Understanding Islam – Part 51 – Mosque Controversy

The President weighs in by standing at the fulcrum.  No leadership by Obama.  Is he for or against Cordoba House?  With the Muslims he says they have a legal right to build a mosque wherever in America they want on private land.  Under the Freedom of Religion clause all agree, however is it the right thing to do?  That is where he simply failed.  To the general American public (who are overwhelmingly against the mosque at the location near the WTC destruction) Obama is wishy-washy.  That has become his position on just about everything.  Everything except taking vacations – even one costing America millions to send his wife and daughter to Spain for a vacation. His leadership is lacking – he is America’s President and has proven that we as voters  failed to choose well in 2008.  This is not a race issue, it is a competency issue. 

Act for America, one among a number of websites that express concerns over the growth of radical Islam in the world has provided background on the Imam behind the Mosque at ground zero.   It is worth a read:  http://tool.donation-net.net/Images/Email/1097/Feisal_Abdul_Rauf_Investigative_Report.pdf

The Muslims behind this mosque and this location have shown no sensitivity to America, nor respect for the tragedy at the World Trade Center.  If they wanted to demonstrate their concerns in a fashion acceptable to all they would find another location.  That would be the stand-up thing to do.  But no, they remain intransigent.  Reading about the Imam Rauf will suggest reasons why – and again support the expressed concerns that this Center will be a beacon for terrorism against non-believers in Allah, a celebration of the success in the destruction of the World Trade center, a place to learn to hate Jews and the West, a location that will engender greater segregation and differentiation between Islam and those not of this religion/ideology, promote a way of life/ideology in the name of religion, promote enmity towards others, and where Sharia Law will be promoted day-and-night.   For such reasons alone this mosque should not proceed. 

In fact we need to question America’s posture towards financial support anywhere in the world that hate for the West is encouraged, promoted, supported, and celebrated.  We must consider restricting our overseas dollars to countries like Egypt and other Muslim dominated areas, except for humanitarian purposes only (then thru intermediaries like the Red Cross, AmeriCares and church organizations that seek to help those in dire straights).  What has been the benefit of our foreign affairs and support in Muslim areas? – increased terrorism.  And the same goes for oil independence – which we must strive to attain, knowing as we do that a sizable percentage of dollars spent for the likes of Saudi oil or Iranian oil goes to aide Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, mosque construction, Muslim Center construction, and teaching centers for the hate of the Jews and the West and promotion of Islam for all in the harshest fashion (as necessary).  Open-wide the Anwar, drill where known supplies of oil exist.  An oil well is more attractive than fields of mirrors (reflective solar panels) or windmills and consume less space.  Cars will need fuel and fuel does not come from the sun or the wind, but from oil – at least that is the dominant source today and the one we can most readily access on our own shores.  Do today what needs to be done; plan for tomorrow what can be done. 

As the Mosque patrol will not back down we are seeing Islamization at work.  Wake up to it and know this is the future we will be facing, not just at the WTC site, but in many areas in the U.S.A.  Let not our streets be closed to police afraid to enter Muslim communities, and let not our Country be brainwashed into accepting Sharia as a law of the faithful.  Know it  for what it is – a diabolic control mechanism to destroy the freedom of those so enslaved by Islam.  Protect freedom for all.

Grace and peace.  Thank God for America and Bless those most alive in wanting to protect our freedoms and defend our shores against an ideology that opposes everything our Constitution stands for.

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