Understanding Islam – Part 38 (NYC Mega-Mosque)

Why a Mosque at Gound Zero?

Why a Mega-Mosque in NYC.  It cannot be for the good of this Country (USA) or the Muslims that live herein, as it will be a beacon of the basics of Islam that have threatened American for being Western and influencing modern thinking. 

 After 911 Muslims living in America that had become Americans (legal immigrants that became citizens), here to enjoy our freedom and way of life, when asked, in a survey, if they would defend America against Saddam Hussein only 18% said yes.  The remainder resisted.  So then what Country would they defend if not the one it which they became a citizen?  Why then did they become a citizen.  Enjoy our freedom is to defend our freedom – yes or no?

The icon that would appear on the city-scape of NYC would be that of an Ideology practiced in Mosques, expressed in the Quran, the Sunnah/Hadith, the diary (someone else wrote as Muhammad was illiterate) and sayings of Muhammad, and expressed openly by Muslims.  It would stir anger on the part of many.  Such then raises the question of why, for the reason alone of keeping the peace, build such a structure.  Why would the Manhattan Council or even the Obama Administration want to cause, or allow, such a stir and focus on what Muslims have committed against this great Nation.  Why would Americans and our Government slap the faces of We the People with the blade of the sword of Islam?  There are many mosques (several hundred) already in NYC.  Question – since say 1950 how many churches have been built in Muslim countries, even areas dominated by Muslims?    The answer – zero – 0.  

Muslim’s are very thinned skinned, as made clear by their reaction to Danish cartoons, possible episodes on South Park, the killing of Theo an Gogh over his film depicting the treatment of women in Muslim cultures, over actions to prevent speakers on college campuses and elsewhere discussing, even expressing, their opinion on the context of the Quran and Islam.  Universities have shown cowardise against such childish (yet terrorist tactics) by not reproducing the infamous Danish cartoons (by Yale) in a book written about the situation.  Yet American’s concerns for this Mosque, this particular Mosque, seems to have fallen on deaf ears.  Maybe those are more dumb to the facts of Islam, little read, less understood.

A Focus on the Basics

Too often Muslims who adhere to the Quran and accompanying sacred books are called ‘radical.’  Radical is the wrong term, in my opinion, as it suggests participants of the Ideology operating outside the box, so to speak.  Similarly the term ‘fundamentalist’ is too often abused to be used in this context.  However those so labelled are simply following the dictates of what is written and from which tangents are not permitted.  Punishments are allowed for those who do not follow the doctrines established in the Quran and the time and life of Muhammad (Shariah Law).  Born in and of the 7th Century, it is to remain so in its most foundational way.  It is back to the basics, or staying with the basics.  The basics are only considered ‘radical’ in the eyes of those in modern societies, those who enjoy liberty and freedom, and those who use reason and logic in their thinking.  Many have been liberated from the past, but it is such liberation for a Muslim that, even as a so called ‘moderate’, makes them an apostate of the foundations of Islam.  ‘Westernized’ is another label bringing progress in the world into play, using America as the scapegoat, and preferring the sands of the Arabian desert and the tribal lifestyles of the 600’s to continue.  It is not, however, regressing, it is staying the same.  As the Quran is to never change, so then the Ideology of Islam is to remain rooted in this book and to never change, especially as to its attitude and treatment of non-Muslims, but also members of its own faith, such as women.

Islam – The Quran encourages terror, along with beheading – Sura 8:12

Islam – The Quran encourages deception – Sura 8:30

Non-believers are “the vilest of beasts in Allah’s sight” – (Sura 8:55)

Islam – The Quran promotes Hatred – Sura 60:4

Islam – The Quran promotes war – Sura 8:65

Islam – The Quran promotes ambush – to ‘lie in wait’ and then to ‘slay the idoltaters’ – Sura 9:5

Islam – The Quran wants everyone to recognize the superiority of Allah – Sura 9:29

Islam – The Quran encourages fighting until ‘all is for Allah’ – Sura 2:193 (and many other verses of the Quran repeat this form of encouragement)

Islam – The Quran informs us of Allah’s lying, his deceitful nature – Sura 3:54

Islam – The Quran states women are not the equal of men – Sura 4:11

Islam – The Quran states that Jesus is a servant of Allah – Sura 19:30

Islam – The Quran encourages Muslims to not make friends of non-Muslims (and to be faking it if it so appears) – Sura 60:9

These statements and more will be represented by the tall building, the Mega-Mosque, visible to much of NYC and the world for a long, long time if allowed to proceed.  ‘Moderate” Muslims living in the USA should also be saying ‘no’ as they will thus be labeling themselves other than ‘moderate’ and allowing themselves to be captured in the net of the most devious of Islamists. They will be defending themselves as keepers of the Quran, its most basic, foundational version – indeed the only version.

What the media and most people refer to as ‘radical’ Islam, it must be understood, is not ‘radical’, but mainstream.  It is main street.  As noted by Brigette Gabriel (her book Because They Hate, pg. xii) “extreme is mainstream.”

Symbols of Muslim Conquests

In 695 the Dome of The Rock was built on Jewish holy soil.  It was a symbol of the might of Islam, as if a conqueror of another’s sacred ground.  In Spain, in Cordoba, a Mosque was also built to celebrate and as a symbol of Islam’s success and presence in Spain – as conquerors of Spain.  So it is with the WTC Mega-Mosque, a symbol to be erected on American’s sacred ground.  But what it is, is profound, a frontal assault, a visible reflection of Islam’s success over an American government, a body of politicians weakened in their resolve by PC (political correctness).  Islam uses ‘religion’ as a shield to hide the truth of their ideology and want to control the world and our U.S. government is blind to the facts. 

It is us vs. them, and this is their tribute to taking down one of the greatest symbols of American achievement.  It will be a beacon for all anti-West, anti-American Muslims, a reminder, of what they can achieve and how weak America can be. 

As sensitive as Muslims are to anything considered persecution, why then should we allow such a direct affront to our human nature. 

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf

More will be discussed as to the Imam, Feisal Abdul Rauf, who so strongly supports this effort, calling it the Cordoba initiative.  The mosque to be called Cordoba House.  He feels strongly about Sharia law and feels America needs such a form of justice.  He likes the freedom offered in America, but sees the value, as a benefit, of the Islamic way for controlling the citizens of this Country.  Only Muslims are ruled as to their religious practices and rituals by a Law (Shariah) that allows members of this Ideology to be judgmental.  Imam Feisal Rauf wants this to also be possible in America.

What is happening in American is what American’s noted was happening in many European Countries, and now we are seeing our political representatives allowing the same to occur on U. S. soil.  This is simply wrong.

Feisal Rauf uses nice talk about a ‘pluralistic’ society as if all religions (he speaks mainly of the Abrahamic religions) share a commonalty including Allah, yet his associations include Muslim groups that want Islam to prevail, and be prevalent.  Born of a father that was most active in the Muslim Brotherhood and taught by him, Rauf takes a non-violent approach to achieving a world until all is for Allah.  Deception, I contend, is a component of his Islamic Strategy.  He was also involved in the founding (1997) of The American Society for the Advancement of Muslims (‘ASMA’), The Muslims Leaders of Tomorrow (‘MLT’)(2004) and The Shariah Project.   Pajamasmedia.com calls Imam Feisal Rauf a “wolf in sheep’s clothing behind the planned lower Manhattan mega-mosque.”  Rauf’s father, Dr. Muhammad Abdul Rauf (1917-2004) — an Egyptian contemporary of Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna — conveyed to Feisal his family’s long tradition of radicalism, which he acquired at Islam’s closest equivalent to the Vatican, Al-Azhar University. The elder Dr. Rauf studied and taught there before fleeing Egypt in 1948. That year, Feisal Abdul Rauf was born in Kuwait….Rauf’s early UK education and familiarization with American popular culture and values made him an acutely adept practitioner of Islamic taqiyya — deceptive speech and action to advance the interests and supremacy of Islam.” ASMA was formed to further advance Islam in America.

Feisal Rauf’s behavior can be described as conciliatory.  But in 2004 during an interview in Australia Rauf directly contradicted his calm approach during an  interview with the Sydney Morning Herald.  “Terrorism”, he stated in a fiery fashion, “will end only when the West (referring to America) acknowledges the harm it has done to Muslims.”  Even Feisal Raul implies we are at fault for 911.  And this man is being supported to have a Center built overlooking the site of this tragic Islamist terrorist  attack. 

Pray it does not Happen

We pray an uprising of the people of American, a flood of popular opinion, will quell the tide now of this impending massive symbol (13 stories tall) of Islamic pride spilling over our soil, just as the blood of many free people was spilled by the acts of Muslims in taking down the World Trade Center.  It is not a tribute to the victims, but to the success Islam enjoyed by this terrorist, hateful, and vile act.

This structure – Cordoba House – to suggest a melting pot of religions in a pluralistic fashion should embrace all religions, include a Church, a Synagogue and a Mosque.  Why not.  But in truth it should not happen at all.  Let Muslims open their gateways in Muslim dominated Countries first to other religions and prove Rauf’s honesty. 

May American and our politicians unite in saying no to this Ideology spreading on our shores.  Let’s start at least by saying no to this Mega-Mosque in New York City – staring too at the Statue of Liberty.

The next Blog (Part 39) will share more on Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, his associations, his thinking (taken from his book What is Right with Islam), and more on the Mega-Mosque.

Grace and peace.

2 thoughts on “Understanding Islam – Part 38 (NYC Mega-Mosque)

  1. Greeks must not be allowed to revive their tsar-build islamo-sviet temple on world trade center sacred ground! Greeks have always harbored islamosoviet terrorists. On the Thursday before Easter Greeks chant pogrom inciting Beatitudes against “godslaying lawless Jews”in Greek, but change it to “Assemby of Jews” in English. They removed American Archbishop Iakovos because he was too American and Jerusalem Patriarch Irineos because he was too friendly with Israelis. Old witches who used to work at diners until they dropped now slip “Elder Protocols” and other terror claptrap in the pews. When I was growing up priests, would bathe, shave, wear pants – Robed, bearded, stovetopped priest is terror sympathist by definition. Greece was only euronation not to vote for 1947 Israel creation. In such time of war, we should insist that any public assembly of more than ten mandatorily be only in English! We have freedom of worship and speech, but not language.


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