in God’s eyes, thus judgment can only be left to God upon the Day of Judgment.  In Islam there appear to be self-appointed policemen of the religion that may, according to Quranic Law (Sharia) hand-out punishment for crimes committment by not maintaining the religious standards outlined in the Quran (interpreted by man).  Who can be that self-righteous, or willing to, as Jesus said to the Pharisees, ‘cast the first stone.’   As we now know there are many Muslim stone  throwers.  Judgments are made by first going to the Q, then to the Hadiths and Sunnah that reflect Muhammad, his life and thinking.  No judgment stands alone as the process begins anew when another accused stands before the Islamic courts.  No pattern of what is just is ever established.   The will of man, the pressures on him given his position in the culture in which he operates, dominates.  That is why very little action is taken against Muslim men who abuse non-Muslim women or others in dominant Muslim cultures.  Little is done against Muslim men committing what most civil laws consider crimes of a most heinous nature  against Muslim woman, the woman viewed as the seducer or seductress just for being a woman.  Has the Muslim male no control?  Does the Muslim male hide behind an excuse, blaming the female, because they cannot be a man?  It must be one of the greatest examples of the ‘blame-game.’  The woman made me do it.  It is her fault.  Punish her.  Why any woman would remain a Muslim, would continue to follow the religion of Islam today, is difficult to comprehend.  They can be free – except for the fear – the fact that  in their own cultures they would be as infidels, apostates, punished to the full extent – death, if they left Islam.   

Women in Muslim cultures are surrounded by male terrorists.  They are the ones terrorized daily by the thoughts alone of what can transpire should they not properly submit to the will of men in the name of Allah.  They need to free themselves in the name of God.  There is a loving God, a giving Lord, a freeing Spirit that will readily embrace any who come in the name of the Lord.


Are the men of Islam men of virtue?  According to Mortimer J. Adler, his book, Great Ideas, “virtue tends to be identified with chastity or at least with conformity to the prevailing standards of sexual behavior.”  He also in the same discussion discusses ‘vice.’  He states, “vice… implies injury to a person’s character or health as the result of strong habitual addictions.”   I find this a bit limiting, in that ‘prevailing standards’ can be those ordered by society or condoned by the authorities of a given culture.  If the culture is male dominated, then just about anything is permitted, and ‘virtue’ is the male being manly according to their own standards.  The Muslim world, Muslim dominated countries, place restrictions on women, allow men quite a bit of latitude towards their personal treatment of women, and compel women to acquiesce to their needs, subject to punishment, all in the name of Allah or Muhammad, who set the example.  For a Muslim man then is Muhammad the example of ‘virtue’?  Is pedophilia thus condoned (this noted due to Muhammad’s affinity towards a 9 year-old girl). 

More refinement as to ‘virtue’ arises from the writings of Plato and Aristotle which then include courage, justice, and wisdom.  Temperance is the 4th classification covered by the prior definition offered by Adler. 

Courage is simple – brave and fearless. 

Justice more difficult:  exhibiting fairness or reasonableness, especially in the way people are treated.  People include all, male, female, rich, poor, employer, employee, teacher, student,  famous, in authority or not, and so on.  Fairness towards woman is lacking in the Muslim world, even though women, many, are convinced their role is as Allah requires.  It is not; it is as man prefers.  The intellect of women, God’s gift, is too often disregarded – the woman regarded as chattel, as servants to the male, as bodies only to bear and care for children.   They are restricted, constrained, restrained and disdained.  They deserve their freedom, to enjoy, be joyful, to be excited and enthusiastic about their opportunities, to be able to explore all possibilities for personal success and a family of their choosing.  Justice for the a woman in the Muslim world is not justice by civil standards; it is neither fair nor reasonable.  Muslim woman can have a better life; they just need to choose to not be Muslim.

Wisdom opens many avenues of pursuit.  Each avenue, pathway, however would bring great concern, if God were the examiner, as to the wisdom of the leaders of the Muslim world and its prominently male control.  It is the men who influence and tower above all, too often exhibiting self-serving and protective overbearing natures towards those under their authority.  They hide behind God, doing as much damage as many church leaders historically who have brought scorn upon the Bible, religion and those who believe in Salvation.  By their sinful nature, their selfish actions, and their need for power they have dishonored the Lord.   Consider good sense – making sensible decisions based on knowledge and experience.  Good sense, to a reasonable person, would not be the case when adulterers are stoned to death, when male rapists are allowed to go free, and when  justice towards those who kill another, an infidel, is never carried out.  Wise decisions are not evident when Iranian leaders suppress opposition, those calling for greater freedom, and place a lid on open communications – radio, TV, Internet restrictions via limitations and censorship.  Iran is only an example, but one can not exclude Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and on and on as one accounts for the societal restraints on the people in Muslim dominated areas.  This occurs as well in non-Muslim areas, such as China, Cuba, and Venezuela, and is no less a concern to advocates of freedom or the desires of the godly.  Does accumulated knowledge cause the most knowing, or the most political, to realize what they can do for themselves at the expense of their minions?  Do they then act in the name of ‘good’, serving the poor, transferring wealth (to the detriment of the nation, at the expense of progress, exchanging short-term benefits to many for long-term benefits to all)?  Do they use the name of God or Allah to shield their greed, their coveting nature, and their goals?  How foolish are they, or how foolish are those, who allow it to happen.  Should the enablers, knowing who they are, sacrifice their lives to escape the tyranny?  A difficult choice indeed for those wise and trapped.   

God’s invisible qualities, his eternal power and divine nature, are clearly seen, being known from the world around us and creation alone. Futile thinking, darkened hearts, their claim of wisdom evidenced instead by foolish behavior, the glory of God exchanged for personal images, a different God, a prophet of their own choosing, more in tune with their desires and not God’s, the truth replaced by lies – this is evident in most of the Muslim world – this is demonstrated by the Imams, mullahs, Ayatollahs, monarchies and autocratic rulers of Muslim controlled nations.   In the name of Allah, they are in it for themselves, as self-styled Muhammads, the exemplar, the character to whom they claim allegiance and demand respect.   

Moral Behavior

Yes, strict moral standards are set and they are policed in the Muslim world.  Sharia Law is Islam’s means of conforming to Biblical and Quaranic expressions of Law that are to govern life.  They make a mockery of the laws of the Old Testament with strict adherence to the outline, but lacking compassion and love.   God is love and will always be.  Whether his love is returned is not a factor, nor a cause for earthly wrath.  God’s wrath has been demonstrated and will be felt by those who disobey God, who fail to understand God’s gift to mankind, or are thankful for the gift.  That will be when God chooses, not when man decides.   Allah is to be loved, and loving if first loved.  God welcomes those back who leave his flock, always the shepherd calling his lost sheep.  Allah keeps only the flock that remains loyal, shedding those who leave as useless and not worthy of his mercy and grace.  God’s mercy and grace remains in place for all who believe in him, know him and desire a relationship with him.  God knows there will be those who doubt, yet seeks their hearts and seeks their trust.  God will not use deceit to be followed, but remains kind, caring and loving, with open arms, to those that wish to feel his embrace, his warmth engulf them and his Spirit fill them with all the fruits, bountiful, refreshing, fulfilling and most satisfying.  Smiles fill the faces of those who have a relationship with God, the Trinity.  Their countenance is evidence of the Spirit that dwells within, the presence of God as their guide and their mentor.

The Muslim world needs to return to the Father, they are lost, they are guided by a man who has used them for his glory and not Gods.  The Father remains at Home, waiting, and when they begin to return, one-by-one or in great numbers, he will throw wonderful welcoming parties.  Women are most welcomed.  Freedom awaits.  Love awaits.  Salvation awaits.

His Mercy and Grace awaits those who open their hearts to his Son, God Incarnate, and the atonement for sins provided as God’s gift to mankind. 

Grace and Peace,

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